Friday, March 13, 2009

Mighty Joe ...

Joe, our resident Rottweiller is one mighty dog. He's got this certain obsession with all things ROUND ... as you have already been briefed. Nothing has survived his tenacious chews. Not the football, the basketball nor the superly-duperly heavy duty toys that the Chief purposely bought just so that we can play with. As you can already guess by now, its Joe that usually hogs the toys and he won't let anyone of us Dog Woods pack get a sniffingly near it - with the exception of the Chief.

Anyhoos, back to the 'mighty canine point' - which i'll get to in my fine, roundabout, canine TOP DOG tale way.

One fine day, the Chief being somewhat at wits ends with buying us toys that the Demolition Dog Woods Pack would wreck in record time (the longest serving ball lasted a mere 2 weeks, the shortest a 1 minute!!) came home with a HUMONGOUS version of a ball carved entirely out of rock.

'This will surely be robust enough for the Dog Woods Pack!' she thought ...

Robust, it definitely was. It took at least THREE STRONG MEN to lift the ROCK of that BALL out of the Chief's car (am not certain how the Chief manage to get that monster of a Ball into her car in the first place)!
Joe was no doubt thrilled with his Gigantic version of a ball - (we canines at Dog Woods have since christened GiGA ... ) Once out of her car, the Chief simply let GiGA loose ... of which GiGa chose to roll its way down the slopes of Dog Woods with Joe bounding along playfully gnashing at its bottom ...
However, much to Joe and the rest of the Dog Woods Pack dismay, GiGa was not the same sort of ball that could be easily be manipulated, retrieved, nor chewed or torn apart ...
To this very day, invulnerable GiGa quietly thrives at the bottom of the slopes of Dog Woods where we canines would run circles around it but are unable to inflict any form of damage (frustratingly enough....)
The ONLY canine out of the Dog Woods pack that's able to shove GiGA about is Mighty Joe ...

The Chief has been most smug since. She had finally found us a ball that could withstand our demolishing gnashers and GiGa ... well, GiGA is a year old now - The longest any toy has lasted the Dog Woods Pack.


  1. The chief did well to find GiGa - we hope Mighty Joe has many years of fun with it. If it's lasted a year maybe it is indestructible! He is a lovely dog!

  2. That's not a dog, that's a BIG bear!!!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  3. HA!

    That's a Ben Down Under Dog!


  4. Being made of rock sure is the only way it could last that long!
    Kisses and hugs