Wednesday, May 13, 2009

V-E-T's visit

*sniff* Hello there good and gentle readers,

Me fur's hurted. The bad bad V-E-T came by - supposedly to give Donny a check up but he started first with giving us a jab. *HOWL!*

Of course, we all didn't try to make it easy for the V-E-T and his assistant(s). It was helter skelter at Dog Woods for a brief moment. Each cainine gave the V-E-T and the humans at Dog Woods a run for it and when we were finally cornered we'd squiggle and wriggle making giving the V-E-T and his sinister poking device a hard time. Woooo! We be mighty proud of the resistance we put up ... but the V-E-T and colluding humans always prevails. Boooo!

The Chief said being jabbed with needle is for our own good. How can being poked be for any canine's good?!? Somefin about an annual jab to keep us healthy (we're very healthy thank chew very much!) and protected from nasty bugs - that we can't see! It's a good thing them Fur Kids were spared all that. The Chief said something about their's (jab) been 'due' only next year. Honestly! I don't get them humans.

Anywoos. Here be the low down on Donny boy. ..

He had his fair share of being poked and prodded. He not only had a thorough inspection by the V-E-T, he had his blood drawn for some kind of test ( for what... this TOP DOG can only wonder ...?) and a 'B-complex jab' (I never knew B could be complex?!) just to boost up his health.
Me thinks out of the whole lot of us at Dog Woods who's furs all hurted, the new boy there had it the worst! He's been made to eat some deworming (what worms?!?) and Vit c pills the V-E-T left behind for him by the Chief.

After all that scary poking and prodding, the V-E-T's given Donny a clean bill of health. "Just a little skinny... and somewhat traumatized" - he says. He suspected too what we've been suspecting all along that Donny's been abandoned. He added that it was curious that people from elsewhere would abandon a fairly young handsome pedigree German Shepherd like Donny.

'Most dogs ...' said the V-E-T, ' ... know how to find their way home ...'This boy here is definitely not from around the neighbourhood - judging from how skinny (but healthy) he is.'

'Signs of our times ...' he noted gravely.

Chief explained to yours doggedly that it's got to do with the 'Ee-co-no-mee'. Not something this TOP DOG claims to understands ... some human things are simply beyond me.

Anywoos, the V-E-T said he'd be on a lookout for people who can proof they've lost a male German Shepherd. But he doubts there'll be anything ... since he's not heard or seen anything in the papers or from advertisements put up in his practice.

In the mean time, Donny is slowly learning the ways of us Dog WOods Pack. He's not only been leaving his scent around Dog Woods, he's becoming somewhat territorial too. Barking at strangers that walk by outside. The Chief's pleased ... although he hasn't put on as much weight as the Chief hoped in the six days he's been at Dog Woods (he be a real picky eater!), she thinks Donny's gradually fitting in ....

I just wished he'd stop with the occassional outburst of yappin' in me ears ... :P


  1. That is grrrreat news to see Donny is healthy!

    I'm sure a nice extended vakhation in The Dog Woods will be just what he needs!


  2. Good news about Donny. I'm sure he'll settle down and fit right in soon. As far as the poking goes, I'm with ya on that one.


  3. Sounds to us like Donny wandered into the right woods. And that he's outta the woods in terms of his health. So.... since he's getting territorial.... is he staying? Or just visiting? Whichever, we're glad he's where he is right now.

    Jake and Miss Fergi (who didn't want me to talk about vet-pokes this morning)

  4. You poor pups getting poked by the vet, or maybe I should say the poor vet having to catch you pups. I'm glad Donny is going to be OK. The chief will take good care of him and have him healthy in no time.

    Have fun today.

  5. A sad story when peoples have to toss their dogs for lack of money, jobs and homes. I am hoping things will begin to change for the better, and soon!


  6. Hey pals
    Sounds like Donny is fitting in well. We've only just read that he's a new addition to your pack. How sad someone may have abandoned such a beautiful boy.


  7. Donny is so lucky to have found the Chief. He will get with the program soon. Sometimes it just takes them longer to get used to being around such a high class pup as yourself.

  8. We are so glad you all survived the V-E-T! Well done for putting up a struggle - just wait till we dogs take over the world and then it will be the turn of the humans to be jagged, prodded and poked!
    Having said all that we are pleased that Donny is healthy albeit thin and tramatized. Poor Donny - he does sound as though he is finding his paws right enough!
    We have changed the music on our video now so hope you get to see it.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  9. So furry glad that Donny is A-OK!!! Fatten him up and he will be a furry good watch dog in them thar woods!! Wooos!

    Mya Boo Boo

  10. It is great that Donny is ok but it is so sad that he might have just been abandoned by someone. We hope he puts on some weight soon. It sounds like he is fitting in well.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  11. I HATE getting poked by the vet!!! Glad to hear Donny Boy is doing good.

  12. What a big mouth. Not very attractive I must say. You will have to treat him some manners. I always get lots of foodables from the V-E-T so I don't mind too much, but they do like to steal our vital bodily fluids.


  13. We all get those jabs every year too but we have to go TO the vet, how nice of yours to come to you. In fact, poor Phantom is overnight at the vet tonight for some work tomorrow. We can't tell yu all the details because it is part of tomorrow's post:)

    Great news on the health of Donny - tell Mom to just keep feeding that boy and he will fatten up in no time.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  14. Glad to know Donny is fine!
    Vet visits are not fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. I'm glad Donny certified a clean bill of health and gradually fitting in.
    Love ya!

  16. Glad that Donny is ok and is slowly becoming part of the group. I am sure he'd thrive under all your loving care..
    Psst.. I had a 'sploding butt last week and mom took me to the vet... the vet not only gave me 2 injections, she also poked something up my A$$!! Ahhhh.. the humiliation....

  17. Hi Tuffy!
    I'm glad you and Donny are getting along well :) He has found a good home with you.
    Big licks to you

  18. Too bad about the vet jabs but great news about Donny!

  19. paws crossed for Donny! what a story!

  20. Donny sounds like a survivor.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  21. Hi guys, we have an award for you. Just stop by our blog and collect it.

  22. we're glad to hear that Donny checked out okay. it's sad that he is a victim of the eeee-con-ooooo-meeeee. stuff like that should not have to effect us innocent creatures. that's human problems.

    anyway, sorry that you got jabbed. you need to gang up on that mean vet and jab him once or twice. hee hee!!!


  23. Hi Tuffy,

    That's great news about Donny! You guys are being so patient with him. :-)

    Sniffs and licks,


  24. Glad you all got on well at the vets, even if it was a pain.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  25. That was a funny story of you guys giving the V-E-T a hard time!! Ha! ha! Glad to hear that Donny is healthy! But that picture of you yapping at you is just hilairous!!

    Honey the Great Dane