Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue Bandanna IV: Donny bark-backs and Furkid Wally

Hello there good furry readers,

We thanks you for all the bark-backs you so kindly left us about dealing with Donny's storm anxiety. The Chief's been reading up loads too on hope to help Donny cope with his fears. We been having rain every evening the last few days ... needless to say, Donny's not eating. However, the Chief has discovered yesterday that Donny likes chicken and so he gets all the choicest chicken bits (not fair!).
Having said that, he's still eating like a bird ... but the Chief is glad that at least he's eating something.

The Chief's considering consulting the V-E-T (oh nosss!!) if he still refuses to eat normally i.e. like the rest of us Dog Woods Pack - who are happily benefiting from Donny boy not touching his share of food.
The thought has crossed her mind ... wondering if Donny's stomach is having difficulty coping with all the food he wolves down on occassions since when he first arrive he was close to starving (juding from his skinny appearance). She's noted that Donny goes through a spells of glutonny - wolfing down everything on his plate and asking for more and then not eating for a spell ...

That Donny better starting eating his food properly because any V-E-T visit is not something we Dog Woods Pack like very much! Two V-E-T visits in a month is wayyyyyyyy too many if you asked this TOP DOG! We're keeping our paws crossed Donny will start eating like a normal Dog Woods canine by tomorrow!

Anywoos, we leave you with the next installment of the Blue Bandanna series with one of my Fur Kid - Wally - whom the Chief says bears some resemblence of a Pit Bull Terrier - minus the colouring and attitude!

Hello There!

Aren't I a handsome pup?

This be how this pup would don a blue bandanna!

..side view ... just like...

...Richard BraNson! of VIRGIN (Airlines) ...

Wally Zzzz...


  1. One of my dogs, Tsar, is part Husky, part Lab/Chow. He's always had eating issues, which I understand is pretty common in Huskies. He only eats three or four days a week. The other days he looks at his food, then walks away. I was so worried about him at first, I kept taking him to the vet. We decided to put him on special dog food designed for working dogs or dogs in stressful situations. It's higher in calories and protein that regular food. Now I know that when he does eat he's getting enough nutrition to carry him thru the times he doesn't eat. His weight stays pretty level.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh poor Donny!!!!
    we didn't say nothing about him!!!!
    excuse us pleaseee!!!
    our paws are crossed for him and hope he is starting soon to eat normally!!! look sooooooooooooo Handsome with your blue bandana!!!!
    We want one like this so we could be beautiful like you!!!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses dear friends!!!!!
    And.................Go Donny GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. Donny .... there are so many questions and so many variables and so many answers. If only we could just tell our humines. Both Fergi and I have food issues. Still. I've been home over a year. Fergi's been home about nine months. Our issues change from day to day and week to week. But we seem to be getting what we need. Both of us leaned toward wolfing and wanting more in the beginning. Now we cut ourselves way back at times.

    Wouldn't you know.... yesterday we had BIG thunderstorms and rain downpours that lasted for a long time. It was RUFF around here. The thing that worked best was popcorn. We smelled it while it was cooking. We sort of hoped for it once it was done. All the attention was on the popcorn - and the humines TRIED to ignore the thunder (and our quaking) while it all shook the house. It kinda sorta worked. We survived. Then we got LOTS of pats and pets when it was over.

    We'll see if we're any better today. It's supposed to storm like this in the afternoons for a week! More practice than we need!

    Hang in there....
    Jake and Fergi

  4. I can't be much help I am afraid, as I never seem to have a problem eating food, only never getting enough ;-)

    Yes you do look a handsome pup

    Wizz :-)

  5. More blue bandanas!!! I think you've started something. I can't wait for the next installment.

    As far as eating problems..... I can't relate.


  6. We think the blue bandannas are very stylish. But being anorexic isn't, even if Hollywood thinks so. When we have tummy issues, Mom fixes us some rice and chicken and it seems to make it go away plus we love it. We hope Donny gets better soon.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  7. We are crossing paws that Donny will begin to eat soon. Maybe he is having an adjustment period.
    Wally looks pretty fab in blue.

  8. I have the eating issues too - I'm a little guy and go for days without eating - of course mom freaks and starts cooking. he probably does need to see the VET - I know, I know....but it might help. Hopefully he won't have to eat some of those awful prescription diets - I HATE HILLS! tell your mom to just boil some chicken and new potatoes and steam some green beans and carrots and add a little italian seasoning - it's very good - I eat Dr. Dodd's Liver Cleansing Diet [but with chicken not beef] - and it is great for dogs with tummy issues - not just liver. I don't eat red meat because of my liver - but that's just me. Mom then adds 15 pieces of kibble for added nutrition - sometimes I pick out the kibble BOL - Hope he starts eating soon - did you ask Luke about the magic pajamas?

  9. Were keeping our paws crossed for Donny

  10. I'm 'guilty' of what Sue mentioned! Some days I eat all Mom puts down fur me in a speedy manner...and other days I leave some of it...and on some other days I leave much of it...

    Since I'm the only khanine, she'll leave it down fur 'x' amount of time - then she'll pikhk it up fur 'tomorrow'...

    ANYWAY, nice BB IV with Wally! Furry stylish!


  11. We have one here, Phantom, who is not a good eater. He has days where he doesn't eat anything and then a day or so later he will eat. But he doesn't ever eat with great speed or wolf down anything. Might not be a bad idea to check with the vet for some things to try.

    Love that last shot of Wally.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Hi, Tuffy!
    I am sure Donny will start eating well soon!
    Wally looks great with the blue bandana!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Ooh.. we sure hope Donny starts eating normally before any V.E.T visit!! The thought of it is enough to put any do off his dinner! **shudder**

    Sometimes, I (Huskee) go through bouts of being a fussy eater too and no one knows why.. I do eat but only very little and the humans resort to handfeeding me during those times, which can last up to a week. Hershey on the other hand is the opposite and will eat just abt anything and everything (including bugs)..

  14. I hope Donny starts eating properly soon!
    Big licks to you

  15. Oh Wally - what have they done to you? You do look kinda cute right enough.
    Poor Donny - he does sound like a dog who had to load up on food when he got the opportunity! Hopefully he will settle as he feels more secure - mind you if he is getting chicken he might need to keep it up a little longer!
    We do so hope you avoid a visit from the V-E-T!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  16. We battle the storm fear issue here as well, it's so sad to see the dogs get spooked every summer :(
    Hope you are able to make real progress in leaving that behind...

  17. Oh Wally is just adorable, and cute in Blue too!!

    Poor Donny, I can so relate. Definitely try Rescue Remedy, it may help. They also have anxiety wraps which may help too. I think if you just google them you may find them. My aussie Jeni is terrified of storms, and any loud noises too, so I understand.

  18. hehe...Wally, you do look very handsome, we love the last shot.

    Aww, poor Donny, we hope he eats properly soon.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  19. Funny funny photos! I love them!

    I beed known to interrupt storm induced nervous breakdown for fried chicken and sharp cheddar cheese.

    Just sayin.

    I seriously gonna put together list of things me and my the Mom have tried. It worf tryin bout any thing... am I right???

    Back to you soon!

    wif love from the anti-rain dancin Luke