Friday, April 17, 2009

Ohhh Anna ...

Oh Anna...! Wherefore art thou my beloved Anna,

I sought you in the great green lawns of Dog Woods - sniffing high, sniffing low ...

But you were not to be seen,

I checked your crate many times
But your constant place that your lovely presence inhabits to rest lies empty
I sniffed for you in the yummy confines of the kitchen
But all I got were whiffs of the Chief's cooking - though delicious, had none of your unique fragrance!

I wailed for you throughout the Chief's Den

Yet I could not even catch a glimpse of your delightfully sharp nose that accentuates the shape of your beautiful furry face ...

I even ventured to where I am banned - to the very TOP of the Stairs and Beyond ...

But alas, my darling ... you are not to be found!

Oh Anna, my darling dearest ... I am lost without yous ...


(Snoopy : Dear Gentle Readers, Tuffy's more than a little love sick because Anna there about to go into heat ... The Chief simply had to do something about since us canines at Dog Woods are meant to be pets, not breeding animals. As much as we love puppies, we've got to be practical. We've had the fortune of a happy 'accident' last year resulting in our furry cute Dobie Hound Fur Kids. But having Anna getting preggers twice would be sheer carelessness...unless the Chief decides to go into the breeding business ... which she isn't. So Anna's being fixed as I paw this. Dog Woods can handle only so many four legged-ed without driving each other crazy ... humans included! We hope Anna comes back soon)


  1. I'm so glad to see that was where she was travelling to in the last post!

    Tank woo fur taking khare of her so she khan be there fur her Tuffy!


  2. Tuffy,
    Is Anna your true love?? If so do you still want to be frinds??

    **sniff sniff**

  3. Hooray for Anna doing the right thing.
    She will be back, Tuffy, and most happy to hear your sweet words and melodious voice.


  4. Poor Tuffy. But Anna will be back soon.

  5. My V-E-T specializes in what ya call fertility treatments. Whenever I go, momma has to go in first and if there are any of those heated up gals around I have to go in the back way so as not to expose them to my Mango-ness. Subsequently, I can understand why you would want to fix up Anna.


  6. Hi, Tuffy!
    Don't be sad! She will be back soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Tuffy
    My deaw fwiend, don't despaiw. Youw lovepup will be back soon enjoying youw sweet kisses. ( I'm glad she will not have to be a baby machine)
    love and smoochie kisses

  8. Hi Tuffy,
    I'm sorry you're so sad but I think your dear Anna will be back soon. Hang in there, pal!


  9. We are so happy for Anna!!! Sorry you are sad Tuffy but more pups are best avoided - Anna will be back soon - good as new xxx

  10. Awhhh, Tuffy :(
    Im sure Anna will be backl soon! xx

  11. Thank you making the right choice. Anna will be better off for it.

  12. Congratulations Tuffy, Your Anna is being responsible and using birth control so the two of you don't have to worry about accidents anymore.

  13. HAHAHAH!!! poor Tuffy! searching high and low!!!

  14. Oh Tuffy you are so cute! I'm sorry that you are love sick for your Anna. Thanks for visiting my page!

    Hugs, Kodak

  15. Poor and Sweet Tuffy....
    don't worry.....sure Anna will be back soon!!!
    you're soo cute....
    we love your tenderly words and hearing your voice...
    sweet kisses!!!!!!!

  16. Sorry to hear that Anna is in exile, Tuffy. Don't worry. Before long the two of you will be reunited.