Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lampshade Pooch = Tubby Jr.

Arroooo rooo there good furry and fur-less readers,

We've been getting many queries about who the lampshade dog is from the video.

It's none other than Tubby Jr. - upon his return from the V-E-T. As the Chief reports, he no longer sports his collar - thanks to his ingenious escaping skills! So, we thought we'd interview the little escape artist extraordinaire to find out what it's like with a collar and where he's hidden it.

Top Dog (TP) Tuffy : Hello there son! How does it feel with that ridiculous collar gone?

Tubby Jr : Wrooofff! Vonderful! I can fina-wy feew the wind in me y-ears! Made yum-yum time pweety tough - darn colla kept getting in me ways ... altho I dar say it was quite usefool getting other dog-gees and humans out of me way ...

TP Tuffy : You were much laughed about both by the rest of the Pack and humans when you returned from the V-E-T, how did that make you feel?

Tubby Jr : Tewwible!! Havin' that bad lamp-sad colla somehow ampwified their teasing ... But! I gots backs by banging into them and pwetending I don't know nothing ... *snickers*

TP TUffy : So son, we're all curious ...where or what did you do to that ridiculous collar of yours?

Tubby Jr : I ates it of course! *burp* Along with me stitch-ies. *bleach* You knows Dad, plastic is vewy vewy appetizing ... you should tries it sometimes ...

TP Tuffy : You ate it?! You gots to be kidding!

Tubby Jr : But I didst too ... that's the only way the Chief would NEVER find that howwid lamp-sad colla and puts it back on!

TP TUffy : Am not sure eating plastic was the wisest thing to do ...

TUbby Jr : But it was the best-est sowultion then! The Chief was smart enough to find where me hids the colla the fwist time ...

TP Tuffy : Errr ...You knows son, next time you could chew the collar to shreds ... If you can't get to it, ask your brothers and sister to help. Am not sure what's going to happen to that tum-tum of yours with plastic bits sitting in there ...

Tubby Jr : Fwet you not Dad, I have an iron casted stomach ... that bad lamp-sad colla is now composting in vawious parts of Dog Woods ...
*Tubby Jr smugly trots off*

TP Tuffy : Ohhh ... I don't know if the Chief would like to hear that ...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Video Wednesday

Monday, July 27, 2009

Little LampShade Boy / Mr Hou-dit-it ...!?!

Hello there!

It's the Nurse reporting. Or Missy as the locals here call nurses.

The dogs are on the mend. I don't think many of them realise that they 'sporting' boo-boos. I say sport, because they seem to be blissfully unaware of their wounds until I come along and head lock 'em (for the not so cooperative ones) or conjole and sweet talk the others that can be persuaded. It's a good thing I only have to corner and 'head-lock' only one...

That's, little Mr Hou-dit-it. Or Tubby Junior. The little escape artist who came home with a huge deep cut on his hind leg.

Little LampShade Boy ...

He came back from the Vet a couple days ago sporting a collar. Yes, the lampshade collar. I've been teasing him calling him 'little lampshade boy' until this morning when I discovered he had ditched his lampshade ... only to find it much later in the evening in the furthest corner of Dog Woods.

He was such a klutz with a collar on banging into all sorts of things - legs, dogs, gates, fences, trees ... it would have been funnier if it weren't so painfully annoying being rammed from behind by the 'lampshade boy'. Honestly, how he got through the two fences with his lampshade collar to the far end of Dog Woods is still a mystery!

The dog's a canine Hou-dit-it version of Houdini!

It's a good thing his exit out of Dog WOods have since been blocked - by boulders (This Missy also doubles as Dog Woods of ministry of works and maintenance).

And that's NOT the extent of little Mr Hou-dit-it's one night, he's also managed to unravel the Vet's good stitches! And now the wound is gaping gash once more. On the bright side, it's drying up - no more bloody runs. But on the down side, am appalled. Not knowing whether I should sent the boy for another round of stitching (yes Martha and Bailey, the Vet's really building his mansions at Dog Woods Pack's expense!) or to just leave it at that of course, with daily tending of his wounds.

Stitch no more!

... along with the rest...

The older dogs, Joe, Anna and Trixie are mending very nicely. Which am glad. Dried up scabbing wounds are a good sign. At least from this 'Missy's' point of view. ;)

So, Trixie MUST always carry something in her mouth whether it be bottle or ball. Joe must have his ball and no one (four leggeded) else will even get sniffingly close without suffering some sort of warning (with the exception of yours truly).

And Anna ... well, Anna is a tricky one. She has her moods. While she's the sweetest Doberman with this Missy, she's not a dog to be crossed - at least amongst the Dog Woods Pack. At the rate she's going whooping the rest into shape - yes including the Rottweiller Joe, I dare say she's the Alpha Female of Dog Woods! (Don't tell Tuffy though ... he likes to think he's Top Dog)

The Dog Woods Pack dynamics are forever evolving ... but first and foremost, I have to deal with little Lampshade-(less) boy or Mr Hou-dit-it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's all an injurious phase ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

It's not always fun and pawties at Dog Woods - although our pictures and videos always seem to show us up to all sorts of poochie mischiefs. ;) We've had our share of boo-boos too ... it's a good thing nothing too serious.

Joe & Trixie : In for their daily dose of Fetch-Snatch with Donny on tow

First there's Joe ... who loves playing the game of fetch whom Trixie would almost always attempt to snatch from. Sometimes, it gets a little rough. Trixie especially - being of sheepie descent, tends to give Joe a nip whenever he beats her to the ball.
Sometimes she really doesn't know her strength and well, ol' Joe is now nursing a wound on his side which the Chief attends to daily, cleaning, dressing, giving his medicine - not that he's noticed it much ... since give him a ball and he'd forget even his food! That's how much Joe loves his ball and the game of Fetch!

The only way the Chief can stop Trixie from nipping Joe in frenzied excitment is to give her something to hold in her mouth ... another ball. But she'd still chase Joe and his ball with ball in her mouth!
The Chief reckons, the only way is to stop anymore of these injuries happen is to stop them from playing together completely ... which is really a shame ... because they do get on very well with each other if only Trixie could contain her bitey-excitment a little ...

Tubby and his teary eye

Then there's mischievious little Tubby the Fur Kid who seemed to have gotten himself in all kinds of fixes lately. The other day the Chief noticed him 'winking' - which is odd because dogs don't usually keep one eye shut unless well, they're yours-doggedly TOP DOG of Dog Woods who wants to be on top of things even if am snoozing!
While she was fixing Tubby's teary eye over the last few days with some ointment from the V-E-T, Tubby turns up waiting outside the main gates of Dog Woods (apparently he did another escape one evening while the Chief was out and was waiting to come back in!) with a deep gash on his left hind leg. The Chief was most alarmed esp. with the amount of blood pouring out of Tubby wound. Our brave FurKid however, was alot less worried about his wound until the Chief had him cornered to treat injury.

Anywoos, Tubby as we speak is at the V-E-T getting his wound stitched up. The Chief hopes he comes back with a cone - a sort of deterrent in escaping through the fence while the Chief combs Dog Woods' for Tubby's secret escape route.

Which brings us back to Trixie whom the V-E-T also had to attend to because she discovered to be painfully hobbling about yesterday morning. Not quite sure what was her problem under all that fur, whether it was muscular? a bone dislocation or a hidden wound, the Chief had the V-E-T also look into Trixie's boo-boo along with Tubby.

Which leads us to Anna who's found to be sporting a gash wound behind her left ear (which was looking oddly droopy) and a small gashes on her neck - which the Chief didn't notice until AFTER the V-E-T's visit. Anna's wounds since been attended to ....
The Chief has concluded from Trixie and Anna's injuries, that the two of them probably got into a fight the night before (only dog knows about what) and Trixie lost. Which explains the Pixie's mournful, morose limping look ... while Anna's was a little more stoic about her boo-boos.
Inspite of their boo-boos, Trixie, Anna, Joe and Tubby apart from seeking a little more attention from the Chief, is really their normal energetic selves.
The Chief's paranoid about potential devopment of maggot wounds or anything else potentially horrid, is probably more stressed about their boo-boos than they are!

But well, we dogs heal. Fair quickly too. We gentler bassets have reminded the Chief that it's all merely an 'injurious' phase ...!
But really the Chief argues, why must we all get injured at almost the same time!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello there good furry and fur-less readers!

Fur kids : Wally and Brandi (with tongue sticking out)

We've been really busy lately - with the above mentioned. Yes, it's simply much too hot in our neck of the woods ... actually to be specific, it's been down right humid. So much so we - including the Fur Kids (this is a FIRST) have been imploring the Chief for showers! Woo0 ....

The thing about the heat is that it simply sucks the energy out of any canine (or human)! It's only natural that our play sessions these days are much shorten while our snooze hours extended.

The Chief's been real busy too lately - mending fences. Literally. She and another Dog Woods Staff been poring over certain sections of the fences trying their best to patch up holes. The Chief describes, "... it's rather like 'patch work sewing' but with wire mesh ... "

The reason for our Chief's recent fencing concern is that a couple of our Fur Kids are escape-artists-extraordinaire. Young (and rather unruly) Brandi and TUbby, have successfully been finding weaknesses in both (yes we have TWO!) inner and outer fences.

Just yesterday Brandi and Tubby, inspite of their stubby little legs were seen chasing some poor fella. We don't know which human was more stressed, the poor fella that was being pursued, or the Chief!

Good thing he could run - way lot faster than they could! Although the chase - from the Chief's point of view, was not so much a malicious 'Got-to-get-a-taste-of-your-flesh' kind of chase more of the "Boy! this is fun! The-territorial- I'll-chase-you-right-out-of-my-woods!" either that or, "When-I- run -out- of- steam!" - which for once, the Chief was thankful it was hot & humid and our Fur kids ran out of steam soon (-er) enough ...

Irregardless of what the puppers' motivation for a chase, the Chief is not at all keen for another incident like that to happen again! We don't think we'd see the poor fella walking by our neck of the woods for a while either ....

Anywoos, we've got whiff that the fencing is to be replaced. 'About time too ...!' mutters the rather stressed out Chief. Apparently getting people to come and do the fencing has not been easy either ... it's either the reputable ones are having trouble retaining their staff (because business have been bad) or simply preoccupied with minimal staff in their present project ...

We leave you with another video - this be one of the older videos - judging from how small the pups were! We simply got to get the Chief to take more recent videos of our cute furry selves.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog Woods Video Test

Hello there!

We're testing out posting video via You Tube. Not sure if it'll work. But here goes!

And we found this video on You Tube and liked it very much!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Howlin' Good Time ...

Arrrooooo there good furry fur-less readers,

We would have liked to post a video of the Chief performing her ditties to us very appreciative canine audience but alas, we haven't quite figured out how to do that yet... maybe one of you clever readers could give us a few pointers or two?

We also can't help but agree with Jake and Fergie that 'life without music would be a mistake' - no matter how simple or silly made-up tunes turn out to be. The Chief tells us that when she was a mere pup a little older than our Fur Kids she used to have pet chickens and she would sing to them too! But she tells us we're her most appreciative audience so far (but of course! we canines have larger appreciative capabilities than them bird brains!)

On some special occassions, she'd end her ditties with a howl (for a human she can do quite a good doggy howl) just to get us to howl along! Awwooooo-wooooo-woooo-wooo! Normally, it's the wailings of sirens (the ambulance or police) that would set us lot howlin' ... Awooowowowowoooo! But really, it's not quite as howlin' good fun as awooowooo-ing with the Chief!

She admits as much as she enjoys howlin' along with all of us, she says its not exactly an accepted behaviour - for both humans and canines. Apparently, there's a superstition in our part of the world that a dog's howl is an ominous sign of things to come.

The Chief of course, isn't the superstitious sort ... else she wouldn't add in a howl or two to her ditties. But there's also the rest of the Dog Woods Humans and the neighbours to consider - so to keep the peace on our neck of the woods, we keep our howlin' sessions to the bare minimum. But of course, there's no limit to our Chief's silly made-up dittys!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Silly Songs

Hello there furry and fur-less readers,

We don't know about your two legged-eds but our Chief have a ditty little habit (not dirty) which is really quite amusing. If she thinks we're silly, you should spend time with her to note she's equally silly - if not sillier to sing about our silliness!

At anytime she's with us, she would (whether unconsciously or not) start humming her a tune, some times an old tune from songs she grew up with or a tune she'd make up on the spot. Almost always, the dittys are about either one of us and our quirks.

I daresay, we've all grown quite fond of our songs. Infact, we like the fact that it brings out each and everyone of the Dog Woods Pack 'Star Quality'

Our all time favourite is 'Tuffy Boy and Poo-Pee Girl or Joey boy and Trixie girl or Tubby boy and Brandi Girl '. It's a repeated tune that reminds most humans of the children's nursery rhyme the 'Londong Bridge is Falling Down'. But ours ends with 'My fair dog-gies!' *giggles*

There's one about Anna-Nananananaaa, the Banananaaaa ....which Anna absolutely loves! You can tell by the way she beams every time the Chief sings that to her!

Then there's that ditty about our boys leaving their pee-mail. If you heard her humming you'd think she was humming the chorus of the popular Christmas carol 'Oh Christmas tree!' except the song goes on like this :-

'Oh Tubby boy, Oh Tubby boy - Showerer of Dog Woods' Dustbins!' ... and something about having to clean up after him because of the stink ... :P

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Miss Clickety- Clack

Hello there!

It's Ms Clickety-Clack the Smart Cookie, Snoopy. That's what the Chief's taken to address my cutie-patootie-self ever since the growth spurt of me nails (thanks to all that horizontal meditation!) and the fact that I've not been very cooperative whenever the Chief tries to clip me nails.

I rather like being Ms Clickety-Clack. It adds character to my walk. Kinda like the Chief whenever she puts on her tall Clickety-Clack shoes (which she assures me is not very comfortable although it's cosmetically pleasing to the eye!).

So Clickety-Clack I go about Dog Woods. The clickety-clack of nails especially on the concrete floor heralds my arrival. Very useful if I want something, like a treat or two from the humans but not very good when I want to sneak up on a fellow pack member. :P

Yesterday however, the Chief decided to give me a pedicure and a manicure. She was smart this time around - she had me cornered so I couldn't clickety-clack any where. After the initial struggle, I decided that it was better to cooperate, which pleased the Chief immensely. I found, to my surprise that a pedicure and a manicure was really all quite relaxing - and snoozed throughout the Chief's clear struggle to clip me nails.

In my collection of restful fourty (thousand) winks, I could have sworn I heard the Chief gruntingly complain they (me beautiful long clickety clack nails) were hard as NAILS! Her humans paws were sore from all the effort of trying to shave them short.

Well! Nobody asked her to clip 'em. I was rather fond of 'em ... !

Am no longer Ms Clickety Clack for now - but I will be when they grow right back! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few spots of bother ...

Hello there good furry and fur-les readers,

We had a spot of connection problem recently. The Chief suspects, the thunder storms that we've been getting fried some of the internal wirings. Anywoos. We're much pleased that it's all fixed now ... our telecom service is really improving! :)

The Chief is back to her ol' self. She's much too busy managing us lot and running Dog W0ods on her own to dwell on bygones. We be much pleased we're getting our dose of affection and attention... however on the down side, she's on a ' fumigating' mode.

Pesky TICK !
She found A tick on Fur Kid Brandi yesterday - possibly legacy of her great adventure last week.

Itching Brandi

The Chief being Chief, decide it was nobel cause to get rid of not only that ONE tick but also to repel and kill all ticks, fleas and blood sucking parasites - presently discovered or to be discovered. We poor Dog Woods Pack suffered the noxious (makes us sneeze) spray of Kilpest! No joy, I tell you.

Honestly, what is ONE tick compared to a gadzillion bacteria and microbe that's ever present on our environment?! No disinfectant can ever get rid of 'em. We honestly think the Chief's paranoid ... but our human has her own arguments. Which we unfortunately, simply cannot rebut. She said, we'd be healthier in the long run. No itchy bouts, no passing of ailments and diseases ... and so we grudgingly relent. Not that we're given choice ... :P

Fumigation only happens if and when it's required - however, we canines rather it NEVER! If that's not bad enough, there's also Chief's Bug-Free spray that keeps all manner of flies and mozzies away ...

Really... if we were all brave enough we'd secretly bury all of the Chief's noxious sprays - but it's so intimidatingly foul (to us canines that is) that not one of us want to paw or even lick those bottles - not even if we were bribed with treats! :P

Suppose in the long term, we stand to gain? That's what the Chief assures us ... So we'd grit our toothies and bear it out .... *atchooo!*

Friday, July 3, 2009

Once bitten twice shy ...

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers!

We Dog Woods Pack been busy - keeping a close eye on our Chief. We have been behaving ourself real good and providing furry good company to our still furious Chief. (We can sniff the simmering of her blood everytime her she remembers what had just happened). But being furry cute and adorable, we do our best to provide healthy distraction from her angry thoughts.

We got her to put her feet up and relax We gave her much affection and reminded her that we love her with our charming drooly smiles and happy waggedly tails - even if she feels like a total ee-jit who's been taken for a ride and is still reeling from appalling twisted behaviour of someone she thought she could trust.

Big drooly smiles and happy waggedly tails

Joe playing with the Chief

So far our charms and good behaviour is working wonders.... our Chief is nearly back to her ol' self - just a little wari-er. "Once bitten twice shy" - she admits. She tells us she prefers us four legged canines (even if we sometimes drive her up the wall with our creative enthusiastic mischief) to humans any time! Woooo! :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The (silly) Woman who cried 'Wolf!'

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

We Dog Woods Pack are somewhat concerned. The Chief's been very occupied the last couple days .. the only time we get to see her is when she gives us our meals. I suppose a brief twice a day spot of affection is good enough for us canines but honestly, the more the better!

It all began with one of Dog Woods 'Help' who went a little 'cranky'. She began with telling tragic tales of her family - that they were burgled, her mummy hurt and her daughter killed. All Dog Woods human inhabitants believed her since she was terribly convincing with her display of grief and leaky fits.

That was a couple weeks ago. Then last weekend, she started to cough. She told the Chief that she's been coughing blood (apparently that's not a good sign for humans) . The Chief being very concerned told her to take a couple days off to rest. Then on Sunday evening when the Chief called up to ask how she was doing, she began leaking (yet again) and 'confessed' that she had gulped down a couple glasses of non-consumable disinfectant and wanted to end her life! (What a silly woman she is!)

The Chief immediately got her sent to the human V-E-T and because she i.e. woman-silly, was a foreigner on special immigration permit to stay in our neck of the woods, the Chief had to also inform her 'AGENT'. Not wanting to be ignorant and get caught in quagmire of possible legal and criminal (apparently the humans have made it a crime to want to end their own life!)complications, the Chief with a couple of other Dog Woods humans went to consult immigration and lawyers. Woman-silly was soon admitted and sold her SOB leaky story to the doctors who too believed her and insisted she be admitted for observation just incase she attempts yet another silly deed.

Everyone was sick with worry. The Chief decided that since she is unfit to work and obviously she has some mental issues to resolve, that it was best she returned back to her neck of the woods (apparently it's very far from here).

And when she was finally discharged after a couple nights stay at the human V-E-T centre, her AGENT found out when they contacted her family in her neck of the woods that her SOB tale is only a SOB fictitious tale! She had all of us fooled - even the psychiatrist! That made everyone including the Chief very angry. All the trouble, time and costs all over some silly tall tale!

The Chief came home fuming (wooo, we never seen the Boss so hoppin mad!) - and said that Woman Silly reminded her of the tale of 'The Boy who called Wolf' one too many times and was more than than relieved to see the last of her!

(Immigration took charge and had her ejected forthwith!)