Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lion City

Being TOP DOG of Dog Woods, I have much business to attend to other than Dog Woods and Cat City matters. In fact, yours dog-gedly and the Smart Cookie Snoopy also advisor to Dog Woods' TOP DOG, spent a few days in Lion City chasing down scents and sniffing out possibilities.

TOP DOG sniffing out the beautiful scintilating arrangement in the 'Hoo-tel'

I have to admit, Lion City the once hustling and bustling hub of South East Asia is really looking quite gloomy. Gone are the days where people walked about hurriedly with that purposeful spring in their steps. Now, it's all somewhat a drudgery of uncertainty.

That prevailing air of sombriety of Lion City however had not put a damper on Snoopy and this TOP DOG's adventurous spirits. Snoopy and I had loads of fun traipsing about Lion City savouring the the rich aromas, sights and sounds of the place. Incidently enough, just a stone throw where the Chief booked us to stay were a nice delicious smelling row of shops that sold only FOOD! Yum yum ... we were spoilt for choice ...

Snoopy and I relaxing slowly making our way back to the 'Hoo-Tel' (the building with red roof) by the river after a nice yummy meal

A visit to Lion City of course would not be complete with a spot of shopping which Snoopy - being female and having to propensity to shop, got her nose on the ground and sniffed out some really fantastic bargains.

That's her by a particular shop that carried a wide range of doggy beds and all a canine would ever need (which really isn't very much but since we're into shopping ...) and at a reasonable price too! You can tell how pleased Snoopy with her discovery.

Though it was only a short but fun filled busy trip with loads to see, buy and scoff down both Snoopy and I are really glad to be back at Dog Woods. There's really no place like HOME!


  1. What a great trip despite the gloominess.

  2. It's nice to get away with a friend now and then.

  3. That looked like a fun trip to Lion City - we thought perhaps there might have been some lions! We dont like shopping but it is good that you found some bargains.
    Have a nice Easter break over there in Dog Woods.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  4. Hi Tuffy,

    It looks like you had a pawsome time. :-) Happy Easter!

    Sniffs and licks,


  5. Shopping days are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Did you see any? Or buy any in that know ..Lions? Eeek. Scary.No wonder you are pleased to be back home.

    Wags, Eric xx

  7. It is always best to return home.

  8. What a pawsome trip! It sure looks like fun doing the shopping thing with Snoopy.


  9. We have a Food Lion grocery store in the end of town where Mom works....

    I hope woo didn't spend too much!


  10. Sounds like you two had a pretty good time.


  11. My nose would have led me to some cookies!

  12. omdog did you buy anything?? I need a new dog bed, Tanner keeps stealing mine!