Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuffy Roams ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

TOP DOG Tuffy reporting. Am not making much progress in the mobile blogging am afraid esp. with all my recent roamings - hence the lack of blogs. I've realised that 3G and wireless conveniences are not exactly far reaching. It's also soooo much slower than conventional blogging on the computer! And yes my furry friends, your dear mommies do have a point when they complain about how difficult mobile blogging is ... I daresay its the fastest way to go blinds! :P While I seem like a high-tech furry canine on the mobile blog, I'm really struggling to see what I've just paw-ed. And don't get me started on uploading pictures on mobile blogs ...

Maybe your networks are better in your part of the world but in my country I daresay, snails slither faster than some uploads! No kidding...

Anywoos, the Chief and I are on an adventurous hunt for carob - which required the Chief having to hoist me into various human modes of transportation. From the four wheeler, to the steely winged contraption that flies, to a snake-like elongated box that runs on rails and to floating devices that whizzes around on water. II have to admit it's always initially scary whenever encountered with strange new places, sights and smells but after you get past that, it's all rather exciting.

We tooks some pictures but with this computer we're using - we cannots uploads them. The Chief and I went to visit one of the largest Pet Marts in the city of Kay-El last week and woo! where there many many things and creatures to see! There were nice colourful looking fishes, feathered friends, various species of geckos of different sizes and colour, felines and canines. They were all so adorably chas-eable but the Chief made me promise not to chase anything and I was good ... since I was a little afraid the Chief would send me to 'Boarding School' - that was also part of services the Pet Mart offered (Obedience School and Pet Hotel)! I did feel somewhat sorry for them though to be housed in all those glass cages. I wonder if they even know how delicious grass feels under one's paws?

Anywoos, we're now Down Under (where?) so the Chief tells me...where Suzuki and Scooby are. I wonder if we would have time to visit them ...? At the rate the Chief is zipping from one spot to another I doubt so ... she tells me we're going home soon, back to Dog Woods. The Chief also says, there's a bad virus lurking about the place and the safest place to be is home ... Yay, can't wait. I miss being Lord of Dog Woods and my pack.


  1. I will feel better when you are safe back home and have access to proper internets devices. Those mobile things have very small buttons on them.


  2. Oh dear our pinky was thinking of using a mobile for blogging but she isnt so sure now. What network are you with? Our mum is with Telstra.

    Noah x

  3. So, woo are saying don't bother my paws with it?

    Please get home and stay safe!


  4. Well, looks like no mobiles for me either! Awaiting your return, Tuffy!


  5. we have very slow connect on the mobile too - it's a bummer and mom gets ticked

  6. We are not good with mobile devices but it is nice for you to stay in touch!
    See you when you get back Tuffy
    Martha & Bailey xx

  7. Hope you arrive home safely and soon. We miss you.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. You've been getting around! Trouble with us is... we're not sure where you started and where you're headed. But that's nothing new. We don't know the same thing about ourselves most of the time, either!

    Happy travels. Maybe by the time you get back, we'll have it figured out!

    Jake and Miss Fergi (sort of in a fog)

  9. Have a safe journey. Hope you are home again soon.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  10. Have a fun trip and come back safely. I'm sure the others are missing you. Can't wait to see the pics.

  11. Please return home safely. All that traveling can make you dizzy.

  12. We hopez woo iz having a gud time!!

    Gus and Waldo