Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waa-Wee's Post


This be Waa-Wee (Wally) again. With such a sombwe week of Joe being taken to the V-E-T and having sew-gee-wee, me ol' TOP DOG Dad thought it be good to let his Fuw-Kids paw the blog instead. And that vewy impowtant task fall on me becos I'm the Fuw-TOP of the Fuw Kids!

Tubby and Bwandi

Yeah well ... to be honest, there alvays some sowt of pow-wer stwuggle between Tubby boy and I. But becaws am taller, me am able to stare him down to size. Then there's me formidable gwow - *GRRWWWWWWWWoowooowooo* - which I learnt from me ol' Dad. I've been pwacticing alot that's why I always win ...

Dextew is forever chewing on some-fin...
Now what about me other bwother Dextew (Dexter)? He's weally not match at all ... being the show-test of us boys and most intewested in food ... he's usually let's me lead so long as his food bowl is not at stake.

Bwandi and I on sen-twee duty!

Me only sister Bwandi (Brandi) isn't at all intewested in any pow-wer stwuggle. She likes most to play and ex-paw. Sometimes she goes to places she's not allowed to go to and I would bak at her to come back before the Chief discovews how naughty she's been. Usually, my bwother Tubby is her pawt-ner in cwime.

But the last few days, they been vewy good. That's becaws we found ourselves a gweat place to dig ... we are convinced that we will find buwied tweasure soon - smells alot like gigantic bones! Today, the Chief neawly fell into the hole we been diggin' when she was walking Uncle Joe who's back fwom the V-E-T. Can't say she is vewy pleased ...

Uncle Joe's weecovewing. (Thank chew vewy much for the healing vibes and get well wishes!) Still a wee bit tired from his sew-gee-wee. Chief not letting him play with us too much. She thinks he still needs loads of west.

Waa-wee bye bye!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joe and the V-E-T

Harrooooo there,

Firstly, thank you kind furry and fur-less friends on sending Anna good healing vibes. Her wounds are healing nicely thanks to the Chief's constant care.

However, over the weekend Joe had to be taken hospitalized because he had not been eating for the last few days. Having past history of eating his toy that couldn't be digested, the V-E-T had him overnight for observation and X-ray only to confirm our worst fears. Joe had chewed another one of his toys and it's sitting in his gut for the last few days now - which explains his lack of poop and his lack of appetite.

He's had his surgery over the weekend. The foreign object (which the V-E-T) describes as something like an eraser (?!) has been taken out and Joe's still at the V-E-T for further observation. The Chief was a little worried about having too much guts taken out of Joe being this his second operation for something simliar but the V-E-T assures our anxious human that dogs have got a lot more guts to spare! :P

Knowing ol' Joe the minute he gets back to Dog Woods, he'll be dying to get out and about and resume his game of fetch-snatch with Trixie. And his lampshade collar (which he always comes back with) won't last a couple hours. At the rate Joe goes about ramming into legs and all sorts of things , nothing lasts! :P

So the Chief decides that it would be best if he stayed yet a couple more days with the V-E-T and rest.

Tuffy reporting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monkey in Training


I be Waa-wee (Wally). (Sowwee. I have wittle pwoblem with me wisping ... can't seem to wap me tongue awound 'elles')

After pestewing me ol' Dad for a while now (which he says is for Beeg Dawgs only) he's finally let me paw this entwy, now that am nearly a beeg dawg. I be one year one month old! :)

I want to show off my vonderful twee (tree) perching skills. GrandmamaChief says I be monkey pup since I wuv hanging out in me favourite twee.

Being a pup of not so many woofs, I let the pictures my grandmama Chief took.

That be me checking up somefins growing out of twee

Some power ear action - without even losing my twee perching balance!

Surveying Dog Woods action from above ...

A haven away from sometimes annoying sibwings ...

It's so comfortable I can even catch some Zzzzs!

I absowutely WUV my Twee!

Monday, August 17, 2009

On the mend ...and some green eyed observations!

Arroooo roooo there good furry and fur-less readers!

We're happy to report that Anna's wound is mending nicely. The Chief religiously cleans and applies antibiotic ointment daily. We know it's yucky but everytime the Chief feeds Anna her dose of antibiotics we can't help but mosey over curiously, hoping that we'd get the same sort of attention and fuss that Anna's getting and maybe some of those decidedly (since we're not allowed to have them) yummy pills Anna's been getting...

Can't help it. It's canine programming ... when things are in abundance (like bones, toys) nobody is quite so interested. But when there's only ONE ... everyone wants it! :p The Chief only wishes that we're this nose-ily interested when it comes our turn (dog forbid) to get a dose of them bitter pills, instead of running off helter-skelter.

Okay, so we admit, we're all a little jealous at the extra attention Anna's been getting. And Anna, knowing that we're all a little green eyed is enjoying being the centre of attention even more! If you were to watch her as she sits quietly while the Chief cleans , you'd think she actually enjoying it! *Harumph!*

Infact, judging from the little jig she does once the Chief's done, it's obvious she's relishing every minute of it .... now each Dog Woods Poochie are wishing we had boo-boos for the Chief to fuss over :P

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A tale of two Bitches ..

If you ask any pooch what preoccupies his/her mind other than their stomach and play, it's their status in the 'packing order'. And thus, the tale of Dog Woods two Bitches. Anna and Trixie - who've embarked on a saga of tussles . Ranging from snarly faces, to brief confrontational face downs to full fledge violent fights.

The last couple of days we - the rest of us Dog Woods Pack were engaging spectators (can't help it Dog Fights are exciting times!) to Anna and Trixie's 'Bitching'. Major smack down wrestling! And who's emerged the Alpha Bitch? We think it's a draw.

However, we say with much certainty, there'll be more entertaining rounds of tussle ahead. Looks like they're both definitely prepping themselves up for the next round for Bitching smack down.

So far Anna's received the worst end of the battering with her face half swollen from lacerations inflicted by Trixie. However, 'She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed' a.k.a The Chief is the least bit amused by all the (exciting) bitching going on in Dog Woods (spoil sport) She's since taken measures to separating Trixie and Anna ... and all Dog Woods Pack particuarly 'Anna-Trixie' socialization are now closely chaperoned. Any possible inclination of a confrontation and the Chief would issue a menacing growl ... an order enough to freeze any Dog Woods poochie (TOP DOG or otherwise) guilty or not in his/her tracks!

Unfortunately, there'll be no recent pictures this time. The Chief's too upset to take any Anna and Trixie in their battered forms. Anna who seems almost stoic about her facial injuries is now on a couple doses of antibiotics.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It rained!

Harrooo rooo!

We got our pooter back. Yay - after a week convalescing in the pooter workshop. The adapter and DeeVeeDee drive kapooted and pooter is not even a year old yet! Honestly, equipments these days are built to break down. On the bright side, the pooter is still under warranty - so parts were replaced for free.

We're also thrilled to report that it rained too. Thanks to the cloud seeding procedures. Thank you for all the rainy well wishes! The rainy outburst gave us back our energy to zoom about the grounds of Dog Woods - even if it was close to midnight!
So here's to more rain and cooler days!

Friday, August 7, 2009

drying concerns...

har roooo! This be a mobile posting. Computer is acting up and the chief deciding tat the problem is beyond her has sent it for servicing.
Any woos, the drought is still here. Compounded by the annual haze. Days are filled wit a perpetual smoky fog - with some days more smoggy than others.
Asking when the dry heaty weather will let up, the chief mutters something hopefully not til september - wch is being reported!
Arroooo! We'd be toast then! In the mean time we're making do with daily showers and loads of cool water - thankful tat we still have ample water supply unlike some places tat have run out of water. We keeping paws crossed tat it wld rain soon and we wont be faced with water crisis.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Drought in Dog Woods ...


It's been two weeks since it rained. If it not been for the showers and water the Chief faithfully gives us each day, we'd be wilting for sure ... just like the grass on the lawn *pant*pant*pant* She's even starting putting blocks of ice in our water! Just to cool us down ...

Thanks to the heat, we've been somewhat sluggish of late. Most days are spent snoozing ... one siesta session after another. What's making the Chief concern is that we're not really into our dinner ... honestly with the heat who has the appetite to eat? Even the Chief's been gulping down bottles of chilled water. So really our esteemed two leggeded is merely being a silly worry wart!

To make up for our inactivity during the day time we've all turned nocturnal. Talk about pawtying till the wee hours of the morning ... of course, we're considerate enough to keep the noise down. Unless of course there's a stranger lurking about nearby.
The Chief wonders if it's the same with other furry readers i.e. the not eating, the lethargy ... but come night time we're quite our enthsiastic playful selves ... is it a universal thing or is it merely the effect of the humid equatorial heat on Dog Woods Pack?