Friday, June 26, 2009

Slowly but surely

Hello there!

Today I surprise the Chief with my amazing retrieving skills ... no, no those upside down ball shots are merely a ploy of frustrating the Chief. Just to show her that this Basset TOP DOG has a mind of his own and will decide as and when to retrieve - not stupid just stubborn ;)
But, I have to admit that once upon a time ago, my idea of 'retrieve' was to scoot off as quickly as I can to reach ball and protect toy with me Lordy Life! Can't help it, I am TOP DOG after all and what is Mine is Mine and what is Yours is ALSO MINE! And what is No One's is ALSO MINE!!

The Chief calls me a 'Spoil Sport'. But am not perturbed. My hide can handle alot more jeering (from other pups) and name calling. I would have never became TOP DOG had I cared for what the Chief or the other Dog WOods pooches thought! :P

However, it finally dawn upon me, after almost an age of watching Joe and Trixie play their favourite daily game of 'retrive' with the Chief, that maybe it would be a nice change to share instead of hog toy for Basset-ly self.

I have to admit, it's barkingly more fun to share me toys!

So I admit, am a little slow in learning to the finer points of 'playing together'.
Human-basset interactions were usually motivated by the stomach ...
(yes yes, I am 'Tubular' for a reason!)
But at least I got there, finally!
Making efforts to impress to earn praise is just as rewarding as yummy treats!


  1. Hey Tuffy,
    I can retrieve with my eyes clothes (it's in my blood, after all!) but I doubt I could give myself a backrub while holding on to a ball like you can!
    Your pal,

  2. We think it is best to hold onto your toys and not share!
    We think sharing is a human concept - we loved your pictures - especially your upside down ones - we hate to say this but you were looking cute!
    Martha & Bailey xxxxx

  3. Fred - our departed male basset - never did get the hang of fetch and at best, would sprint for the ball, and then stop and wander off wherever his nose took him.

    Sissy does a bit better, but would rather just take the ball from Gretchen, who really does enjoy fetching.

    You are one beautiful basset!!

  4. That's an amazingly fun looking ball you got there. I love the upside down pictures!!!


  5. That's some very impressive ball-handling -- I think you are ready for the NBA (Nomming Ball Association)!

  6. great pics - we do things on our own terms too

    woodrow sweetie mj

  7. I only do tricks when I want to, too!

  8. Some of us are retrievers like Samba, Sky and Tess, but some of us are toy hoggers like Bailey, Morgan and Fudge. There's room for every type of player. It's good that you're at least thinking about sharing a little. Have fun that's the most important part.

  9. You are like my friend Oscar the Beagle he takes his own sweet time to.

  10. That is a really cool ball. I'd have a lot of fun playing fetch with that ball. I'll have to be sure to let Mom know that.

  11. do what I do and run like you're really excited to get that ball and then pick it up and look at your humom or dad and then.. DROP IT AND RUN THE OTHER WAY.. my mom really likes it.. BOL


  12. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! I have finally got caught up on my blogging buddies and saw your comment and came for a visit! Your pups look like they have a lot of fun and what a mixed pack. Very cool! Aarrooos and slobbers from Honey Dew and Sampson too!

  13. That is a terrific upside down picture! And a nice trick of hanging on like that to that cool ball.

  14. I like to share my toys, Meja does not. 'Oh yes I do Bobo'. 'No you don't'. 'Yes I do'. 'No...'

    'You two STOP IT'

    Ahem, sorry bout that. It's very nice of you to share Tuffy. Maybe you could come teach Bobo and Meja some manners!

    Bobo and Meja Mommy

  15. Hi Tuffy,

    We don't really like to share our toys although we love together with the same toys.

    Adele, Vincent & Bella