Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Once upon a time ....

... not a very long while ago, Anna's ears looked like this:-


After a few but violent clashes with late Trixie (the Belgian Malinois), her ears now look like this:-

Half droopy...

Am not sure there's anything one can do about it but to live with it.  Anna doesn't seem to mind with her new state of ears, I guess I shouldn't fret ...


  1. Yes, those things happen. Noah's tail is never going to be the same after his sister bit it. He can hold it up now, but it leans to the right. It's only cosmetic, I love him as much, tail or no tail.

  2. But she is just as beautiful as ever! Mom says after you have kids every thing gets a little droopy!

  3. Time will help... Mugsy had a "massive" tear in one ear from a battle with Fred, but he lived long enough for me not to be aware of it so accutely...

  4. I still think she's a pretty girl. I love Dobermans.

  5. She's gorgeous up, down, and/or somewhere in between!


  6. i think they give her more character!

  7. It is always nice to have a unique feature:) Anna is still very stunning.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. I love how she looks!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Wow Miss Anna, wut you haz iz beautee. My brudder is doberman slut dawg too, but him iz not neerly az purty az you iz. Now, I may be blind - but I knowed a gud lookin dawg wen I seed it. Da eers added karukter, same as mom's rinkuls add karukter to her fayc! Kan't wayt to reeded more advenchurs!
    Kisses & Snuggles,
    Buddy the Blind Dawg