Thursday, March 26, 2009

The thing about the Weather


It's Thursday with Snoopy this week.

Let me tell you a thing or two about the weather in our neck of the woods. While it may be the envy of some (who's presently experiencing cold, wet weather), the level of humidity of the tropics is not only giving us heat prone canines a hard time but also the for some pups who've got sensitive-r skin than others (like yours truly), it's a real pain!

Damp-ness and canine skin folds are rich breeding ground for pesky itch, somefin about yeast ...?

I once had long velvety ears as a wee pup but that sadly have been a thing of the past. To date, I've had more tests, pokes, prods and jabs from the V-E-T than all Dog Woods Pack put together. He's since concluded, apart from the yeast infection, I also have a certain allergy to the Grass! How terrible ... when that's the nicest thing to roll about in!

The Chief too has tried her best to get my ears back to what it once was. She's tied my ears up (like a wabbit I looked!) when I had my meals, she even got me special tall food bowls, changed my diet, got me special shampoos, powders ... I won't say her efforts were not in vain, the other angry red itchy folds around my body have since healed but sadly, not my ears. *Boo Hoo!*

What the Chief's not tried yet is change the weather at Dog Woods ... making it less humid. That would mean keeping me in the air-conditioned rooms indoors 24/7 and I don't think I like that at all ! I love running around out doors unleashed, wrestling with Tuffy, lolling about with the Fur Kids way too much!

Beautiful long velvety ears or Freedom? I'd choose Freedom any time!! I've accepted the fact that I'll never be SHOW DOG material ... but I sure am a Happy Basset!

Arf! I blink-ed!


  1. Hi Snoopy
    My brother Jerry used to be allergic to grass :( It was furry sad because I like laying on grass and he couldn't lay there with me...
    Big licks to you

  2. Hey there Snoopy,
    We hear what you're saying. It's been super humid lately. It horrid. Fortunately we dont suffer any allergies from it. Sorry to hear your ears aren't improving. At least winter is on the way.

    Noah x

  3. Hi Snoopy
    Martha was always itching when she came to live with us and mum now has us both an food that is anti-allergenic. Whatever that means. She is a lot better. Mum's last basset, Harry, had a grass allergy that particularly affected his paws - well it would when you think about it!!! He was forever licking his paws and finally everybody learned to live with it cos they never did cure it!
    His ear were fine strangely enough. We are sorry you have annoying allergies - they are such a nuisance.
    Snoopy you are very beautiful to us, we wouldnt want you to be a show dog! As long as you are happy that is the most important thing for any dog.
    lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xx

  4. Snoooooopy! I know a Basset whose ears are always pinned up outside - its just not fair having allergies, especially to grass. I hope your outfit helps and you get to play outside as much as you want with no itchies! Geez, you're cute! We love all you furkids over here!

    Come back to my blog - there was an award here for you!


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I think dog shows are silly.. they're just for the humans anyway.
    You are super cute and those long ears are the best!

  6. That's terrible about your allergy - and to grass, no less. Your ears are so adorable - we love them over here, but hope the weather turns less humid for you!
    With my sympathies,

  7. Oh no...our comment didn't work! :(

    We saids that as long as your ears not hurt it not matter what you looks like! Enjoy your grass rolling and freedom!! ;) xxx

  8. Hi Snoop,
    Where do you live? Is it hot all year or do you get a cool season? We love the cool times when we can run and play all day and especially snow. That's the most fun. In the summer we swim at the lake and splash in our wading pool. After swimming we get stuff put in our ears to keep them from getting infected. That's not so much fun.
    The PWDs

  9. You know that saying: Freedom isn't free? You are a prime example. Take care and enjoy.

  10. I am sorry for you having an allergy, I hope you can just run about and forget about it.

  11. Allergic to grass? How horrible. No dog wants to be cooped up inside 24/7. Freedom is important to us. We feel for you having to make such a choice.

    Buddy, Merci & Sam

  12. I too would pick the freedom, no pup wants to be kept all day in the house even with allergies.

  13. That does sound sad. I would pick the freedom too.

  14. Tuffy, we feel very badly for woo. TD has seasonal allergies and his ears get all itchy inside and the vet doesn't understand it because we have such upright ears. Across the street we have a black lab who is allergic to everything,and we mean everything. The poor pup is just miserable all the time.

    Hope your weather gets a bit drier for you soon.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, thanks for the kind words on your comment today.

  15. Allergy doesn't sound like much fun, poor you.
    Simba and Jazzi xx

  16. Snoop, I'm so sorry you have the allergies. I feeel for you, I'm having allergy testing too cos of my itchie scratchies.

    I think if you tied your ears up you would look like Karl Largerfeld...but younger and more distinguished. Though I like your ears as they are too. Yep good choice freedom. Enjoy it!

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  17. Sorry woo have such nasty issues...

    I hope woo khan find something to help wooooo!

    I'll khross my paws!


  18. Heya guys! Oh, it's always hot & humid here in our country. My hoomans are leaving the air-conditioner on all the time now. Thi9s is the 1st time they're ever doing it because they're scared about the electricity blowing up. BOL! This is the 1st time we've even been in the A/C like so many times! My nose & Chloe's have turned slightly liver colored. Kool!

    Belly jiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  19. Hi Snoopy
    I am sorry you have such health issues- i know the feeling as I am having some too. Part of me is almost bald, and i had yeast in my ears and had meds for it, now part of my hearing is gone. I know how you feel- with itchy ears and now being alergic to gras! oh no. hope they find something to help you. i am still taking pills put in a banana

  20. Hi Snoopy,
    Oh noo... sorry to hear about your grass allergy. I think it's best to listen to the vet and avoid the grass cos ear infections are sooo annoying (I had it once before and hated it!!).

  21. What a bummer to have allergies from the grass! We feel for you, Snoopy!

  22. I hate the hot too!

    Momma's basset hound had to have her ear drums removed because of her ear problems which were untreated before momma adopted her. She actually felt much better afterwards and managed to get around just fine even though she couldn't hear. I hope that you will find a less radical solution.


  23. Oh no, a grass allergy! Bummer! :-(

    Trixie is allergic to the tall weeds that grow here in the spring but fortunately that's just one season.