Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blue Bandanna : Tubby all tied up ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

Tubby here will demonstrate mouthfully how to un-tie a blue bandanna around his furry neck.

Now, you may all be wondering why is his name a constant jibe to his weigh when he's really not quite as tubular as this TOP DOG self. That's because out of the nine Dobie-Hound puppers he was not only twice the size of the rest of us he was also the closest in built to yours dogg-edly. The Chief calls it a 'chip off the old block' (am really quite a young block not an old one ...) So instead of Tuffy Junior, which is really quite a mouthful and would confuse the young impressionable pooch, she called him Tubby instead. So Tubby it stayed. And Tubby he'd respond to. :)

So, here be Tubby!

First, affix toothies around blue bandanna. If that doesn't work, try, try and try again ...
Attempt No. 1

Attempt No. 2

Attempt No. 3

Grrrr-ruff! .... this be tiring business ...*pant*pant*... MUST REPEAT until Bandanna UN-tied ...

Attempt No.4 ....etc

So there you have it good readers, our very own Dog Woods Fur Kid attempting to UN-tie a bandanna ... unfortunately the Chief ran out of gigabyte storage - while our young pooch was still going on his attempts to UN-tie his bandanna ...

I guess you got to give it to him for being doggedly perseverant! A trait he takes after his ol' TOP DOG Dad. ;)


  1. I'm enjoying your bandana pictures so much. I'll have to do a second post showing your and my crazy pups with their bandanas.

  2. attempt #1 is ADORABLE!!!! these bandana posts are giving us some good ideas!

  3. Well guys I keep thinking I have read your post cos I see the blue bandana in the preview box!
    We are impressed by your creativity!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. How's the sound of Tubby Houdini? Seems as if you're practicing to be a side-kick? Yes?

    Keep up the persistence!
    Jake and Fergs

  5. This has been khwite the khool story to follow!


  6. This post is very cool. Great pictures.


  7. I love Tubby ears!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Everything gets better with practice.

  9. thanx for the instruction - we usually help each other remove any unwanted clothing - but mommy gave up putting stuff on us since after we remove it we eat it

    woodrow sweetie mj

  10. Now here's a situation that calls for thumbs if ever I saw one ...

  11. Nice ear action Tubby!!!