Monday, October 11, 2010



It's me. Dexter. I'd like to clear my good furry name. Actually, our furry names - Wally, Tubby and me-furry self.  We're not actually as bad as our hooman slave have described us to be.  You can't blame three robust, handsome, healthy Furboys for looking for romance, can you?  After all, it's only a natural thing to do.  Birds do it, bees do it ... and we bets our furry paws, hoomans too!

Anywoos.  We also really like to report that we've been getting a lot of 'smack-ems' lately.  You think old Chief would be thrilled to see us home, but instead we get a smack on the bum-bum ... what a meanie!  But really, it's embarassing! Especially for robust, handsome romancing Furboys.  What will our girlfriends think ?!

Of course, we're very sorry for making the ol' Chief worry - for the moment, at least. Good ol' Chief usually has our dinners waiting no matter how late we come home.  What a good thoughtful hooman!  All that adventuring and romancing usually leaves us ravenous!

We've recently got woof from Daddy Tuffy that the ol' Chief is planning to have our bits  removed. Honestly, we thought she was joking when she told us last week that she'll get our the doctor to cart us to his clinic and get our prized bits snipped if we pulled another disappearing act.   

Nooooo...!!  Surely, she's not going to snip our precious jewels?!  

Me, Dexter ... now feels terribly anxious *whines pitifully*  Me legs have turned to mush -just thinking about it.  Am sure my brothers feel the same.  They're all on their sides. Immobilized by anxiety...  

Helps!! Save our bits!! So good concern readers, if you don't hear from Dexter or my fur-brothers again, report the Chief.  We unnerstand there's a Pack of Hoomans out there that's against prevention of cruelty to animals...

Dexter's got to hide ... 


  1. Relax Dexter, our Mom got us snipped years ago and we don't miss our parts anymore. Now we play games at home with the rest of the pack and we get extra treats for being good and we go for rides in the car. Fudge still gets in trouble and gets yelled at for not paying attention to Mom when there's a girl dog around.
    Tsar, Sky and Noah

  2. Glad you Casanovas finally found your way home! As for your bits well....bye bye itty bitty bits BOL :) Really guys its not that bad. You may turn a lil pale but you'll survive promise (and no I do not have my paws crossed behind my back). Be brave!

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Hey us girls have to go through much more than you boys do. You won't even know what happened except you had a super terrific nap and woke up better behaved (according to Chief).

  4. So sorry Dex. But you and yer bros bits are gonna go now. Pea be wif yas. It happened to me too and the girlies still loves da Bobo...

  5. Aw, get over it, you guys! You are just talking silly now. It happens everyday to hundreds of boys and it just reduces the canine population, so we don't have billions of little squally puppies crawling all over. You'll manage it!


  6. Twix is right.
    We he-man doggies don't have it as bad as the ladies. But still!

  7. You guys will be much happier once you stop looking for romance ;)


  8. Hi, Dexter!
    Don't think about running away!
    The surgery is very easy and you 3 will be like new in no time!
    Be nice with your mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I think woo should heed Lorenza's advice!


  10. Giggle... Dex and company, it'll be okay. You get lots of extra attention while you're recovering, so make the most of it. And be good patients; the Chief doesn't need to worry about you roaming during recovery!

  11. Glad you are home safely, AGAIN...I am sorry to hear about the SNIP SNIP job. That is a not a topic I like to hear at our house either. But the words have been flying around pretty frequent so may be in the same snip as you boys. Winston