Friday, June 12, 2009

Sniffs on the weather and Donny in between ...

Hello there furry and fur-less readers,

We've been having very hot spells lately coupled with sporadic truly ferocious thunderstorms! One major branch of the trees in Dog Woods broke the other day after a rather violent rainy episode. The Chief said the weather changes is due to 'El Nino'.

If you asked this TOP DOG, El Nino is really quite a moody fellow swinging from sweltering hot to pouringly wet with hardly any respite in between ... look at the aftermath of one major storm, it broke one of the trees' branches which damaged part of the fence. :P

While our Donny boy - who's doing very nicely health wise has developed a nasty habit of picking fights with whomever he deems to bully for the day! :P

To maintain harmony within the Pack, the Chief has taken to leashing Donny every time she takes us ALL on walk about Dog Woods. Dragging him away whenever another fight is about to erupt ...

Interestingly, Donny boy for some reason has somehow acquired a squeak for his bark lately. It did make the Chief wonder whether he's developed some kind of sore throat after the Tick Fever ... but oddly enough, he's back to normal German Shepherd deep barking self whenever he picks fights with either one of us Dog WOods Pack.

Honestly we thinks, he's merely being dogg-edly scheming. His squeakiness is merely a ploy to attract more of Chief's attention to himself while reserving his positively growl-y barks to initimidate us lot - esp. the Fur Kids since he thinks they are easier to pick on!

We gots some pictures of Donny boy and Tubby fighting the other day. It was all legs, paws and snarly faces - really all quite unnerving to watch, unless one's into that kind of thing ...


  1. Oh dear Donny, why are you fighting boy. We hope you don't hurt anyone in the pack.


  2. Donny is a pawsome doggie, I bet he is only playing around!
    Rufus and Indie

  3. oh dear--i hope Donny's tendency to fight gets under control, he is such a lovely boy otherwise! maybe he has been so traumatized it is his only way to cope..

  4. Hopefully Donny is just settling in! He is a lovely dog and glad his health is so improved but we think the chief is right about the leash - at least that way she is in charge!
    The weather sounds a bit scary to us - we dont like storms.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. hope your weather is getting better - and donny settles down

    fighting is no good

    woodorw sweetie mj

  6. Yes, what all of my furiends above have said -

    Bitey face khan be fun but not when taken to the extremes -


  7. That was quite a storm. Why do the trees always seem to fall on the fence. We've had to repair our fence twice from trees falling.

    I hope you can get Donny's anger issues under control. It's no fun living with someone who might attack at any time.

  8. That is one big honkin branch that came down. Glad no doggie got hurt.

    Maybe Donny is just used to being an only dog.



    Thanks for your votes - I think they should count as 10 BOL

    Here is something special for Donny Boy
    That is the most wonderful Michael Londra - a dear friend of mom's Maybe it will help calm him down if he listens to Michael sing - works for me!!!1

  10. That branch could have squashed little doggies like us. Have a great weekend.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  11. Hope you weather improves. And Donny's tendency to fight gets under control.

    Thor xxx

  12. I'm the, I AM! Hope they all find their place Tubby's snarly face, hehe!
    Have a great weekend :D
    Slobbers xx

  13. We wonder if Donny is not just tryin to assert his place in the pack & is afraid he's gonna get stuck at the bottom? Or maybe he's just plain grumpy? Could go either way. hhhhmmmm

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  14. Hi, friends!
    Falling trees sounds scary!
    I hope you get better weather soon!
    And I hope Donny behavior improves soon too!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. HI
    You had the storm too- it has been everywhere.
    I hope the furry ones get their differences settled!

  16. Donny will settle in soon - it took us a while before we let Carrleigh be part of our pack. And occasionally she and Lilly still spar a little but we think it's a "woman" thing.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java