Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Give a dog a Towel ...

This be Dog Woods Pack's philosophy ... when a day gives you heat, have a Shower paw-ty!

And as all shower paw-ties, there's always the towels involved. Give a dog a chamois towel and we'd squeeze plenty of creative play out of it ...

Anywoos ... this be some of the various other canine uses of a towel (apart from drying) ...

a) A Sarong!

Sarong Paw-ty Top Dog strutting his stuff ...

b) Towel Ear Plugs

- Tubby on the art of selective hearing as Wally yaps on ....

c) A Cape ...
-for any Budding Puppy Hero

d) A Saddle ... for any Puppy who thinks he's a race horse-y

e) A Wig ... for any puppy who fancies having long blonde princess-y locks (like Brandi..)

e) A Tent .... For any pup to hide away in, in case of troubling mischief ...


  1. Great imagination you dogs have got! We envy you the sunshine - getting washed outside right now in Scotland isn't such a good idea!
    We love the fact you guys find fun in every aspect of life!
    Have a great sunshiney day xxxx

  2. BOL Pawsome photos :)
    Big licks to you

  3. Furry khool idea and furry khool pikhs!


  4. You are all having way too much fun! We still need to be washed inside. Spring is here but it is still too chilly.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  5. Looks like you have great fun,I do not like getting bathed. I try to keep clean.

  6. We all had baths last week, but we're trying really hard to get that good old doggy smell back. Rolling in the mud is a good start.

  7. Wow, that was great. Dad has lots of those yellow cloths in the garage - you gave us some great ideas!!!

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. The dog woods pack pilpsopy is gweat and I love all youw cweative juices flowing..I'll have to have a baf this week, and I'll twy to use some of youw suggestions fow towel use, I don't think I'm the supew hewo type, and I don't want blond haiw, but a sawong, ow the selective heawing is wight up my alley
    smoochie kisses

  9. That's it. I will demand a sarong-tent-saddle-wig to my hoomans! It looks like dog-fashion-tv, Tuffy!


  10. It is amazing all the things a towel can be!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Kisses and hugs