Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snoopy's Bow-wows


Me be Snoopy - the Smart Cookie. I've given Tuffy notice that from now onwards, I would paw my nibble worth of bow-wows - at least a couple times a week.

Tuffy may be TOP DOG of Dog Woods but, I - Snoopy Smart Cookie am the reigning DOG WOODS PREFECT! I keep everyone in check from the TOP DOG, the Ferocious Prized Rottweiller(Joe), Intimidating Demon Dog (Anna) and Tenacious Malinois (Trixie) ...

That's what the BIG CHIEF have assigned me to do ... and I shall adoringly OBEY! *lick*lick*lick*

I may be the Shortest and Stumpiest out of the Dog Woods Pack with Fur Kids quickly outgrowing me and annoyingly bad skin, but that hasn't stop me from Prefecting my job. Size, grim looks, gender or how fast a pooch can run does not intimidate me the least bit! My deliberate, plodding presence never fails to AWE - even the TOP DOG of Dog Woods.

Furthermore, being a Basset of a few barks (compared to the very bow-wow-ful Tuffy), my Loud WOAH! Barks would stop any wayward Pack, mischevious Fur Kid or encroaching HUMAN in tracks ...

Judging from how quickly they (The Pack and Fur Kids) scuttle into deference, I daresay I am the only Canine in Dog Woods that has the unique ability to ROAR!!! Which explains why am PERFECTly effective for the Prefect ROLE.

I am however, not always this prefectly formidable. I have to admit I have a soft furry spot for my nieces and nephews - Tuffy's Fur Kids. They keep me occupied most afternoons with teaching them tricks that I've concocted and mastered .. they don't call me smart cookie for nothing!

(Pic 2.) Snoopy: 'Now Kids, if you stare at the Giant Ball hard enough the ball WILL roll..!'

(Pic.3) Snoopy instructing Fur Kids on the art of mowing : ''Legs in the Air, Back on the Ground ...think ROLLING PINS!''

(Pic.4) Sharing a cool drink after

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gardening: The Art of 'Bone-sai'

Just like the well researched gardening 'Bonsai' technique, we canines have also mastered the fine art of shaping trees, plants, flowers, shrubs into PULP. ;) Proudly, we canines of Dog Woods refer to the artful gardening technique as 'BONE-sai'!

The difference between the Human Bonsai process and the Canine BONE-sai technique however, lies in the TIME frame. Unlike the 'Bonsai' process that takes WaaaayyyToo LOooNGGgg - usually months and years to mould and shape tree or plant into desired shape (a Dog has only so much to time to LIVE!), our 'BONE-sai' technique yields almost instant results .... so long as our Creative CHEWING-ing process is NOT rudely interrupted by some unappreciative yelping Human - like the Big Chief...:p

First, choose branch/sapling/plant of choice. Affix one's Canine Pearly Whites on branch, TUG! If unable to uproot plant/shrub/sapling or tear branch from main tree, use paws and hunky body to hold down the GREEN of choice.

With Green in place, CHEW to Puppy Heart's Content!


... until Yelping Human comes along (usually hopping mad) and abruptly ends BONE-sai session ...:p


Apart from our Landscaping Talents, this be one nifty trick that EVERY Canine ought to adopt when you're upset with your Humans. It's even more effective when you're as Hunky and Tubular as I am. ;)

First you give the 'Human at fault' the Doggy POUT. :P

And IF your Human still insists on HUMAN methods or resolution, not even giving two treats worth of any BRILLIANT Canine ideas you may possess, simply apply the 'Woof-Timber!-Wooooo' to effectively shift the Bargaining Balance to the Canine's favour.

Woof No. 1 : Hunkering down on Haunches - the ready-ing stance of 'Woof-Timber!-Wooooo'

Woof No 2. : Don't be mistaken, this be No 'Sitting Pretty' Pose. It's the second stance of 'Woof-Timber!-Woooooo' - the CRUCIAL step to the ...

Woof. 3 : TIMBER-Wooooo!!!!

I assure you, that's bound to get your Human's attention ... ESPECIALLY when its done in the middle of the DOORWAY, DRIVEWAY, WALKWAY or in better still, in MIDDLE OF the ROAD! The trick is to not BUDGE (even if your human turns blue in the face calling for you to move!) unless and until your Human magically produces TREATs!
*Arf*Arf*Arf* ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Landscaping Canines

Garden Demolishers. That's what the Chief says ( and very resignedly too) about all the Hole-y Dig-Outs around Dog Woods...

Ah! But we Dog Woods pack think otherwise. We are Dog Woods Proud Landscape Architects and Garden Re-Designers! The holes dug about the various parts of Dog Woods is our latest brilliant landscape project of 'ADDing TEXTURES' to the grounds - a few holes here, a collected puddle there... a messy mud pile in the middle ... and variety of muddy patterned paw prints to-ing and fro-ing Pet project and Den (how's that for variety of 'textures'!)

We Dog Woods Canines Specialize in two areas i.e. :-

1. Snoopy on the Art of Mowing : 'Kids ... This is how we flatten greens (plants, flowers, shrubs included ...)'

2. Lolling About : Major Canine Mowing underway!

3. Sliding Fur Kid - attempting to belly flatten grass and hopefully side of hill!


4. Ongoing excavating Project to China : Fur Kids taking turns at a Dig Site

5. Fur Kid - Doing his bit of depth 'measuring': 'It's NOT DEEP ENOUGH!!'

6. Digging in Progress: Prospecting for Bones!

So! If you need any help with adding textures to your presently dull garden, Call us - Dog Woods Canine at 123-DEMOLISH. We'd be more than barkfully thrilled to fantastically MOW and EXCAVATE your neck of the Woods! For FREEEEEEeeeee!


Well, Suzuki tagged me for this award, with these instructions: "When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog”. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

Ten HONEST Things about TUFFY:-

1) I am indeed, Tubby!

2) Besides being TOP DOG, I am also Dog Wood's Casa-NOVA

3) I like leggy, tall, dark and elegant female(s?)

4) I am doggedly territorial and chew-fully possessive of my toys.

5) I like to WATER anything that STANDS from lamp posts, rubbish bins, car tyres, trees, pots, statues, chairs ... - so just to leave my mark.

6) Before I became TOP DOG of Dog Woods, I was once subservient to Joe - the prized and fierce Rottweiller (who's since become quite AWED of my progenic achievements)

7) I have NINE Furkids - hence my Meteoric Rise to TOP DOG-ness.

8) My Furkids are Half Doberman. We collectively refer to them as Tu-NA pups (Tuffy & Anna)

9) I more than ADMIRE Snoopy ...

10) Although my Fur Kids drives the wags out of me, I still love 'em to bits.

Tuffy, Lord of Dog Woods Tags :-

Monday, February 23, 2009

Canine touch

Thank you kind Fur Friends for your support - in encouragement and also offering to post some treats to help with the Die-T. The Canines of Dog Woods and I are most touched. Much licks and Wags!

Yesterday was tough. Usually weekends at Dog Woods are indulgent ocassions to Party and Chow Down! But yesterday was different. It was doggedly QUIET ... only the growls of Treat-less stomachs peppered the somber pouting atmosphere. We Canines of Dog Woods made a Big Show (to the BIG CHIEF) of it by being dogged-ly sluggish.

'Twas a pity, the 'Tired Poor Dog Routine' didn't win us emphathetic treats with the Chief (this time!). Unperturbed, the Chief went on with the usual routine to going for walks about Dog Woods and - us as always, the Dog Woods pack found our dog-selves happily trotting along ...!!

Fortunately, the gracious Canine temperment almost always work to our advantage. We simply forgive and forget our Humans' offences quickly and easily!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Die-T


I've had sneaking suspicions for the last few days now, but was much too polite to confront the Chief.

The Big Chief's craftily put canines at Dog Woods on a Diet!! She's been downsizing our meal portions. Not that we've haven't notice ...
... we're just too easily pleased. Thrilled to be fed and the noticeably smaller portions is quickly forgotten the minute we gobble down our chow!

Our treats have been substitute to the low-fat version (not that we're complaining ... so long as we've got something to chew on) ... what am dogged about is the QUANTITY of treats - that has trickled down to mere measly few!And bow-wow-wow! Does the Chief make us WORK for it. The only thing we're allowed aplenty is fresh clean water - that quenches our thirst (in our hot humid Dog Woods weather) but hardly fills the stomach.

Working HARD for a TREAT!

When this TOP DOG (strongly urged by His Loyal Pack) asked the Chief when will this nonsensical Die-t end, the Chief replied - 'only upon sightings of a WAIST LINE!' ... and a rambling something about us lot being much too Tubby! :P

What in doggy heavens, may I ask, is a waist-line'?! I - Top Dog of Dog Woods have functioned happily and perfectly without one ... I don't think my proud pack (nor I) have ever MISSED our waist lines! We certainly don't see why have all have to go on a Diet NOW!?!

It must be that dog-gone documentary the Chief's been watching ... 'Downsizing my Pet'! is VERY BAD influence. *Grrrowl*

Honestly, the lack of Waist-Line can't possibly be that bad!

But the Big Chief argues otherwise...
Just because this TOP DOG and his Proud Pack i.e. Snoopy, Anna, Joe and Trixie have grown to prosperous barrel-and -dumpling-like proportions, such as
these ---> and
doesn't mean that we're FAT! We actually think we're quite CUTE! But obviously, the Chief doesn't seem to give two treats about what we Canines at Dog Woods think!

Instead we got lectured about our health - (we're doing very well in that department, thank you very much! Can we GET OFF our diet, please?!) And how staying SLIM (we're slim enough thank you very much!) would help prevent hosts of health problems - from joint problems to heart failure!

Our barking protests have fallen on deaf ears ...*HOOOOowwwwwllllllll* And so the Die-T regime continues ...

Snoopy : Kicking up a HUGE Fuss!!

Anna : Attempting to BEG for Treats by doing the CUTE routine

Joe : No longer his grinning self since the Die-T regime began

Trixie : Trying to convince the Chief she's actually SKINNY..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cat City!

It's a city near the Equator called Kuching (Koo-Ching) which, translated into English means Cats. ..that's, gentle readers, is where the realm of Dog Woods lie! Where I, Tuffy, Top Dog, Lord of Dog Woods rule!

It may come off to many as strangely odd that I would rule in the heart of a city where Cats have reserved a right to call their own. How I got here and How Kuching got it's name is a LOooNNnnGGG story. To make the long story short, as far as I know, I was born and breed here (not sure about my parents since I can't trace them...). While Kuching got it's name from the abundance of 'Mata Kuching' (translated Cat Eye) Fruits found in the locality ...

However, unlike what the name suggests, we're NOT over run by the Feline population - nor do Cats get their eyes from Fruits. On my last check, there's no Feline as mayor (Dog Forbid!!) either .... But we do have many large feline statues planted about the city in the silliest poses - though the local Feline Population thinks otherwise; and much to the Feline pride, a Cat Museum.

So much for Cats! Give me half a chance, I'd mark all the feline statues in the city and the cat museum - but the Chief warns I would have to spend some time in Dog Prison if I attempted to 'water' the city's proud landmarks. :p
Am proud to report though that there's not a Feline within the sights of Dog Woods. Canine Rules! At least in my part of the Woods. My proud dog pack, Fur Kids and I do a very good job patrolling the territory - making sure that anything creature (who does not possess The Dog Woods' Stamp of Approval)lurking about stay OUT! As for intruding Felines, they almost always end up being chased up the trees.

Got to admit ... chasing Felines is all done in Good Fun. Very good aerobic exercise, I dare add! *wag*wag*pant*pant*pant*.

Dog Woods Routine

Picture 1: Top Dog at Play

Arf! Arf!

Found out a few days ago that computers are susceptible to falling sick ... something about 'catching a VIRUS'!

How's that possible?!

Am fit as any TOP DOG! Had all my annual shots, been de-wormed - more than a few times too ...(yuck!!)

Bet my Handsome Furry Hide it's the Big Chief that's passed on her virus to the computer - she has, after all been snifling for the last few days ... maybe we should call the Vet to fix the Chief's nose ...

The computer had to be sent away for a couple of days to recover - which left me twiddling my paw-lets after dinner. Hadn't realised what a huge part computer technology played in my Busy and Happening Canine Routine until the computer went away! *Awwwoooo000!!*

The Dog Woods Busy Canine Routine looks something like this:-

6.30 am - Stir from restful doggy slumber, Stretch.
7.00 am - Breakfast
7.30 - 9.30 am - Morning stroll, Play. Always be on look out for 'treat moments'
9.30 am - 11.30 am - Morning nap
11.30 am - 1.00 pm - Muster most pitiful doggy look and beg for Lunch (usually we're told 'In your DREAMS!!')
1.00 pm - 3.30 pm - Afternoon Snooze - to dream of the Lunch we didn't have!
3.30 pm - 5.30 pm - Afternoon rambles and Play. Look hopeful for 'treats'
5.30 pm - 6.30 pm - Dinner
6.30 pm - 7.30 pm - After dinner wrestle i.e. 'Paw-Fur-Fang'
7.30 pm - 8.30 pm - Evening 'horizontal deliberations' - to bow-wow about blog and such..
8.30 pm - 9.30 pm - Paw Blog
9.30 pm - 10.30 pm - Play ... muster last attempt to win treats by looking cute.
10.30 pm ... - Bed Time! ZZzzzzz.

Picture 2 : Dog Woods About!

Woof! What a day! Just pawing all that down is tiring! It's hard work being a Dog!

Picture 3 : Dog Nap, Dreaming of Treats

And where does this Top Dog and his proud Dog Woods pack find all that energy to get through such punishing routine?? From TREATS of course!! *Hint*hint* (Sometimes the Chief is as daft as a brick wall...:p)

Anyhoos, the computer has since returned (else I won't be able to paw this blog) . Couldn't help but cover computer with warm welcoming licks and wags - ignoring the Chief's protests - something about computer would need a hard disc overhaul at the rate I was drooling over machine ... I can't help it. I missed Pavillion (computer). Honestly, sometimes the English she speaks, is like BaBel to me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canine Intervention!

Can it be a mere coincidence? But my cool new Fur Friends from cooler climates have been panting and wagging their tails for cooler weather in Dog Woods. They must be breathing and wagging REALLY hard!! Because it’s actually a little cooler today! I bark you not

Talk about effective Canine Weather Intervention! Arroooo!!

On the downside however, there's recently been a lingering smell of burning in the air. In fact it's actually quite hazey - even in Dog Wood's green environment. It's no surprise, the Big Chief's off sneezing - again! Although she can't smell as well as this TOP DOG, her nose is able to detect the minutest change of air pressure, pollutants and humidity. In her flurry of sneezes she informs me that our 'regional neighbours are burning again!'. Something about their annual practices of 'slashing and burning' to clear land for next season's planting ...? I daresay, its not very healthy ... judging from the way the Big Chief is reacting to levels of pollutants in the air.

What strange agricultural methods these Humans practice ... why can't they just dig up the place and chew up any plants/trees of fancy - like we Canine's do?! If only Humans would give our method's a chance. They'd soon discover for themselves how fun and environmentally friendly the Canine methods are!

Even Big Chief's taken to our methods - she's been chewing and digging up her garden too! Though she insists it's called PRUNING, RE-POTTING and RE-PLANTING ... but it sure looks the same to me, though she uses gardening tools (nice and chewy too!) instead of her 'paws'.

Although my Pack, Fur Kids and I simply cannot understand why the Chief doesn't quite appreciate it when we try to help out with the chewing and digging! :p

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweltering ... :P

Heat terrible. Swelteringly humid. Terrible combination - hot and humid.

Top Dog wilting. Unable to shed thick fur coat ... can't find blasted zipper! *Grrrrr*

Embrassed to admit, constantly craving cold showers!
Will happily sit under showering hose and savour the sweet cool relief.
(BIG CHIEF couldn't be more pleased!).
So clean now, my loyal pack and I squeak whenever we trot!

If you heard us squeaking about, you'd think Dog Woods is made up of a squadron of mice instead of magnificiently Brave Proud canines!
Must acclimatize! Our egos are at stake!


The BIG CHIEF reckons the Realm of DOG WOODS and beyond has enough SUN to scorched any life to kingdom come. She's simply goes on to blame the onslaught of merciless heat and haze to our enthusiatic prancings of the 'Snuffy-Rena!'

We've been Banned!

Well, not the canines at Dog WOods, just the 'Snuffy-Rena'.

The reason being the Big Chief's pessismistic beliefs that at the rate we're merrily stomping about the Sun Dance, we'd be face with forest fires - the sort (dog-forbid) that's raging Down Under! She's even gone to the extent of pinning up horrible pictures of those poor animal victims burnt to crisp. I dog-sonally think that the pictures were a little too much... my Fur Kids are now so terrified they've refused to even twirl a jingle for fear of starting a fire!

My poor Kids have been psychologically traumatized!!

...well, you got to give it to the Big Chief for being effective in the Ban!

She's since declared that if we canines could reverse the effect (A Rain Dance - perhaps?) she'd reward us lot a Gadzillion Bones! Am somewhat flattered she thinks we Dog Woods canines have such potential brilliance and talent to discover the secrets to a 'Rain Dance' ...

... Infact, to prove how ACTUALLY great we are, and of course to win us a Gadzillion Bones - yum! yum! *smack lips*; this TOP DOG ingeniously suggested she switched on the sprinklers 24/7 for immediate cool relief.

Unfortunately, the condition is that water MUST come from the skies and not sprinklers. No Gadzillion Bones for this brilliant suggestion ... :(

Oh well, guess you win some, you lose some ... I wonder if the Big Chief would so deign to give us a cool Doggy shower ?? We sure could do with some cooling down! :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh My Darling(s) ...!

It's the Valentine's Day - a day humans celebrate LOVE and affection - so the BIG CHIEF has informed me. That explains why too many humans are selling flowers and soft toys (good enough to tear apart) by the roadsides!

Call the BIG CHieF a cynic, she's actually given us at DOG WOODS the 'green light' to chase off those flower vendoring peddlars if they ever get to close to the territory . She went on to rant about their sale is merely a guise for 'Daylight Robbery!' (Honestly, the Chief can be such STORM on anyone's parade!)
Admittedly, being of French origins with love and romance running through my veins, your dog-ship didn't initially share the BIG CHIEF's cynical sentiments ... until she so clearly illustrated that one measly (wilting) flower sold is the equivalent to the paid price of TWO packets of DOG TREATS!! That's enough to keep the ENTIRE lot of us at DOG WOODS leaping through hoops of fire just to win ourselves A treat for a couple days at least!!

Don't get your Dog-ship wrong. Canines aren't adverse to celebrating LOVE and affection. Infact, we - Basset Hounds (since l'amour runs in our blood), would jump at any opportunity to celebrate the season of LOVE!

Infact, canines at large have our own version of 'Valentine's Day' but unlike the Human's Valentine's Day which falls on the 14th of every second month of the year, the canines' valentine celebration lasts for a season of two weeks at least. What's most unique about this celebrated event is that neither of us (your DOG-ship included) can tell you exactly WHEN it is celebrated!

It all depends on a particular hormonal cycle of 'The Lady(ies) In Season'.

Since it is 'Her' prerorgative, our Valentine's Season is better known as the 'Darling(s) in Season ...'

Unlike the human material display of love and affection, we dogs aren't exactly big on gift giving nor are we good at sharing ... (don't expect a Dog to share his BONE without expecting dire civil strife!) So, naturally, our season of love does NOT include Wine-ing or any form of Dining. (Besides, who needs food when one's in deep Puppy Love?)

The Canine's Season of Love is really about loud proclaimation of undying LOVE and promises of ROMANCE that can go on for weeks and the prancing about in chase of the 'Darling in Season'. Translate that into human terms, is equivalent to marathon sessions of 'William Hung' (from the American Idol Audition) rendition of 'SHE BANGS etc.!' with similar awkward movements.

When faced to competing (chasing) suitors for the Darlings' affections, the 'Musical Festival' will then incorporate 'Wrestling Matches' (think along the lines of TNT: World Wrestling!) - sometimes leading to bouts of violence. All that, to determine who will win His Darling's affections. (Canines are really quite ORGANIZED when it comes to celebrating our Season of LOVE!)

So, Happy Valentine's Day, gentle readers. May your day be just as Happy as mine ... The BIG CHIEF gave us all two packets of dog treats -EACH! Woo Hoo!
Cynical or not, the BIG CHIEF LOVES us after all!

Stuffed after TWO packets of Dog Treats - EACH!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smelly Socks

What's wrong with smelling like the stink of unwashed human feet?! To any dog, it's deliciously aromatic and it tells a brave and adventurous story about where one'e been and what one has done. It's any Doggy's badge of Honour!

But the BIG CHIEF seems to think otherwise! She was most cross today when she caught a couple of my Fur Kids gleefully rolling about in 'FERMENTABLE Something' (discernable to the human eye by the extra rich green-ess of the garden's grass)

Woo Hoo! Did they REEK of the Smelliest Socks on the Planet! I say that of course, with the most father-ly pride! Ah! My Fur Kids sure know how to canin-ize their smells! I HAVE taught them well ... *beams*

It's a pity though that the boundaries of DOG WOODS are well guarded. Else, I'd have my Fur Kids roll in the ULTIMATE of SMELLY-NEss ... THE TRAILING FOUL JUICES of the Rubbish Truck!

If one thinks the stink of 'Smelly Feet's' been to places, they ought to try the FOUL JUICEs of Rubbish Truck. Bow-Wow-Wow! That's the equivalent to humans taking a ride to the Moon! Now that's DEFINITELY going places! Just imagine extent of potential territorial markings ... that's at least a gadzillion 'watered' telephone poles and hedges! THE ULTIMATE dog's-actualization!

Now do you, gentle readers, understand why Dogs are drawn to smelly trailings of the Rubbish Trucks? It's all about actualizing the ultimate of Canine Dreams! Acquring that ULTIMATE SMELLY-ness would make HIS or HER (Canine) FOUL-NESS be the ENVY of Canine-dom!

But alas! We in the realm of DOG WOODS have a formidable opposing Force to reckon with ... The BIG CHIEF a.k.a. SHE-WHO-MUST-BE-OBEYED and her army of sweet smelling SoapS, SHAM-Poos and par-FUMES. One roll in the FOUL Juicy Trailings of the Rubbish Truck (even if its SECRETLY done and out of the BIG CHIEF's sight) and doggies of DOG WOOD (whether TOP DOG, Favourite Smart Cookie or not) be swiftly banished to the DOG SHOWERS!

I swear, the BIG CHIEF has eyes at the back of her head! NOTHING seems to escapes her ...what's worst, her sickly SWEET SMELL-ing AMMUNITION is INEXHAUSTIBLE!

I have to admit though,the DOG SHOWERS aren't exactly a terrible experience (daresay I rather enjoy the RUB DOWN!), the DISASTER of it all is that we'd come out smelling sickly SWEET - much to the CHIEF's satisfaction.

What a WASTE Of SMELLy-NESS!! All that HARD WORK ... down the drain! It's enough to make this TOP DOG HOWL with REMORSE!

THE SNuffy-Rena!

I caught SNOOPY doing this peculiar little dance the other day. When I queried her about all that strange stomping and wriggling - she smugly told me that she was doing the 'MACA-RENA' - something she learnt while watching MTV. (Only Snoopy's allowed inside to watch telly with the BIG CHIEF. She's the CHIEF's favourite - Bah, Hum-Bone!)

Determined to be THE MOST HAPPENING DOG of DOG WOODS (I am after all TOP DOG!) if not just-as-HAPPENING-as-SNOOPY, I've instructed her to teach me the steps to the MACARENA - which is now known as 'SNUFFY-RENA'!! I am after all Lord of the Realm! And all dances have to be named by ME!

Teaching his 'DOGship' the steps to SNUFFY-RENA
Also discovered that the SNUFFY-RENA' apparently makes an effective SUN-DANCE - when danced by CANINEs. The sun's finally out after weeks and weeks of miserably wet weather - thanks to all that STOMPING ABOUT - although the BIG CHIEF had her reservations about our sudden excited stomping and hopping about !!

The BIG CHIEF's sure is pleased that the laundry gets to dry out under the sun for a change. Us doggies at DOG WOODs are also thrilled that we can now sunbathe our puppy heart's content instead of being curled up some damp chilly spot trying to keep warm.

Must make mental note to get the SNUFFY-RENA @ SUN-DANCE patented...(must ask the BIG CHIEF to recommend her clever lawyer friends!). This could be a lucrative 'CASH DOG' enterprise.

So readers of Europe(understand you have very bad cold wet spells) if you're reading this, the 'SNUFFY-RENA' (i.e. coined by Snoopy and the TOP DOG of DOG WOODS) are up for HIRE - for a reasonable price of 1 GAD-ZILLION BONES! Buena!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Sniffs and Smells and Puppy Dog's Tails

Its all about smells in our world of Canine-dom - it's how canines experience the world.

How does a dog get the neighborhood news? Through its nose! How does a dog get to know another - whether it be human or dog - again, through its NOSE! And the best spot where the wealth of smells lies... like it or not, the DERRIERE!

You'd be surprise what rich information the derriere (whether human or canine) can reveal!

Of all a dog's senses, its sense of smell is the most highly developed. Dogs have about 25 times more olfactory (smell) receptors than humans do. These receptors occur in special sniffing cells deep in a dog's snout and are what allow a dog to "out-smell" humans.

Dogs can sense odors at concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans can. They can detect one drop of blood in five liters of water! Sniffing the bare sidewalk may seem crazy, but it yields a wealth of information to any dog, whether it's the scent of the poodle next door or a whiff of the hot dog sandwich someone dropped last week.

So gentle readers, be not offended when a dog sniff's your behind. It's a canine's way of 'getting to know you'; to learn more about who you are, where you come from, where you're headed, your preferences, your tastes, your lifestyle, even your personal health history!

Therefore, think NOT our derriere sniffing as rude ... but how a friendly canines say 'How-do-you-Do and Pleased to have met you!'


This is how you do the 'Puppee-Wuppee' -

a little jingle that's taking Dog Woods by the Bone!
Sung along the popular tune of the 'Hokey Pokey' this little jingle is very popular amongst my Fur Kids and they can't seem to have enough of it ...
The lyrics are in Bold Fonts.
(Picture 1)

You put your right paw in,
(Picture 2)

You put your right paw out (Picture 2);

You put your right paw in (Back to Picture 1),

And you shake it all about
You do the Puppee-Wuppee,
(Picture 3)

And you twirl yourself around (Picture 3),
That's what it's all about!

Repeat steps with 'Left Paw', 'Back Paws','Head' Ending with 'Whole Pup In'. :)

I assure you its an effective way of keeping one's FurKids out of one's Fur - getting them occupied with dancing the 'Puppee-Wuppee'!