Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monkey in Training


I be Waa-wee (Wally). (Sowwee. I have wittle pwoblem with me wisping ... can't seem to wap me tongue awound 'elles')

After pestewing me ol' Dad for a while now (which he says is for Beeg Dawgs only) he's finally let me paw this entwy, now that am nearly a beeg dawg. I be one year one month old! :)

I want to show off my vonderful twee (tree) perching skills. GrandmamaChief says I be monkey pup since I wuv hanging out in me favourite twee.

Being a pup of not so many woofs, I let the pictures my grandmama Chief took.

That be me checking up somefins growing out of twee

Some power ear action - without even losing my twee perching balance!

Surveying Dog Woods action from above ...

A haven away from sometimes annoying sibwings ...

It's so comfortable I can even catch some Zzzzs!

I absowutely WUV my Twee!


  1. Hi there Waa-Wee,
    You are a big dog - and very cute with it. You have the super droopy ears of the basset which you use so very well! You also have the advantage of having legs - we think you get that from your mother's side right enough.
    We loved your tree climbing pics and glad that your ears helped you to balance - they are most definitely from your father's side of the family.
    You must blog more often - you have quite a talent for that too.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Sissy does the same thing!! Scared the beegeebies out of me the first time or ten she did it, but she balances well!

  3. AWWWW! You're so cute on your tree! You are a natural born blog-writer... can't wait to read and see more of you!

  4. Woowwoowooooooo dear Waa-Wee!!!!
    Sure you're a great tree climber!!!!
    Looks you had a wonderful time on the tree....
    can you teach us to maintain our balance on it with our ears????
    We love you post!!!!
    Hope to read about you more soon!!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!!

  5. Hey Monkey Pup - you look like a big dog to us. Can we come hang in your tree with you?

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Oh Wally, you are adorable. I love the picture of you lying in the tree. What sweet dog you've become.

  7. What great skills woo have!

    Woo look so khomfy perched there too!

    I'm glad your dad pawmitted woo to khlaw this post!


  8. Hi Wally!
    You look so cute hanging out in your tree! Keep posting! Love it!

  9. I can see how much you love your tree!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Waa-wee! Your tree looks like so much fun. It was nice of your dad to let you post, it's always good to get to know more and more of the Dog Woods pack. :)

  11. what great pics - you are so handsome - sweetie climbs on everything too - mommy calls her a monkey

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  12. Hey Wally, maybe you're part C-A-T somewhere in that gene pool! You sure like climbing trees, huh?
    Your pal,

  13. Oh, these pictures are adorable! I'm in love with the top one!
    xo lowdogs

  14. You are one talented pup. I especially like the power ear action pictures. It looks like your ears help you maintain your balance while climbing your tree.

  15. Hi Wally....how cool that you got to post....and you are undoubtedly the cutest little tree dweller we've ever put our peepers on! So ummm...how are your squirrel hunting abilities??
    Slobbers xx

  16. Aw...Wa-Wee, I think you should post more often! You are soooooo cute! We are smitten with you! :-)

  17. What great skills you have, Monkey Dog! I wish I could climb trees...it would make it easier to catch them nasty squirrels!
    I hope Anna is all back to normal and no longer stealing all the attention from you guys!

  18. Hey Wally it's Star! You have got to teach me that trick! I tried to climb up in a tree today to get to a squirrel but I just couldn't seem to get my back feet off the ground.

    Your friend, Star