Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lampshade Pooch = Tubby Jr.

Arroooo rooo there good furry and fur-less readers,

We've been getting many queries about who the lampshade dog is from the video.

It's none other than Tubby Jr. - upon his return from the V-E-T. As the Chief reports, he no longer sports his collar - thanks to his ingenious escaping skills! So, we thought we'd interview the little escape artist extraordinaire to find out what it's like with a collar and where he's hidden it.

Top Dog (TP) Tuffy : Hello there son! How does it feel with that ridiculous collar gone?

Tubby Jr : Wrooofff! Vonderful! I can fina-wy feew the wind in me y-ears! Made yum-yum time pweety tough - darn colla kept getting in me ways ... altho I dar say it was quite usefool getting other dog-gees and humans out of me way ...

TP Tuffy : You were much laughed about both by the rest of the Pack and humans when you returned from the V-E-T, how did that make you feel?

Tubby Jr : Tewwible!! Havin' that bad lamp-sad colla somehow ampwified their teasing ... But! I gots backs by banging into them and pwetending I don't know nothing ... *snickers*

TP TUffy : So son, we're all curious ...where or what did you do to that ridiculous collar of yours?

Tubby Jr : I ates it of course! *burp* Along with me stitch-ies. *bleach* You knows Dad, plastic is vewy vewy appetizing ... you should tries it sometimes ...

TP Tuffy : You ate it?! You gots to be kidding!

Tubby Jr : But I didst too ... that's the only way the Chief would NEVER find that howwid lamp-sad colla and puts it back on!

TP TUffy : Am not sure eating plastic was the wisest thing to do ...

TUbby Jr : But it was the best-est sowultion then! The Chief was smart enough to find where me hids the colla the fwist time ...

TP Tuffy : Errr ...You knows son, next time you could chew the collar to shreds ... If you can't get to it, ask your brothers and sister to help. Am not sure what's going to happen to that tum-tum of yours with plastic bits sitting in there ...

Tubby Jr : Fwet you not Dad, I have an iron casted stomach ... that bad lamp-sad colla is now composting in vawious parts of Dog Woods ...
*Tubby Jr smugly trots off*

TP Tuffy : Ohhh ... I don't know if the Chief would like to hear that ...


  1. Thanks for that post - I need a smile! Have never heard of any dog actually eating a lampshade!!!

  2. Waawawawwwawawaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great great great great post dear friends!!!!
    We're smiling yet!!!!!!!!!
    We agree with Martha & eating a lampshade????!!!!!!!!!
    Maya would love to thanks you for your sweet welcome home to her!!!
    She loves you and your blog yet and we're teaching her all our bloggie's friends name!!!!
    Have a great day!!!
    WE love you soooooooooooooooo much!!
    Sweet kisses and licks

  3. Sissy also believes plastic is edible, along with cardboard and who knows what else...

  4. Woodrow has figured out haw to remove his lampshade and actually ate one while boarded at the vets office for surgery to remove something else he ate


  5. Samba's lampshade has dents and gashes and chew marks. It's quite a work of art.

  6. Thanks for the update, glad things are improving but we sure hope we don't hear more of this story as the lampshade makes it way out:)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  7. As my mom might feel khompelled to have me paw, 'KIDS'!


  8. Thank dogness that it was eaten in pieces or was it?

  9. Crickey Tubby. Not sure this will be the ast we hear of this...EATING a lampshade??? Could of given yourself a shock..

    Wiry wags Eric xxx

  10. Huskee and Hershey's mom here: I have 'forbidden' Huskee to read this post of yours in case he decides to follow suit and do the same to his lampshade! LOL.. thanks for sharing, I had a good laugh...

  11. Why didn't I think of that when I had to wear my lampshade? Thanks for the inspiration. Now I know what should be done next time that stupid lampshade makes an appearance.

  12. Hi, friends!
    Eating the lampshade?? Sounds fun!
    I had to wear mine twice and I never thought of eating it!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Which is more fun: eating the lampshade, or wearing it with a cocktail in your hand? Hmmm...

  14. Have a great weekend.

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  15. HA! Ha! Great interview - so funny!

  16. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We can't wait to read more about you guys.

    How can you blame him for slipping out of the lampshade? That think STINKS!! Thankfully Marge has never needed one, but the poor kitty here had to wear one for a loooong time to get a bad lesion on her nose to heal. I'm talking months! EEEK!

    Sam and MargeDog

  17. Oh my, Tubby Jr ate the lampshade! Is it tasty??