Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snoopy's entry...

Aroooo there good furry and fur less readers, Snoopy at Dog Woods reporting. With our Top Dog and Big Chief away, I am in charge of the pack. And yes this is yet another mobile post.

All at Dog Woods are well - up to our usual furry antics.
But this Smart Cookie is feelings very sad actually. Missing the Big Chief and Top Dog Tuffy, I am.

They left me behind!! Well actually to be honest I wasn't at all keen when when the Chief announced a grand carob hunt instead I opted for a longer snooze ...

A lady like myself needs her beauty sleeps you know... And going gallavanting in the tropics really isn't my cup of treats... Much too hots! Besides I dont like flying... I had to fly far once when I was a wee pup and I hated it. All those hustle and bustling, loud noises, cramp quaters and horrid food ... Tat if they remembered a pup needs to be fed! And worst of all one is not allowed out to take a dump or a pee!

You cant blame me for not wanting to travel... So really its my fault to choose to stay behind prefering the comforts of home to adventure...

Anywoos, how was I to know they would be gone so long?? From the sounds of our Top Dog 's last entry he and the Chief are having quite an interesting time looking for carob. All those travels... Taking them to kuala lumpur and Perth (unlike our Top Dog I know my geography) ... Although the chief has called up a few times to check on the rest of the Dog Woods pack and humans at Dog Woods...that doesnt change the fact tat I miss her so.

Infact I miss her so much treats no longer hold the same appeal. Nothing quite tastes as good without the Chief around and Tuffy to wrestle around with. Sniff... I do hopes they come back soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuffy Roams ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

TOP DOG Tuffy reporting. Am not making much progress in the mobile blogging am afraid esp. with all my recent roamings - hence the lack of blogs. I've realised that 3G and wireless conveniences are not exactly far reaching. It's also soooo much slower than conventional blogging on the computer! And yes my furry friends, your dear mommies do have a point when they complain about how difficult mobile blogging is ... I daresay its the fastest way to go blinds! :P While I seem like a high-tech furry canine on the mobile blog, I'm really struggling to see what I've just paw-ed. And don't get me started on uploading pictures on mobile blogs ...

Maybe your networks are better in your part of the world but in my country I daresay, snails slither faster than some uploads! No kidding...

Anywoos, the Chief and I are on an adventurous hunt for carob - which required the Chief having to hoist me into various human modes of transportation. From the four wheeler, to the steely winged contraption that flies, to a snake-like elongated box that runs on rails and to floating devices that whizzes around on water. II have to admit it's always initially scary whenever encountered with strange new places, sights and smells but after you get past that, it's all rather exciting.

We tooks some pictures but with this computer we're using - we cannots uploads them. The Chief and I went to visit one of the largest Pet Marts in the city of Kay-El last week and woo! where there many many things and creatures to see! There were nice colourful looking fishes, feathered friends, various species of geckos of different sizes and colour, felines and canines. They were all so adorably chas-eable but the Chief made me promise not to chase anything and I was good ... since I was a little afraid the Chief would send me to 'Boarding School' - that was also part of services the Pet Mart offered (Obedience School and Pet Hotel)! I did feel somewhat sorry for them though to be housed in all those glass cages. I wonder if they even know how delicious grass feels under one's paws?

Anywoos, we're now Down Under (where?) so the Chief tells me...where Suzuki and Scooby are. I wonder if we would have time to visit them ...? At the rate the Chief is zipping from one spot to another I doubt so ... she tells me we're going home soon, back to Dog Woods. The Chief also says, there's a bad virus lurking about the place and the safest place to be is home ... Yay, can't wait. I miss being Lord of Dog Woods and my pack.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Wonders of communication technologies: Dog Woods entry...

hello there good furry and fur-less readers! Am just amazed by the wonders of communication technologies... One can now browse and blog via mobile phones- woo! Provided that its a 3 G phone ... (watever tat means?!) To this canine its fantastic news! No need to wrestle with snoopy for the computer now that i can paw my tail blogs via the mobile phone - wch belongs to the chief of course... Because this TOP DOG has no need for such communicative devices with my super hearing and great bark ... But hmmm ... i do forsee having to wrestle with the chief for the phone ... Anywoos, this Top Dog apologizes in advance if u find my entries lack adequate formating and spelling atrocious. Blogging via the mobile phone has its limitations. As for carob cookies wch some of u good readers have requested for the recipe, the chief actually got them from a pet shop when we were visiting the lion city. She kept the best bits for last! But now wishes she cld make cookies like tat since we Dog Woods Pack wolfed down cookies all too quickly! Unfortunately too, carob is not an ingredient easily found in my neck of the woods... Nor the countries nearby. So there u have it my pioneering entry via the mobile phone. This TOP DOG will soon embark on a journey to sniff out wat be carob so the chief wont have any more excuses about running out of those delicious cookies. And once she bakes them we wld definitely post the recipe! All good things must be shared... With the exception of bones... Bow-wow-wow ! Tuffy signing off for now. Pee ess. I havent figured out how to rotate my picture on the phone yet... I hope u didnt have to strain yr necks too much.

Cookie Retreat

Hello there furry and fur-less readers,

Thank you for your kind concerns - I am certainly back to my same regally ol' treat gravitating self. Infact, the Chief's been real generous lately ... she's been feeding this TOP DOG some specially made carob & butter cookies.

Carob and Butter Cookies !

Carobs are to canines as Chocolates are to humans. It certainly is an indulging distraction and I've watched (with much drooly envy even if Chocolates are toxic to dogs) how the Chief swallowed a bar of chocolate in one sitting! Something to do with a craving - so am made to understand. I suppose with me, its a craving too ... a substituted one of unrequited love. Boo hoo!

*Sniff* I'm alright, really. Just a moment of weakness and some lingering whiffs of Anna's bewitching fragrance.

I have to say, her scent instead is gradually replaced with some noxious smelling after-smell of antibiotics which the Chief's been feeding her religiously - not once a day but twice! Honestly, if you females in heat want to repel any interested males, get your hooman to feed you antibiotics (prescribed of course by the doctor) ... it works wonders!

*Atchoo!* Excuse me. That's the new effects of Anna's scent. Makes me sneeze, she does. Anna on the other hand is back to her perky, exuberant self. And yes, the Chief's been indulging her too with carob cookies.

Okay now ... time to scuttle down to bed ... the Chief says its wayyyyy past my bed time! This TOP DOG needs his beauty sleep to look bright and charming tomorrow. Bye!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awards and such ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

I would like to thank Chase for the award he gave us last week. Am sorry I didn't acknowledged award earlier because I was rather um ... err... preoccupied. ;)

I would like to thank all the furry and fur-less new friends who have been supportive in encouraging this four leggeded's blog.

Of course, this blog would not even come to existence had it not been for the other members of the Dog Woods Pack who although have not paw their barks on the life and adventures in Dog Woods (Snoopy excluded ...), without them there would be no Dog Woods tale to regale!

This Basset Hound called Tuffy would not be TOP DOG if it were for the Dog Woods Pack!

Thank yooouuusss!

I am passing this award to :-
Scooby, Lulu& Lolly, Holly & Zac, Reilly, MLinkartha and Bailey and Dozer & Coop

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Return of the TOP DOG ...

Hello there gentle readers,
Tuffy, Lord and TOP DOG of Dog Woods is back on the blogs!

Admittedly, I am a recovering lover-holic. As you already know I’ve been rather preoccupied lately with a certain lady in season ... so much so I couldn’t do anything else but trail her about like a love sick puppy (believe you me I was definitely lurve sick) and woo-ing her with my sweet poetry and songs ....

But as all seasons come and go, my preoccupation has finally begin to wane ... Anna’s scent-ful allure is beginning to fade and well, she’s made it more than clear (ouch!) that she doesn’t want to have any more puppies ...nor does she want to even muzzle me with a 10 foot pole ... not if she can help it!!

That’s harsh but that's reality. I could be upset about it (believe you me, I was!) but life is short and, this TOP DOG has got to learn to accept the present status quo. Speaking of which, falling out of love is possibly ALOT harder than falling into love ! First, there was Denial and Isolation ...

'I feel sooooooo loneleeee....!!'

Next, Anger ...


Then the Bargaining stage where I’d pleaded, begged and conjoled Anna to reconsider ...

'Please my love ... pretty please with loads of yummy meat balls and chewy treats on top...???!'

When all that fell through, I fell into deep dark depths of Depression - good thing it only lasted only a moment or so but ohhhh, I suffered nevertheless ... I would recommend snoozing those dark moments of depression away ... works wonders!


Thank dog-ness, I’ve since learn to accept reality, all that thumping is really no good for one’s dog-esteem ... esp. When one has a TOP DOG reputation to consider ...

At peace, at last ...

I’ve since been sober for the last 6 hours and counting ... Snoopy (yes I know she’s been complaining about how I’ve been the sole source of Dog Wood’s noise pollution for the last few days ... ) and the other members of the Dog Woods pack are most relieved. Even fact they are paw-tying as I paw this blog ... celebrating the return of the TOP DOG's cool calm and collected self.
I no longer stalk Anna like an obsessed hound i.e. nose to the bum... instead I trail her at a respectful distance (for fear of having another mouthful of her sharp bite in my face) nor am I singing non-stop ... Anna’s made it clear more than once that she doesn’t appreciate my sonorous bark-songs. So, yes ... I’d like to keep it at that for a while ...

You know, Snoopy’s barking-ly right. I’m slowly coming back to my senses ... though there’s still lingering wafts of Anna’s aromatic fragrance, Anna in season is like having a spell cast on my TOP DOG self ... it was so preoccupying I couldn’t think of anything else but Anna and my determination to woo her ...

Now that the spell’s wearing off ....when was the last time I ate? I’m FAMISHED!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snoopy's Report : A Puppy-razi Account

Hello there again gentle readers,

Tuffy our TOP DOG, is rather occupied as you all already know, and so yours truly, Snoopy the Smart Cookie is still at the helm of pawing this blog.
Anna our bewitching scent-ful belle of Dog Woods is recuperating well. She's still a little tired after surgery. But the Chief's finally let her take gentle walks around Dog Woods after keeping her 'den-ridden' for since her return. Nothing like a little activity to get those healing juices pumping! She's also on antibiotics for at least a week and hates her wound being cleaned and slathered with some noxious smelling cream ... even that has not stop our very determined pup-sick TOP DOG in giving Anna a more than cursory sniff upon her walks ...

1. Tuffy's more than affectionate home coming dog-greets

2. Anna returning dog greets - check out Tuffy's cocked back pendulous ears .... he's oh-so-thrilled!

3. The love sick TOP DOG and our Dog Woods belle, Anna

4. Lauching into sonorous soppy love songs - more like wailings to us ! That's me in the background trying to shield my poor ears ...

5. The TOP DOG roped in one of his Fur Kids as 'back-up' singer ... :P If i may add, they both have alot of work to do in terms of 'harmonizing ..'

6. Anna being 'serenaded' to since her return ... you can tell from her somewhat pained expression that her patience and appreciation for such intense attentions is wearing thin ...

7. Girl POWER! That be Anna giving our love sick TOP DOG she's had ENOUGH!

Hehehehe. Permit my gleeful giggles gentle readers, but at least ONE of us at Dog Woods is effective in getting the noise to stop. The Chief unfortunately have not been very helpful in calming the noisy situation at Dog Woods since Tuffy fell into puppy-love.

8. Peace at last! The love sick TOP DOG looking rather dejected in the background ... (Hehehehe)
Okay Gentle readers, I best sign off for now and enjoy the peaceful respite while it lasts. I daresay when Tuffy finds out I posted pictures of him being thumped by the belle of Dog Woods, he's not going to be too pleased...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anna's Returned ...!!

Hello there gentle readers,

Snoopy's reporting ... since Tuffy's too busy wailing his sonorous love songs in front of Anna's den. Ah, yes speaking of which, Anna's returned. Good as new, as promised. No more worries about furry accidents ... baby sitting Tuffy's fur kids when they were little was hard work, believe you me ... there was once I had to guard a run away puppy ( who was merely 3 weeks old) determined to explore the world - but was definitely much too young since she couldn't even walk very far without wobbling ...

But I digress ! Tuffy, as I paw this blog, is still at his 'caterwauling' - I know, I know ... Tuffy's TOP DOG not a cat ... but really at the rate he is wailing it's really driving the Dog Woods pack up the wall ... what more say humans?!. Am afraid Anna still reeks of her seasonal fragrance and well, Tuffy's definitely all wrapped up in it.

It's been drizzling but boy, is thatTOP DOG determined NOT to leave Anna's crate! You got to give it to the dog for being so single mindedly dedicated!

Wait till the Anna's fragrance wear off and that TOP DOG there is definitely going to wake from her aromatic spell. Believe you me, I've seen it before ... It's as if the Emperor's suddenly discovered his not been wearing any clothes. In the Dog Wood's case, the TOP DOG Tuffy suddenly realises the silliness of camping out (rain and shine) caterwauling before Anna's den when there's alot of nice, scrumptious smelling treats out in the kitchen!

Am benefiting of course, with Anna in season. I get to eat all Tuffy's share. Woo Hoo!

But really, it's not like Tuffy not to skip meals or treats. Infact, he's known to shove me - yes, me, the Smart Cookie who taught him everthing he needed to know (talk about ungratefulness!), out of the way - when it comes to FOOD! I daresay, that's TOP DOG Tuffy's first love... eating. So fret you not Liliana ... we (Anna, Trixie and myself) call him the 'champion eater' ... he's may not be the tallest of dogs, but he's definitely one heavy dog! The Chief muttered something about having a crane to lift him - as she struggled down the stairs with him the other day ... I think she sustained some kind of back injury after that ...

Anyways ... we'll just leave the smell-bound TOP DOG to proclaim his undying puppy love until her runs out of steam or when Anna's fragrance runs out ... good thing the Chief gave me ear plugs ....

So gentle readers, if you do call by at Dog Woods and nobody answers ... yet you hear loads of heartful wailings in between happy yappings ... please understand that Tuffy is in 'toxicated' for a spell and the rest of us have plugs in our ears ....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ohhh Anna ...

Oh Anna...! Wherefore art thou my beloved Anna,

I sought you in the great green lawns of Dog Woods - sniffing high, sniffing low ...

But you were not to be seen,

I checked your crate many times
But your constant place that your lovely presence inhabits to rest lies empty
I sniffed for you in the yummy confines of the kitchen
But all I got were whiffs of the Chief's cooking - though delicious, had none of your unique fragrance!

I wailed for you throughout the Chief's Den

Yet I could not even catch a glimpse of your delightfully sharp nose that accentuates the shape of your beautiful furry face ...

I even ventured to where I am banned - to the very TOP of the Stairs and Beyond ...

But alas, my darling ... you are not to be found!

Oh Anna, my darling dearest ... I am lost without yous ...


(Snoopy : Dear Gentle Readers, Tuffy's more than a little love sick because Anna there about to go into heat ... The Chief simply had to do something about since us canines at Dog Woods are meant to be pets, not breeding animals. As much as we love puppies, we've got to be practical. We've had the fortune of a happy 'accident' last year resulting in our furry cute Dobie Hound Fur Kids. But having Anna getting preggers twice would be sheer carelessness...unless the Chief decides to go into the breeding business ... which she isn't. So Anna's being fixed as I paw this. Dog Woods can handle only so many four legged-ed without driving each other crazy ... humans included! We hope Anna comes back soon)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh Nooossss....!!

Furry and Furr-less Friends ...

...Anna's been caged!

You may all be wondering gentle readers, what be her crime? She's always had the sweetest and most affectionate of dispositions. I daresay, she's the Chief's pet for sure. When they're both walking about Dog Woods, you can be sure Anna's right by the Chief's side.
Infact, am also somewhat puzzled what is to be her crimes. If it's because she reeks a certain aroma that drives any full blooded male dog amorously wild then honestly, them humans have got it ALL wrong! Them humans really worry too much ... what's so wrong with a little romp in the bushes? The last season we ended up with puppies which the Chief clearly adores.

Arwoooooooooo!! The poor thing all caged up... but I suppose on the bright side, Anna's now caught in a spot, which leaves me the great opportunity to do some unique Tuffy-ness serenading. I have actually quite an extensive list of lurve songs ... (they don't call me Dog Woods Casanova for nothing - all proclaiming my undying puppy love!


"Ohhh, Anna! Shall I compare thee to a sunny tropical day?Thou art more lovely and more temperate.Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May ...woof? arf? "

GRRruff! ... what's all these?! This simply cannot do! My Fur Kids jumping onto the act! How they dare they? Distracting this TOP DOG in midst of his fabulous sonorous love-songs?!

And why are they loading Anna's cage into the back of the white van?

*Snoopy : Whoooaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! You block head they trying to break their Mama free!*

You knows, there's something about that van that smells suspiciously familiar ... Arrroooo! Where are they taking Anna?!?

*Snoopy : Woooaah!! Woooaaahh! Grrrrr... bad V-E-T! Baaaaddddd V-E-T!*

Where Anna goes, I go to! Come back!! Driver, if you would drive a little slower for me to catch up *huff-huff*puff-puff*

Annnnnaaaaaaa!!!! My darling .....

*Snoopy : Honestly...!! *rolls eyes* When that TOP DOG there is in love his common sense ceases takes a holiday ...*

Oh, I say ... all these physical exertion is making me really tired ... I declare I shall take a nap. When I awake, with renewed strength and vigour, Anna my love, I shall find you! And if it means venturing to thhe ends of Dog Woods and into the heart of Cat City, I would bravely go (where no Dog Woods Canine have ever gone before!)

Zzzzzzzzzz ...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Schmoopee Whoopee!

Hello there good furry and furr-less readers,

It's me Snoopy taking the blog for today. Let me share with you my passion for 'Do-Ga!'.

As you probably don't know (since his TOP DOG-ness is constantly hogging the computer), I am a very keen 'Do-Ga' practitioner. Infact, part of my daily routine consists of 'Do-Ga' movements ... making me the most flexible of the four-legged inhabitants of Dog Woods. Which I daresay, Tuffy there would beg to differ since he being the TOP DOG simply has to TOP any of our claims.

Anywoos, these be a range of movements I've simply concocted myself. I call it the 'Schmoopee Whoopee!' (after myself, of course!) a special range of 'Do-Ga' movements that not only gives the body an overall work out but focuses particularly on those less than used muscles 'the derrier!'.

First, in a sitting position, take a deep breath. Inhaaalllleeeeee!!! Exxxxxxx-haaaalllleeee! Repeat three times then gradually left your left hind leg. Don't forget now to breatheeee...inhallleeee, exxx-haaallllee

Second, with left paw slightly lifted, lift now your right hind leg as your left hind leg is pointed heavenward. All your weight now should like on your right front paw. As you feel the stretch of your back and bum muscles don't forget to breathe! Inhaaalllleee, Exxxx-haaallllee .....!

Third and final step. With both front legs firmly placed on ground for support lift both back hindlegs and hold long enough to say 'Schmoopee Whoopee!! THREE times before relaxing the pose and returning back to sitting position.
Practice that daily and you'd have a butt as cute as mine. Okay now. Bye!
Snoopy signing Out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yet Another ...

...Award! This time, the Roses Award by Checkers - an honour which I on behalf of the Dog WOods Pack, graciously accept. My many many thanks. Big sloppy kisses and many enthusiastic wags!

Coincidently, Dog Woods was once upon a time ago known as Rose Woods until we canines came along and uprooted the rose bushes. No, them thorns were not a deterrent at all. Infact, they made quite nifty tooth picks and back scratches.

Now, gentle readers, you get a clearer picture why the Chief gotten more than upset when we Dog Woods Pack decide to lend a paw in the garden works. She honestly was hoppin' mad. Sqawking unlady-like profanities that really ought to have her sentenced to the 'naughty corner'.
Apparently, we've all been made to understand, it's not easy to grow roses in the tropics ... they were doing surprisingly well until we furry canines came along.

Note the empty flower beds ...

But like us canines at Dog Woods, the Chief doesn't dwell on past grievances for too long. So, roses no longer grow in Rose Woods ... but both canines and humans at now, Dog Woods are thrivingly happy. And the secret? A very short term memory and readiness to forgive.

We've all adapted. The Chief and her landscaping works especially. She no longer harbour Hampton Court's dream of an immaculate formal garden. Instead, the landscape at Dog Woods, as you can now see (from the many various pictures), consists of very low maintenance grass and flowering shrubs which we can dig and and they WILL easily grow right back ... with the exception of the dead tree that this TOP DOG has been faithfully 'watering' daily.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Second Honest Scrap Award

Well Honey has given me the Honest Scrap Blog Award (my second actually!), I'd have to tell you TEN more honest things about my TOP DOG self :-

1) The Dog Woods Pack began with Joe as THE Alpha Male and Snoopy as the Boss. Snoopy who was a little older than I was then, was alot bigger wee puppy me then. Determined to catch up with her I made sure I ate all my meals and Snoopy's and begged the Chief for more treats in between ....

2) Snoopy taught me all the tricks I needed to know. In fact, she was my 'doggy guru' ... she's not called Smart Cookie for nothing!

3) I was once petrified of Joe. When we were all let out to play Joe, Snoopy and Trixie would romp happily about while I was too scared to even twitch my jowls!

Joe at Large! Recovering scars : Legacy of Joe

4) The reason for my Joe-the-Rottie-Phobia was because Joe had thumped be a few times. Real bad too (boo hoo!) I learnt then never to toy around with Joe's bone or whatever he deems his.

5) Anna's arrival and later the Fur Kids herald my rise to TOP DOG-dom. With sheer numbers siding yours this TOP DOG, I have since overcome my phobia of Joe-the-Rottie and now strut about Dog Woods in Lordly confidence!

6) Despite my rise to Alpha Male, TOP DOG of Dog Woods, I'm still a little awed by Snoopy and Anna ...

7) I am very protective of my toys and won't even let any pup or human near edgewise!

Keeping precious ball close while the Dog Woods' TOP DOG snoozes upside down

8) I RUN only when there's something or someone interesting enough to chase. Other than that I take slow deliberate regal steps ...

Dog Woods' TOP DOG strutting his stuff ...

9) I like taking showers. Better still I like being dried by towel after the shower!

10) I'm scared of heights. I used to follow Snoopy up the stairs and discovered I couldn't leg it down even with all the Chief's promises of treats and conjoling. The only way down was to have me carried down with my facing the top of the stairs. That way I don't get worried and start struggling. I've since been banned from going upstairs ... the Chief says am no longer carry-able!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Greetings

To My Gentle Furry and Fur-Less Readers,

The Chief took a rare picture of the Fur Kids sitting in a semi circle and yours the Smart Cookie, Snoopy said it would make a great cover for any Dog Woods Greeting.

And so here it is ... our very own Dog Woods produced Easter Greeting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Highlights and Down Lights of Lion City II

Arf! Arf!

Posing by the Mer Lion - secretly pleased to have marked Lion with pee. (Shhh, don't tell the Chief ...)

Am afraid to disappoint my gentle readers but Lion City like Cat City is not teeming with lions ... It would have been great to be able to come home to Dog Woods regaling tales to the rest of the pack of how this TOP DOG and his trusty, smart side kick cornered a Lion or two and marked them out with the unique masculine TOP DOG scents of Dog Woods, but am afraid all we did was do what all laid back tourists would do, eat, shop and walk about and sniffed out and secretly marked (whee!!) the statue of the Lion City's infamous 'Mer-Lion'.

Furr-arr-wees ... begging to be whee-ed!

But I dare say, this be the highlight and downlight of my visit:- A couple of Furr-arr-wees parked in the Hoo-tel parking lot.

Hightlight because them bright beauties were screaming to be marked by this TOP DOG. As I was moseying over to get a closer sniff at these Furr-Arr-Wees and of course lift a leg to stamp my unique mark of TOP DOG of Dog Woods on those shiny wheels, the Chief (who was also our chaperone) barked a resounding-fog-horn-loud 'NOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!'

Had it not been the loudness of her 'No' that jolted this TOP DOG out of his urge to stamp the owners of those Furr-Arr-Wees at least a couple of pee-mail each and the stares her yell drew, I would have done the deed for sure! Talk about the lost of bright red opportunites ... Ohhh, to have been able to mark those Furr-Arr-Wees would have definitely been something to bark home about. Now its only a mere 'downlight' ... :P

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lion City

Being TOP DOG of Dog Woods, I have much business to attend to other than Dog Woods and Cat City matters. In fact, yours dog-gedly and the Smart Cookie Snoopy also advisor to Dog Woods' TOP DOG, spent a few days in Lion City chasing down scents and sniffing out possibilities.

TOP DOG sniffing out the beautiful scintilating arrangement in the 'Hoo-tel'

I have to admit, Lion City the once hustling and bustling hub of South East Asia is really looking quite gloomy. Gone are the days where people walked about hurriedly with that purposeful spring in their steps. Now, it's all somewhat a drudgery of uncertainty.

That prevailing air of sombriety of Lion City however had not put a damper on Snoopy and this TOP DOG's adventurous spirits. Snoopy and I had loads of fun traipsing about Lion City savouring the the rich aromas, sights and sounds of the place. Incidently enough, just a stone throw where the Chief booked us to stay were a nice delicious smelling row of shops that sold only FOOD! Yum yum ... we were spoilt for choice ...

Snoopy and I relaxing slowly making our way back to the 'Hoo-Tel' (the building with red roof) by the river after a nice yummy meal

A visit to Lion City of course would not be complete with a spot of shopping which Snoopy - being female and having to propensity to shop, got her nose on the ground and sniffed out some really fantastic bargains.

That's her by a particular shop that carried a wide range of doggy beds and all a canine would ever need (which really isn't very much but since we're into shopping ...) and at a reasonable price too! You can tell how pleased Snoopy with her discovery.

Though it was only a short but fun filled busy trip with loads to see, buy and scoff down both Snoopy and I are really glad to be back at Dog Woods. There's really no place like HOME!