Saturday, May 30, 2009

Donny Boy : A Happy Report

Hello there Furry and Fur-less Readers,

It's Snoopy reporting...

Am happy to report (on behalf of the Dog Woods Pack) that our new boy Donny is now on the road to recovery. He's appetite is back thanks to the (horrid) jabs the V-E-T gave him and the (icky) pills that the Chief been stuffing down his throat! Now that may seem inhumane but that's just about the only way the Chief is able to make us take our medicine - we're too clever in uncovering pills disguised in yummy treat ! :P

Anywoos. Donny's now alot more active these days. His tongue which was once pale with tick fever, is now returning back to it's pink-ish tinge. A sure sign of him being better is when he gives our TOP DOG Tuffy a hard time by yappin' in his ear and trying to challenge the TOP DOG's authority.

I guess the Chief now has another set of issues to deal with now that Donny boy is on his road to recovery i.e. to separate the two challenging males. He (Donny) is still fairly skinny and afraid of storms - which the Chief is still working on ...

He didn't eat dinner this evening (again) because there was thunder in the distant (although it didn't rain). But on the bright side, at least he ate a hearty lunch ... the Chief is feeding him three meals a day (not fair!) to fatten him up!


  1. It's good to hear that he's doing well. He's such a handsome boy.

  2. That is some grrrrreat news!

    Tank woo fur sharing AND kharing!


  3. It is good to hear that all your hard work with Donny has paid off. Lets hope he and Tuffy can come to some agreement soon. Good Job!

  4. We are glad that Donny is on the road to full health. We are sure they pack thing will sort itself out - well paws crossed!
    We are very envious about the three meals a day - we would be very happy to be fattened up - you may have noticed how emaciated we are!!!
    Well not that long ago you could see ribs but that is so unattractive in a female basset, dont you agree?
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  5. Ya Donny is doing so well. We are so excited to hear the news.. A few extra meals will be great for him..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Oh that is super news about Donny! Keep stuffing those pills down him.
    Pee(S): How is Anna today?

  7. Wooo! I am so glad that Donny is doing better, Scampi won't eat either if there is thunder in the area. Silly dogs. we hope he stays better.
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. WooHoo! This is fantastic news. Donny is such a very handsome boy, I am so happy he is on the road to recovery!!

  9. Glad he is doin better, how come HE gets 3 meals & YOU don't? That's not right!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  10. Sounds like Donny is getting better every day. He is a beautiful boy. When Tess first came to live with us she was underweight but now she's a little porker hehe.


  11. Glad to hear that Donny is doing well.


  12. Thanks for the happy report!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Oh so happy to hear that Donny is getting better.
    That is wonderful. I know those pills are nasty but they sure did help!
    Thanks for letting us know

  14. Looks like I'm not the only one who gets force fed those nasty medicines. I too can find them in cheese or pate and spit them out. As I must take so many they'd need to be in a pound of cheese!

    Fancy a big brave dog being scared of sky rumbles. Hope you learn to get over that soon.

  15. Yahoo Yipee Glad he's on the mend! Yep.. now what to do with a healthy donny. We shall see.

  16. Phantom is impossible to give pills too, but this last time Mom found that pill pockets worked quite well to trick him. We wonder if you have those where you live.

    woos, the OP Pack

  17. Donny,

    We've been hiding for the past few days.... lots of t-storms here which send us running frantic with our tails sucked down tight, too. But we're out long enough to check in on you and we're happy to find out you are eating better!!!! We are hoping you are on the road to much improved health and great bundles of happiness. And we're hoping the Thunder God takes a long silent nap!

    Thinkin of ya,
    Jake and Fergi