Monday, May 11, 2009

Donny boy ...

Hello there!

This be the latest update on the latest canine addition to Dog Woods - good' ol Donny boy. Apart from the suspicious claims by Person A, no one has come looking for Donny boy just yet. The Chief suspects he might have been abandoned, judging from his timid manners and skinny outlook.

Donny is still skinny. Lately, he's not been eating very much (well, not as much as when he first arrived) ... which is getting the Chief somewhat worried. She's taken to hand-feeding the boy, to conjole and persuade him to at least eat a little. She suspects he has some kind of stomach bug and has made an appointment with the V-E-T for a house call!!

Honestly, Donny boy there is not only hogging all the attention to himself, he's got the V-E-T on route to Dog Woods! A visit by the V-E-T even if its for ONE of us is never a good thing for the rest of us doggies. (Arroooooooo .... Red alert Dog Woods! Red Alert!)

We've also discovered that Donny is scared of thunder storms. His ears pricks nervously and he starts pacing agitatedly - looking for a place small and cosy enough to hide. It's a good thing he hasn't got the habit of terrifiedly tearing at walls, couches or anything in his path ...

He's become somewhat jealous of me the TOP DOG esp. when it comes to my turn to get some tender loving attention from the Chief. It's not that he's lacking in that department ... in fact, we Dog Woods Pack all agree he's been the main stay of the Chief's recent attention. Anyhoos, whenever Donny gets striken by the green eyed monster, he starts his yappin' - And what I'd do is turn conveniently deaf in me languidly long ears, only for yappin' Donny ...

But really, one can only take another's yappin' for so long...after a certain point, this TOP DOG would growl back in return just to show 'em who's the TOP DOG around the place. Sometimes Donny gets it. Sometimes he doesn't ... I suppose given time he'd learn the Dog Woods canine' ways.

Apart from that we also think Donny's pining for his own humans. Chief says he has bouts of depressive moods. But really we think he's only wilting under the tropical heat with his thick fur coat - why you think he keeps on sitting on wet floors? But Chief's concern will not be allayed until the V-E-T comes and gives him a check up ...
I really must go warn the rest!


  1. Paws khrossed the V-E-T khlears up whatever is bothering Donny!

    He's a handsome fella and deserves a grrrrreat Furever Home in the woods somewhere!


  2. I hope there's nothing serious wrong with Donny. He's such a handsome boy. Not eating is never a good sign. Please be sure to let us know what the V-E-T says.

  3. Oh my dogness - not the V-E-T - that is a red danger Alert for all you dogs.
    Poor Donny, it must be very strange for him - we can understand he will be wanting the Chief all to himself.
    He should settle down but you are right to remind him of the correct order of things. He needs to know his place in the pack!
    We will keep our paws crossed for a good outcome from the V-E-T visit.
    Give Donny a good licking from us - we remember how it feels to not belong yet.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  4. Poor Donny. Paws crossed the vet sorts him out. Hope he's ok and settles into your pack soon. Keep an eye on him then you can check out how he plays too- that was a great post very interesting. searching for food or eating has got to be the best I agree!

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  5. Hopefully, he is just trying to adjust to a life of stability. Poor thing sounds like he's not sure if he's coming or going. Continue to be his friend and make sure you let us know what the V-E-T has to say.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  6. Glad you all are taking good care of Donny and being patient with him! Hope his health is 100% soon!

  7. I hope Donny gets a clean bill of health! The poor pup!

    Sniffs and licks,


  8. Hi, Tuffy!
    Donny is very handsome!
    Paws crossed for him with the Vet visit!
    I hope everything goes well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. The Vet comes to your house? That is really scary. Take care and hide well.

  10. Yes, the V-E-T comes to the house. Easier that way with now 10 of us. The Chief's got a little phobia of us misbehaving behind while she drives. Says we're very distracting and at the rate we're expanding there's hardly enough space for ALL of us ... a hazard on the road! So the V-E-T comes over instead ...


  11. We prefer when the V-E-T comes to our house as he will always bring us a treat!

  12. Hope everthing goes well at the Vets and Donny is soon 100%

  13. Do you think Donny can spell? I can't but mom says it's for his own good.
    He looks to be doing well with the dog woods.

    Can't wait to hear about the visit.

  14. Hope it all goes well at the vets.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  15. We had a German shepherd friend called Saxon, we used to do training together, 2 years ago he rans and rans away in a thunder stoms and was never seen again. We hopes he found someone news to cares for him like Donny has.