Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yet Another ...

...Award! This time, the Roses Award by Checkers - an honour which I on behalf of the Dog WOods Pack, graciously accept. My many many thanks. Big sloppy kisses and many enthusiastic wags!

Coincidently, Dog Woods was once upon a time ago known as Rose Woods until we canines came along and uprooted the rose bushes. No, them thorns were not a deterrent at all. Infact, they made quite nifty tooth picks and back scratches.

Now, gentle readers, you get a clearer picture why the Chief gotten more than upset when we Dog Woods Pack decide to lend a paw in the garden works. She honestly was hoppin' mad. Sqawking unlady-like profanities that really ought to have her sentenced to the 'naughty corner'.
Apparently, we've all been made to understand, it's not easy to grow roses in the tropics ... they were doing surprisingly well until we furry canines came along.

Note the empty flower beds ...

But like us canines at Dog Woods, the Chief doesn't dwell on past grievances for too long. So, roses no longer grow in Rose Woods ... but both canines and humans at now, Dog Woods are thrivingly happy. And the secret? A very short term memory and readiness to forgive.

We've all adapted. The Chief and her landscaping works especially. She no longer harbour Hampton Court's dream of an immaculate formal garden. Instead, the landscape at Dog Woods, as you can now see (from the many various pictures), consists of very low maintenance grass and flowering shrubs which we can dig and and they WILL easily grow right back ... with the exception of the dead tree that this TOP DOG has been faithfully 'watering' daily.


  1. Hi Tuffy,

    You have such a cute, innocent face so of course the Chief had to forgive you! Who couldn't love that face!

    Sniffs and licks,


  2. Yuck! Roses! Those things stink! They are all floral like and stuff! Ewwww!

    Thank all that is dogly you and your crew of the four legged kinds killed those things! I bet those thorns made awesome back scratchers! Just watch out for your nose in the future! You dont want to be stabbed in the schnozz with one of those things!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  3. It's still a beautiful yard!


  4. All our rose bushes were eaten by the goats. You don't have any goats to blame, do you? Anyway, you are a much more handsome yard ornament than a rose bush any day!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  5. Sounds like you guys were a big help to the Chief. You certainly helped make maintaining the landscape and garden easier.

  6. Great work!

    I mean, it gives her LOTS more time with all of WOO!


  7. Hi Tuffy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You look SO cute in that photo at the garden with the Dog Woods Pack! *grins* You sure are one clever doggie in getting your Chief to plant diggable flowers!


    P/S: I added you to my friends' list so that I don't forget to visit! Hope that is okay with you! *grins*

  8. We like your yard much better the way it is now.

  9. It is the same over here in Scotland! We bassets have cleared a lot of unnecessary flowers to make more room - well for us bassets!
    They are never happy - and as for the grass!! Well you would think our Dad had never needed to have a pee on the grass the fuss he makes about that!!!! Where do they want us to pee?
    Keep up the good basset work your end and we will do the same - world wide gardening work by bassets!!!

    PS Thanks for offering to break Bailey out of jail - yet another basset injustice!

  10. BOL I like rose bushes too!
    Big licks to you

  11. Ha ha. My Grandpa Angus once pee'd a rose bush to death. The poor thing. Now we only have roses in the front yard (no doggie zone).


  12. we are jealous of the nice green yard!!!

  13. Who needs roses when you can have dogs!!

    Hey I am Lilly's brother and I heard it through the grapevine that you might be interested in a date with this fiesty senorita! I just know she would be intertested in you! When you get the chance, stop by my bloggy and you can meet her!

    Pee(S): She is a GREAT cook!

  14. Now that looks like some beautiful lush green landscapin' just waitin' ta be dug up......yep, we love ta dig holes and water Gram's plants too. Ya can never have enough fertilizer.....why, those plants need nourishment ta grow....don't they? 'N lots of it too.....we think yer doin' a great job....keep up the good work.

    Oh yeah, 'n thanks fer stoppin' by....

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  15. Our garden has sure changed since the pups came along. Before that we always had pretty flowers, but those pups either dig up the plants or eat the flowers. Now when Mom plants things she puts cages around them. Better plants in cages, than dogs in cages.

  16. Our mommee gets frustrated with us, too. All of her flowers are crunched down into the grass. She says she's never planting any again.

    Gus and Waldo

  17. I am sure you are forgiven, with an innocent face like that, come on seriously. Congrats on your award too.

  18. Lawn care is definitely not the strong suit of anyone in our house, so we are lucky Mom doesnt care if we mess up the yard. We water EVERYTHING!!!