Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pinkest of Health ...

Spoke too soon about the Furkids learning to respect boundaries ... this morning while feeding the pack their breakfast, I discovered that Brandi was outside the gate - sheepishly looking to be let back in! Was a little worried that Dexter may have sneaked out too since he was no where to be seen, but being a little less adventurous and street wise, but after calling for him, he appeared looking abit groggy.  I reckon I must have woken him from his sleep and being a sweet pup as he is, he simply had to come when called. 

I suppose now that Brandi is back in the pink she has the energy to be up too all sorts of mischief.  While am glad she's recovered, am not too thrilled she's managed to find her way out - yet again.  Quite glad that Tubby's in the confined to his play pen area. 

As i write this, I've just discovered that Tubby's  now gone with Dexter as his sidekick... *sigh* The puppies or rather 'teenagers' are simply bent on going out. At this age, I  reckon the boys are looking for 'girlfriends' ...honestly dealing with sick lethargic pups is possibly less worrying than adventurous ones - who disappear into the bushes the minute they find a weakness in the fence!

Must go check fence ..... and wait for them to return.  :p


  1. Hang on.. I'm confused! Are the dogs lost? I hope not!!

  2. RutRoh!

    Good lukhk khapturing all of 'em!


  3. I hope Tubby and Dexter find there way back, there is always one who will lead another astray.

  4. We are glad that all have returned to full health although take your point that they will keep you on your toes!
    Loved the pic in the middle with the pups on the log - great shot!
    love and kisses
    Martha & bailey xxxx

  5. Woman, get your priorities straight here! You don't want us to be sick but you don't want us to have fun - sheesh! You and Mum are addled! Mum has the same theory and consequently my life is boring beyond measure.

    Give the Tub'ster my best,

    Love, Dozer

  6. No, no, BAD DOGS!! Good luck with your boundary-testers.

  7. I'm glad everyone is feeling better. You know what---I caught my mom on You Tube again looking at videos of baby dobies! She wants one so bad!

  8. We've had some escape issues in the past. Tsar and Bailey are our adventurous ones. It's very frightening when they're missing.

  9. I know how you feel ... at first Dennis was so weak and sick he didn't do anything, but when he felt better he busted out of his crate and started wrecking the place!

  10. Good to hear they are all feeling better, but not good about them getting out. Hope you get the fence secured!

  11. Ahhh, the joys of boys:) Hope they all returned safely.

    woos, the OP Pack

  12. They are very smart teenagers.
    Sally Ann