Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anna's Tale


This be Anna - mother to my Dobie-Hound Fur Kids. She was adopted a couple years ago now from a Puppy Mill. When she came she was really timid and skinny ... and who knows how many puppies she's had, her previous owners didn't say, nor did they reveal her actual age. The only thing Anna's previous owners told with some certainty that she'd come into heat- in a couple months or so.

The Chief however, had no intentions nor does she have the experience of breeding Anna. In fact, it was in the plans to have Anna 'fixed' too like the rest of the Dog Woods Pack (with the exception of my adorable furry self). Given what she was told, she thought she'd have at least a few months for Anna to settle with the rest of the Dog Woods Pack before the 'big snip-snip'.

And so Anna came to live with us ... being Dog Woods Casanova, I was thrilled for another girlfriend. Only difference was Anna's scent very soon drove me wild! Unbeknownst to the Chief that Anna had come into 'season' the Chief soon found that the usual affectionate tubby Basset insistent on more than many cuddles would prefer to chase the latest addition to Dog Woods rather than sit and be adored.

When she kept us apart, I'd bawl my lungs out NON-STOP - proclaiming my undying puppy love to tall, dark and beautiful Anna ... The Big Chief however was not at all appreciative of my rich tenor bayings had me muzzled. But this love sick puppy was not to be deterred. I chewed through muzzle after muzzle ... so much so the pet shop ran out of stock!

At wits end, the Chief decided it was better to let this somewhat possessed hound run out of steam (literally). And so she let me loose. After Anna, I went. And boy, did Anna make me run !! I soon discovered that running and baying would only tire me out further so I concentrated on running - much to the Chief's (and my) delight!

Ignorant of the 'serendipitious' events that had taken place, the Chief and other two legged Dog Woods inhabitants were very relieved they no longer have to put up with the loud non-stop bayings of yours dog-gedly. Even after a month the Chief was under the impression that that Anna had settled in well and had happily put in some weight ...!

If the V-E-T hadn't arrive to give us our dreaded annual jabs and drew the Chief's attention to Anna's pregnancy, she would still have thought that Anna was merely getting 'quite round in the waist' ! Instead of congratulating the proud Dog Parents-to-be, the Chief (I believe in state of momentary panic) uttered incredulously, 'TUFFY!!! YOU DID THIS?!?!?'.

But of course!

Anna & the fantastic chewing pups

I daresay, when the Chief had calmed down somewhat, she was secretly quite pleased then at the prospect of having puppies.

Anywoos, that's now Dog Woods history. It turns out the Chief makes a doting gram-mama. And the once timid Anna is now not only proud momma of nine Dobie-Hound Fur Kids but also second in command of Dog Woods Pack!


  1. That's a great story, Tuffy!!! What a great contribution you made to the Chief's life:-)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Oh dear, I did wonder how those adorable furkids arrived! A lesson for us all there.........You are not the first to be caught out with surprise puppies!
    Boys will be boys................and are you thinking of having the snip yourself now Tuffy?
    That must be all the wild oats sown now!!
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. Tank woo fur puptale of how there khame to be puptails!

    M&B are khorrekht - snip snip time!


  4. We love the kids and think they are a wonderful surprise.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  5. What a surprise, a good one though

  6. Tuffy how did you catch her and get up so high? the pups are so cute. You two made some cute pups

  7. That's a great story, Tuffy! Happy endings though!

  8. Tuffy
    What a fantasticall wondesful stowy!!1 Youw pups awe gowgeous!! Twue love won out! congwatulatios to Anna!

  9. Nice to meet you Tuffy, and nice to meet Anna!

  10. Accidents happen. You did have some really cute pups.

  11. Hi Tuffy!
    That's a nice story! The pups are so cute! You and Anna must be so proud! Sometimes the unexpected things turn out to be the best!
    :) Tibby

  12. Hi, Tuffy!
    Thanks for sharing the story!
    The puppies are adorable!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Those children are adorable. We are thinking that you and Anna made a good pair.

  14. Oh no, Tuffy you naughty Boy! But them are some cute puppies!!

    Does the chief want to get you snipped now? I was snipped, it not be too bad. I still wanted to have my wicked way when Sophie had her season...can't keep a rampant dog down eh! BOL ;) XX

  15. What a great story! (And what booty-full pups.)

  16. Thanks for sharing the story of how the pups came about. They is an odd mixture but they seems to work and is very cute!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. Ohhhhhhh dear Tuffy!!!!
    What a great story....thanks for sharing with us!!!!
    we did wonder how those adorable furkids arrived!!!!!!!that is a great lesson for us all there!!!
    we love these photos....puppies are very very very cute!!!!
    we love your blog!!!
    Kisses and licks!!!!

  18. What a wonderful story.

    Simba and Jazzi xx