Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye Trixie my Pixie 23.12.2006-23.2.2010

Dearest Trixie,

I could have sworn I heard you barking last night.  That distinctive Malinois pitch - that certain bark when you insist on getting something - usually's Joe's toy.  For a moment I thought Joe and you were playing your exclusive version of 'Snatch-Fetch'. Only to remember that you are gone.

Then Tuffy barked, as if to answer. Followed by the howls of the entire pack (interestingly without the prompting of the siren's wails). Maybe that was you after all.  Back to say your goodbyes since you left us so suddenly.

I've been deeply comforted by the circle of hearts.  Kind, supportive words from bloggers alike.  Personally, I've never heard of the rainbow bridge until I started reading other dogs' blogs and how dog's who've passed on goes on to be a star.  It could all be tales but I'd like to believe that you've gone to a much better place.  Where you can run and play all day till your heart's content and not be hampered by your inherent physical limitations.

This evening as I was staring into the heavens, I witnessed something most curious.  A silent moving globe of light - the size of a distant star ... yet a little nearer to earth.  For a while I thought it was a flying object - an airplane?  A helicopter?  But usually their lights would blink, and this light was constant. Nor was there a distinct roar of engines.  I stared at what I could only describe as a 'little star' moving towards the half moon ... and then as mysteriously as it appeared, it dissappeared into the moon's light.

All I could think of then was you, Trixie.  Maybe they were right after all, you have gone on to become a star.

We will all miss you.  The Furkids for being their race- queen ring leader.  Tuffy and Snoopy would miss your affectionate wags and kisses.  (Not sure Anna would miss you since you almost made ribbons out of her face).  Joe will miss having you in his game of 'Fetch' or 'Snatch' - infact, just now after a game while I was giving him a drink from the garden hose, he half expected you to sneak up to his toy and snatch it away!  And I most of all would miss just calling for you and watching you come happily bounding.

This is the only way I know how to say goodbye Trixie.  With words.  Take care darling girl.  Love you loads.

Tee, Tuffy, Snoopy, Joe, Anna, Tubby, Wally, Brandi and Dexter


  1. That was a lovely good bye post to a lovely dog.
    We remember your creativity with the blue bandana and how obliging your pack were!
    We also had never heard of Rainbow Bridge but we kinda like the sound of it.
    Goodbye sweet Trixie, we will run with you one day at the bridge and in the meantime we know lots of great dogs who will be waiting for you.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Yes Trixie has gone over the bridge, and there will be friends there to play with. none will have any ailments and all will be running free.

  3. I think Trixie was with you as your pack howled - and I think she will be with you and with them forever.

  4. She has sent you multiple signs she's made it -

    And that she has found her piece and khomfort there -

    She'll be waiting to meet you there one day -

    She'll greet others as they arrive - I'm sure she's hanging with the other Malinois as well!

    I'm so glad you rekhognised her signs - no all humans choose to believe in them so they miss them -

    When Dakota from The OP KS Pakhk khrossed, I saw her here early one morning - I went out to a part of the yard I don't normally go to and I play bowed to something I saw -

    It is the kind of feeling woo nevFUR furget - even now as I paw this, I'm looking out to where I saw her and it is making my fur fluff again -

    PeeEssWoo: My mom says THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS POST AND FOR SHARING THIS ONE! She's all leaky!

  5. We're glad your pack had a group how for Trixie. We're very sad here thinking about her. She was much too young to leave, but unhappily that happens sometimes. We have such a short time with our dogs, we must make the most of every minute.

  6. Thank you for your lovely memorial to Trixie.
    The words and the photos were wonderful and heartfelt.


  7. What a lovely tribute to Trixie.

    Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos and memories.

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  8. it sounds to me like the pack was giving her quite the sendoff

  9. w00fs, me thinks too, they send u a sign they are ok...and ur other "furkids" will sense her there too...bute ti ful tribute to ur girl..

    b safe,

  10. What a great tribute. It will be nice that her antics and memory will be forever preserved in the blogosphere.

  11. We just have to smile at all those fun pics. So glad you had the signs that all is well with Trixie. It is so clear that she waa sending you and the pack the A-OK sign.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  12. I'm glad Sissy's head is in my lap, and Gretchen is standing on my knees. I still talk to Mugsy and Fred every single day.

    What a wonderful post.

  13. It is so hard to believe when they leave, even though we know they are only here for a time.

  14. Such a beautiful tribute to Trixie.
    I am so glad that you had the feeling that you felt her presense and sensed her in the sky.
    It was her for sure

  15. Visiting from Khyra's blog. About the bark. You did not imagine it. It also happened to me. My little dog, Suzie, had crossed the Bridge. A few months after she died, late one night I was in bed, but definitely awake. I distinctly heard Suzie bark in the hallway. My other dog, Ginger, was in bed with me and deep under the covers. I heard not a little wimpy whisper of a bark, but one loud BARK! That was it. And it was Suzie. I knew it. I felt that she had come to say one last goodbye. So I believe you when you say you heard Trixie bark. I am sorry for your loss. You never get over them. I always like to be glad that they had a good life when they were with us. Hope you feel better in time.

  16. We came over from Khyra's blog, too, and want you to know that we are thinking about you and know that your loss will be hard, but you gave this beauty a good, loving home for however long you were given, and you will have many joyful memories in days to come.

    None of us know the amount of time we have with our loved ones, but if we spend that time loving, we will forever have memories that are good. The Country Corgi Crew & their Mom

  17. Khyra sendt us over - what a lovely goodbye!

    Bajas, Virus and Hyssing

  18. The member of The Herd at the Bridge have welcomed Trixie and they are all playing together. Beautiful post (and totally believe in the barks and howls.

  19. What a wonderful tribute and how encouraging to know that Trixie has arrived and is happy over the bridge!!

    Dory and the Mama

  20. After our Pooh Bear the kitty went away, I thought I heard her collar jingling out in the hallway or in the other room for weeks.

  21. That is a very nice tribute to Trixie....and we are certain she was sending you signs that she has arrived over the bridge and is patiently waiting for the day when her pals and you will join her.

  22. My mom still has dreams that her Rottie (who passed away in 2002)mysteriously comes back to life. Trixie is just such a beauty. I bet you she is playing with mom's Bella right now!

  23. Gosh she was such a lovely girl. Thanks for sharing those precious photos with us.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear of your sudden loss. Trixie was a gorgeous girl and was blessed to have you all as her family.

  25. Rest in peace, Trixie. Good dog.

  26. Aww, I do believe Trixie was that star you saw, briefly coming back to let you know she's crossed the bridge safely, that she is always there, nearby, just out of sight, but there watching you.

  27. What a beautiful, heartwarming, and emotional post for your beloved Trixie. The signs you saw, heard, and felt from her are precious and will live in your heart forever. Thank you for sharing your memories. Trixie was a beautiful dog.


  28. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Your post was beautiful. We will be thinking of Trixie tonight, Warm hugs to you, Joey and Kealani

  29. A beautiful post for Trixie.

    We believe that she wanted to let you know that she made it to the Bridge and she is having fun running & playing and there are lots of toys to snatch, dogs to chase.

    Continue to belive, talk to her often. You may feel her presence as she stops to check in on the pack.

    We occasionally felt our Tasha's presence and she sent her final sign on the anniversary of her passing.

    Hugs to the pack,
    Princess Eva, Brice and their Momma

  30. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute with us.


  31. I am hysterical after reADING this--Khyra sent me here.
    I posted an extremely similar story that im still reeling from today.

    Bless your hearts; you're in my thoughts and prayers:)

    Jaime Smith

  32. Thank you for such a lovely tribute. We just know our Angel Snickers met your Trixie up in the heavens.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

  33. This is so sweet and heartbreaking. Hugs to you all. ♥

  34. So sweet, and such an adorable dog.

  35. I know this comment is late, but I can relate to this entry. I lost my beloved Bailey this past Sunday. He was only 5 years old and it was unexpected. I hope he will visit me to let me know he has crossed the rainbow bridge and to let me know he will be waiting for me.

  36. Hello Allie,

    It's hard when you lost a dog you love unexpectedly. I still do think of Trixie ... every single day. We will always miss her. :)

    T and the Dog Woods Pack