Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tu-Na FurKids

On a happier note, let me show you some photos of my Fur Kids.

Newborn Tu-Na Furkids and their proud but tired mom

They were born on the 22nd June 2008 - the momentous nocturnal moment that defined my rise to TOP-DOGhood! Can't say I take credit for everything ... had it not been for Anna, I would still be Dog Woods clown. No dog or human took me seriously then - not even BIG CHIEF, even when I was displaying my most ferocious bawl and chase.

Three weeks old Tu-Na FurKids, eyes newly opened - learning how to walk ...

A month old Tu-Na FurKids, learning how to eat out of the bowl

Anyhows, they - the Fur Kids are collectively and affectionately known as Tu-Na Pups. Nothing fishy about it, just an ingenious combination of my Lordly name - Tuffy and Anna's. They were later given individual names, but in the first couple of weeks they - the NINE pups, all looked alike, black and brown markings (what do you expect from faternal twins!), blind and deaf (don't worry, its not a birth defect ... all puppies are born that way for 'safety' reasons), floppy and soft (bones have yet to strengthen) ...

I wasn't even allowed to come close without her giving me the 'fangs' - (don't mess around with a Doberman's fangs!) Female dogs at that time of their lives are apparently are really grouchy! Honestly, Anna would give me that LOOK and I'd yelp!
BC explained that Anna was just being protective of the puppies that's why she's given me the 'FANGS'. But for some reason though, Anna was OK with BIG CHIEF spending time with her and the puppies ... You can't blame the Canine Dads for not knowing their furkids. Even willingly caring Fathers (like myself) who want to play an active role in raising Fur Kids don't even get VISITATION RIGHTS!

But I have to say, Anna was incredible at taking care of NINE puppies. And every single one of them survived ... well touch food, so far that is! A 100% survival rate amongst us canine breed is a are thing! How's that for another record breaker ...

I suspect it's got to do with all the special yummy bits that the BC had been feeding Anna before and during the puppies first few weeks ... pity, BC only gave me a sample taste ... I sure could do with more!

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