Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas came early this year ...

You could say, Christmas came early this year for the Dog Woods Pack ...a box of recommendedly robust looking toys arrived in Dog Woods from Singapore last week.  I suppose you could call them a spoilt lot - having their toys specifically imported from the next country ... thing is, we're down to our last Holey-Moley Ball (I bought them FOUR this year - the other three are no longer safe to play with - with bits almost falling off) and not one of the pet shop in the country now have them in stock! 

While the pet shop do sell some toys, but at the rate the Dog Woods Pack goes through them - shredding 'em before you can holler 'Nooooo!'  ... you think it's simply not worth even the buy.  The problem starts when they decide to swallow the bits that ends up blocking their digestive system ....

So far, it's only been Joe who'had his digestive system blocked and unblocked (via surgery) ... although he recovers soon enough and is always game for a game of fetch, having to go through the experience of surgeries and recovery with Joe is enough for us to be wary and more selective of toys for the pack.

While ideally I would have liked to get hold on a few more of them Holey Moley balls - they being suited for both big and small dogs.  The selection of robust looking toys that arrived in the Dog Woods Pack toy was met with much enthusiasm.  Joe's been happily snorting with approval with his TuffTire.  It's since replaced his Holey Moley Ball in his game of fetch.  Being a Rottie, he's not let Trixie even near his precious new tyre - not if he can help it!

The Basset and the Furkids however prefer the small mesh ball (which needs to be kept away from Joe just incase he decides to swallow it whole!) being similar to their favouirte Holey Moley. Admittedly, the TuffTire is a little to bulky and heavy to play tag with but that's not stop the Furkids from chewing on toy.  Unlike Joe, they're a little uncertain on how to 'play' with tyre.

Because the toys are not readily available (forced to import and you're not certain too whether they will be in stock) , I'm forced to 'ration'  them.  One type of toy each at a time and they have to 'share'  - (which am afraid, dogs are not very good at) ... but I get them to chase toy so everyone gets to play along ...

So here are some photos of the the toy hoggers ... enjoying their moment with their new toy before I come along and make 'em work for it.  ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rehoming Donny


I meant to write about rehoming Donny but as you can tell I've been slacking the last couple months in my blog postings. 

Yes, Donny and the rest of the pack had some issues.  Once nursed back to health, he had the tendency to bully the lot into subservience.  It was not only dominant posturing but snarly show of teeth, intimidating growls which usually end in major fights.

And it wasn't very pleasant at times - having to break up fights at least once a day.  It got to a point where I had to put Donny on a long leash while the rest of the pack were out.  He would protest of course, they being able to roam about free while he was only given a 20ft diameter range to roam.  The others, both Bassets and the Furkids especially having learnt their lesson would stay at least 21ft away from Donny or risk being attacked. 

While Donny seems to have a soft spot for Trixie - mainly because she's female and look most like him.  However, the feeling wasn't mutual.  She's snapped back at him telling him to back off and knowing Trixie ... she does a mean snap when she wants to make a point.  The only time she doesn't snap is when she has something to hold in her mouth - which explains why in most action shots, Trixie is holding on to something.  Look at poor Anna for instance.  I no longer them Anna and Trixie play together for fear of another bloody confrontation.  The last time resulted in Anna having stitches in her frong leg 'elbow' and having to be on a course of antibiotics to prevent infection and inflammation!

While that's Trixie's capabilities to inflict grevious injuries.  There also Joe to be reckon with.  The Rottie is not known to like to share - esp. his toys.  I taught Donny, with his months being with us, how to fetch and he discovered, he liked the game.  Only he wasn't allowed to play fetch while Joe is playing fetch - the Rottie will run any dog or pup down - even Trixie's cowed.  And Donny being a newcomer doesn't know the rules of the Dog Woods Pack just yet and I wasn't going to risk having the new boy torn apart over a game of fetch.  Which lead to him being confined to the crate whenever Joe and Trixie were out on their daily game of fetch-snatch until one fine evening Donny learnt how to open his crate door (for some reason all the dogs in Dog Woods seem to have acquired knack of opening doors) and let himself loose.

He seemed to get on with the bigger dogs just fine but would pounce on the poor Bassets plodding about.  And you know how it is with dog fights.  The minute one starts, the rest wants a bite too.  No joy.  Can't possibly have water hose on standby all the time to spray down fighting dogs. 

I found Donny a nice home with a family of two girls.  They both seem to get along.  Apparently the  man of the house is so taken to Donny, he even puts him to bed come bedtime.  He's also very impressed that Donny doesn't need to have a leash when taken on walks.  He'd automatically walk at the same pace as his human.  In the event he goes off following an interesting scent, he'd always come when called.  And as for his fear of storms, he gets to spend his stormy days cowering in the living room of his new home.  Hopefully he doesn't do much harm to their furniture!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pinkest of Health ...

Spoke too soon about the Furkids learning to respect boundaries ... this morning while feeding the pack their breakfast, I discovered that Brandi was outside the gate - sheepishly looking to be let back in! Was a little worried that Dexter may have sneaked out too since he was no where to be seen, but being a little less adventurous and street wise, but after calling for him, he appeared looking abit groggy.  I reckon I must have woken him from his sleep and being a sweet pup as he is, he simply had to come when called. 

I suppose now that Brandi is back in the pink she has the energy to be up too all sorts of mischief.  While am glad she's recovered, am not too thrilled she's managed to find her way out - yet again.  Quite glad that Tubby's in the confined to his play pen area. 

As i write this, I've just discovered that Tubby's  now gone with Dexter as his sidekick... *sigh* The puppies or rather 'teenagers' are simply bent on going out. At this age, I  reckon the boys are looking for 'girlfriends' ...honestly dealing with sick lethargic pups is possibly less worrying than adventurous ones - who disappear into the bushes the minute they find a weakness in the fence!

Must go check fence ..... and wait for them to return.  :p