Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh What FUN!

We, Dog Woods Pack live for occassions like these - to give in to canine hunting instincts of a Chase. What THRILL!

The thrill of a chase!

We're not at all particular as to what or whom we chase - whether it be four legged little critters - like squirrels, cats, dogs ... or the two legged - hopping birds to strolling humans ... Just to be able to CHASE them from one end of Dog Woods to the other - is exhilirating FUN. The barkings, the bayings, the run. Oh what FUN!

It's all quite a ruckus! A wild circus of kicking legs, tails and flailing ears ... Enough to terrify any creature big or small, unfamiliar with the Dog Woods Pack.
The Chief has clearly warned us canine lot that we are NOT to chase ANYONE or ANY THING beyond the fenced boundaries of Dog Woods. She's even DOUBLY fenced the boundaries to counter any resourceful canine escape artist bent on chasing prey.

'It would be a criminal offence ...' the Chief says, '...both on your part and mine...' We didn't quite understand what she was rambling on about until she surmised quite simply, 'NO TREATS, NO FREEDOM, THINK CAGE FOR THE REST OF YOUR FURRY LIVES!'

Wooaahhh! Talk about HARSH!
We, have since concluded amongst our furry selves that it pays (treatfully) to be obedient Dog Woods pooches and keep our chase within the realm of Dog Woods.

See-ing swirling bones: ... very tired but contented pooches after the excitment of a wild chase!


  1. What a spoil sport! BOL
    Big licks to you

  2. Wow thats harsh! But I guess you get the message right?


    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxx

  3. Oh our mum is just the same! Bailey likes to chase jogger, cyclists and horses but NO!!! This is not allowed.
    I like to chase any animal smell - not just as interested in the two leggers - truth be told I am quite scared of anything on two legs.
    Just lie low and when she is not looking run for all you are worth!!!
    Martha xxx

  4. You are lucky you don't have to be on a leash. You get to chase animals freely. I have to drag "my master" along.

  5. Oh you are gorgeous plz can we follow each others blog???
    I fell in love the first time I saw you!!!
    Travis The Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!