Saturday, July 3, 2010

That partying in the distance ...

The city has been playing host to the World Interhash Run  2010 over the last few days and there's been much evening revelry in the distance.  

Hash runs, so I'm made to understand, is a trail run through remote and exotic terrains (around the world) while enjoying copious amount 'liquid refreshment'.  In other words it's a drinking club with a running problem where the 'Hare' sets a trail run and the 'Hounds' follow with the ultimate goal of reaching refreshments at the end.  Naturally, being 'hounds' there's bound to be much baying ....

It so happen that the venue of 2010 World Interhash Run is but a stone throw away from Dog Woods (my bad, I've not actually seen the hash runners in real life) ... and so, we've been listening to World Inter-hash runners's evening revelry in the near distance. The 'Hounds' indulging themselves in the human version of baying i.e. loud singing, band playing and people gleeful cheering. Mostly, I find it quite entertaining - the band and singers are really quite good!  And I find my feet tapping to the beat ... which the dogs find quite curious. 

The Furkids however, does not seem to appreciate all that human baying in the near distance.  They've been howling and barking angrily whenever the singer in his/her rendition of some drinking song hits a certain pitch.  I suppose their super hearing, all that loud singing and music in the distance nothing but a gawd awful racket and admittedly, on some occasions I can't help but agree (you call that singing?!??!) 

As I write, someone's singing Abba's version of the 'Dancing Queen'!  :) She's  really good! The dogs are strangely quiet. Perhaps for once they have the same music appreciation as I do!  


  1. Interesting concept, those runs. I'm wondering how they keep from getting dehydrated?

  2. ooo a drinking club with a running problem sounds good to me

  3. Sounds like something that my dogs would join in, too. They like to sing along.

  4. Mom says khount her in IF they have a walking branch!

    Drinking khan do...running NOT!


  5. That sounds like so much fun, but when it's in your own neighborhood I"m sure it gets annoying. I don't think our dogs would be fans either.

  6. Noisy neighbors are not funny!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. I like your 'drinking club with a running problem'!! LOL!!!