Thursday, November 4, 2010

One kilo of baking soda later ...


I don't know whether you know this already, but baking soda does work.  Just ... it's got a certain smell of its own.  I can't quite describe the whiff of baking soda ... it's not exactly pleasant on its own.  But it's by far, a better alternative than the present pong the Dexter and Wally been emanating.

I had them sit through a couple sessions of baking soda.  First a light dusting.  Then, I had a paste made which I marinade them in and let them stew for a bit - (the Furboys were not the least bit amused).  Last step was to hose them over.  By then, they were really upset. Three marathon showers in three days!  Too much!

Determine to defeat the stink, I cornered the shivering pups with tea tree spray. And fumigate with glee! I like the smell.  I know for a fact,  my four legged charges may beg to differ on that ...

Satisfied with my work, it was my turn for a shower - minus the baking soda!  :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Reeking to high heaven!

Dexter -crossly giving me the 'bum'. Wally looking (into camera) somewhat sheepish.

... that's the present challenge for this Dog Woods human slave.  The wander pups - Wally and Dexter were up to no good again. Just to keep you up to date, having these pups 'snipped' have only merely dampened their spirit of adventure.  They don't quite make an escape so much these days but when they do, they'll be gone for hours ...

Only God knows what they got up to yesterday ... but they came home reeking to high heaven.  It's a pong beyond description.  We don't have skunks in our neck of the woods ... but these Fur-boys, OMG!  It's the sort of stink that makes you want to instantly gag.

I had to hold my breathe while scrubbing these Fur-boys down.  Used all manner of soaps, disinfectant ... mind you, i had them scrubbed down at least thrice but to no avail!  Maybe I should resort to tomato juice ... at the rate they seem to still stink ...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tubby Jr: Fur-bands and howls


Tubby Jr. at large.  Me likes to howl in pwotests.  Gwannie Chief-y have been ups to no goods.  She's sez it's Howl-woo-ween awound the corner and sez we need a costume.  It fell on yours doggedly to be HER!  :P  (Talk about cweativity!).  Chief-y being a vewy hair-bandy toting hooman decided that she'd have me in a fur-band of her devise.

Flattered by all the attention and fussing, I indulged her few photo attempts ... see ...It came out looking like this!!   *HOWL!*

Honestly, the indignities we canines have to put up with!  
Ol' Chief-y howevew thinks I'm being silly ... says her band-y cweation could make the scenes and walks of Ascot and Melbourne Cup (if only we canines were allowed in), all I'm missing is equally statement making frock to go with the headgear . Sometimes ol' Chief-y there forgets i'm a boy not a girl! 

*Grrr-woof!* I think I have a tree gwoing out of my head ... 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How much are the doggies in the window ...?

Pictures of Tuffy, Snoopy and Brandy checking out renovation progress.  Caught them 'posing' by the windows ... ;)  Pictures are abit grainy - having taken them using a camera phone instead.

Tuffy and his daughter Brandy:  *sniff* wood frames look sturdy enough ...

Beaming Tuffy and partly hidden Snoopy

 A critical eye: Snoopy seems to have certain reservations about how progress is coming along ... the basset has very high standards!

Getting up close and personal ...

 Special Site Supervisor


Brandy: Window frames are just the right height ... ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A fluffy addition ...

Found this little bird perched on one of the branches of a sapling last week.  It was night and the tiny fella had fluffed itself into a ball fast asleep.  Initially I thought it was work of on of the pups - could have toss one of it's toys or junk onto the upper branches my plants but upon closer inspection I realised i was looking at a little grey fluffy bird smaller than my balled up fist.

Grabbed my camera - but was a little worried I might startle bird with flash photography.  Tried also to look nonchalant about taking photos of sleeping fluff-ball ... knowing the dogs, my interest in 'Fluffy' would definitely pique their curiousity ... From the size and height of sapling, they simply could just shake the poor bird out of it's perch!

To my relieve I found Fluffy back on the very same branch the following night ... three nights in a row in fact.  And on the fourth when she wasn't there ... I feared the worst.  The dogs had sniffed her out! And birds don't usually fare well at night.  But I think Fluffy (not sure whether it's a he or she), changes her sleeping branch now and again.  Am glad to see her alive and well at the same spot I first spotted her last week.  Not sure what species of bird she is, but she's sure fluffily cute!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No one's going to believe me ...

...that's what I thought ... this morning as I watched that curious bright pulsating white light (think very bright flash photography or disco lights) flashing from a singular source into the darks of 3.20 am morning.

Accompanying those blindingly bright flashes was a low dull pounding buzz - which made me think of the hum of electricity coursing through life wires.  The white bright lights pulsated to a certain rhythm and when it 'stopped' - you could see a faint blinking yellow light (the sort you'd see on aeroplanes).  And this went on for at least 10 minutes ... alternating between pulsating blinding flashes that later lapsed into the faint flickering yellow.

Initially, I thought it was the florescent light (which hadn't been switched on) outside the window that had gone cranky. Oddly, those pulsating flashes were much too bright and too 'noisy' for florescent energy savers. Bleary eyed, I drew my almost 'blackout curtains' (yes it was that bright!) only to find the blinding flashes came from a certain distance.  Beyond the tree boundaries of Dog Woods.  It looked like it came from the neighbour's tree top or from the rooftop of another neighbour!  That was probably a good 200-300 metres away.

'There must be a logical reason for that light ...' I thought, once those bright flashes cleared the sleepiness from my head.  'A robber attempting to cut through a neighbour's roof?' (The recent encounters with light as blinding as that was from the end of a steel welder's soldering equipment).  But, the white light that emanates from a welding instrument is usually very narrow and focused.  The strange blinding white lights I was witnessing encompassed a wide and great distance.

'A faulty electrical cable ?' - hence the dull buzzing pounding hum which drove the pack into a barking frenzy every time they heard the noise.

'Have the neighbour's flood lights gone awry...?' But their floodlights are usually warm yellow placed at the foot of the trees. The lights are only ever used over the Eid Festival. (see pictures I took over the recent Eid). Usually, it's just pitched black at night. (If you look at the picture, imagine it pitched dark, and white blinding flashes coming from somewhere in between of those trees)

'Someone with some major flash lighting equipment taking photos in the wee hours of the morning...? Perched on tree tops or on top of a roof...?'

And how does that explain the dull hum of a noise that accompanies each blinding white flash...?

I watched in bewildered alarm.  Wondering if a fire would break out, should I call the police? Should I wake the others ...?  But as inexplicably as it appeared, the light soon grew 'weary' and fainter and faded into the darkness of the early morning.

... I went back to sleep soon after - wondering what that was all about ... and since the rest of the human Dog  Woods slept soundly throughout, only the dogs are witness to what I had seen. The pack after all were the first on alert - stirring me from sleep.  It was those blindingly bright white flashes that got me out of bed to investigate.  Am still not sure what to make out of the lights in the wee hours of the morning.  One of Dog Woods human suggested I might have seen a UFO ...

Thing is, I don't believe in UFOs ... how then does one explain those strange lights?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just when I thought ...

... the newly snipped boys have run out of 'Romancing Juices', the rambuctious three have decided to dash into the unoccupied woods opposite.  *Heaves DEEeeeePPP SiGH* 

They've been good as gold since the unsnipped Tubby Jr.'s last outing.  Am beginning to think perhaps I should just accept that the Furboys need their dash outdoors.  They have been fairly capable in returning home after every self-planned outing ... Perhaps this is all a phase ... they will eventually calm down and  be contented with the fairly large grounds (more than an acre) that they get free access to 24/7.  

Honestly la!! (la-being a very Malaysian suffix). I've noted that half my canine pack - esp. the more mischevious of the lot would go through a ' I gots to get out there an explore' phase in their poochie development.  Some would come home the instant you call them, some turn selectively deaf even you constantly call after them, but would turn to mush upon the sight of you (usually stewing) growling unprintable religious sounding words; Some decide its a game the more you go after them, the further they run! It's all maddening to varying degrees.

Maybe if I learnt not to get so worked up and accept that they need a little 'change of scenery now and again', these little episodes - admittedly, they're turning into mini adventures rather than the raging sagas they used to be,  wouldn't be quite as stressful.  Like I said, they know their way home.  It's just that I worry something might happen to them along the way ...

I suppose, they've proven to be fairly capable at handling different circumstances on their own ... and they are fairly independent, affectionate dogs that don't bite.  Just ... there are many non-dog lovers in the neighbourhood that don't understand canine behaviour and deem a curious sniff as hostile.  Can't helps it.  This human canine slave is a worry wart!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The return of the Newly Snipped!


Dexter and Wally came home yesterday.  At the very last minute,  I had the doctor take in two instead of one.  Figured at the rate I was already running around pandering to their canine whims, taking care of two post-op
pups (or three) wouldn't make much of a difference. I would have sent in all three, but the Vet-bulance could only accommodate a maximum of two pups. Tubby Jr/ - being the least mischevious,  would only go in next week to get his bits snipped.

They're doing well - Dexter and Wally.  I daresay Dexter's ALOT calmer.  He did look quite cross that his bits were removed. Wally however seemed to have bounce right back - as if he never had the operation! I guess it's because Wally has always been the more quiet and reserved of the two - always the follower and never the leader.  Although not lacking the mischief department ...

Tubby Jr yesterday made a run for it - thinking he now  has his sidekicks in mischief.  For a nice change, they were not game. But that didn't stop Tubby.  I suppose that's his bid of having his 'last hurrah!' - seeing in his brothers what's in store for him in the near future.

So! It was the usual 'run of the mill routine'. Worried hooman slave go 'a-searching'.  Calling out routinely as she anxiously paces the neighbourhood ... This time I found Tubby Jr at the neighbour's across the road - that is home to a canine pack that rivals Dog Woods!

Am just relieved that he was not harmed. The fur inhabitants living on the other side of the road are huge!  Not in terms of quantity but in terms of size.  Even I was wary - given a choice, I'd rather have Tubby come out rather than me go in looking for him! Judging at how quick he scrambled back without having to exit the neighbour's main gates, I now suspect that cunning Furboy has been using the underground monsoon drain that runs across the neighbour's property as a point of entry and exit!

And so, my furry charges are all presently safe at home ... Can't wait for Tubby Jr to be fixed. Mean time, Dexter and Wally are being very cooperative patients.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Human Dog Slave here.  Today's THE day.  I've decided to get the Furboys snipped one at the time.  Post surgery care is crucial ... and from experience the Furboys can sometimes be difficult patients.  I don't fancy chasing the three of them around Dog Woods twice a day to clean out their wound and get them to take their meds.  So one at the time, it is.  It's going to take alot longer ... 10 days it seems before the stitches come off.  I've spoke to the good doctor.  One every week.  So each Furkid would get enough care and attention for at least a week.

I've decided that since Dexter's the most mischevious of the lot he's to go in first.  Interestingly, the boy, sensing that something's bad about to happen has gone missing! Think he's hiding somewhere ... must go seek.

So, am going to make this a short entry.  Must go find the pup before the doctor comes by to pick him up.  Honestly, sometimes I think the dogs have psychic abilities ...

Monday, October 11, 2010



It's me. Dexter. I'd like to clear my good furry name. Actually, our furry names - Wally, Tubby and me-furry self.  We're not actually as bad as our hooman slave have described us to be.  You can't blame three robust, handsome, healthy Furboys for looking for romance, can you?  After all, it's only a natural thing to do.  Birds do it, bees do it ... and we bets our furry paws, hoomans too!

Anywoos.  We also really like to report that we've been getting a lot of 'smack-ems' lately.  You think old Chief would be thrilled to see us home, but instead we get a smack on the bum-bum ... what a meanie!  But really, it's embarassing! Especially for robust, handsome romancing Furboys.  What will our girlfriends think ?!

Of course, we're very sorry for making the ol' Chief worry - for the moment, at least. Good ol' Chief usually has our dinners waiting no matter how late we come home.  What a good thoughtful hooman!  All that adventuring and romancing usually leaves us ravenous!

We've recently got woof from Daddy Tuffy that the ol' Chief is planning to have our bits  removed. Honestly, we thought she was joking when she told us last week that she'll get our the doctor to cart us to his clinic and get our prized bits snipped if we pulled another disappearing act.   

Nooooo...!!  Surely, she's not going to snip our precious jewels?!  

Me, Dexter ... now feels terribly anxious *whines pitifully*  Me legs have turned to mush -just thinking about it.  Am sure my brothers feel the same.  They're all on their sides. Immobilized by anxiety...  

Helps!! Save our bits!! So good concern readers, if you don't hear from Dexter or my fur-brothers again, report the Chief.  We unnerstand there's a Pack of Hoomans out there that's against prevention of cruelty to animals...

Dexter's got to hide ... 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Snip-snip ...

Thank you for your feedback. It's been indeed helpful in helping me decide whether or not to snip the Furboys.

Dexter, Wally and Tubby Jr

Yesterday, they had another run-away episode. The workmen were working on the fences and I suppose they decided to take opportunity to make a run for it - yet again.  All three!  Tubby Jr hobbled on home soon after but the other two, Dexter and Wally were gone for hours.  I only found them at about eight in the evening - next door.  The next door neighbours aren't exactly the biggest dog lovers ... because of their cultural and religious beliefs.

Not sure who was more terrified.  The pups or the humans next door.  The quirky thing about the Furkids is when they know they're in trouble - instead of making a run for it, they turn into submissive turtles.  I suppose yesterday was a triple whammy.  First, they knew they were in trouble for being in places that they know I don't approve, they were being cornered - with flash lit unfriendly, strange humans and worst, I had to appear.

And of all places they had to turn turtle was down a steep slope by the common fence of Dog Woods and next door.  Can you imagine the inconvenience and embarassment of having to coax and persuade them to climb out of the ditch like area?!  Fortunately, Wally decided to cooperate.  Dexter on the other hand refused to budge. So I had to do what I had to do, haul Dexter out ... nearly 30 kilos and all.  And all the while, I was mindful not to slip myself.  The neighbour, bless him, was kind enough to help me out of the dark ditch while I manuovered Dexter out.

It's a good thing I've had a lot of practice carrying uncooperative pups who've decided their legs temporarily don't work ... I daresay, it's good strength training ... although usually at the expense of my back *ouch*

So yes!  They are scheduled for a snip.  The good doctor will pick them up next week to get the deed done. Even if it's not an intention of mine to breed them,  I do feel a little sorry, they're having their bits removed.  Hopefully, they'll recover quick and not miss the 'family jewels' too much.

Monday, October 4, 2010

To snip or not to snip ... that is the question.


I've been mulling over the question of getting the Fur-boys 'fixed' for the last couple of weeks.  Last Monday Wally and Dexter disappeared for at least 12 hours.  As usual, I was worried sick.   That's the longest time they've gone and i feared the worst.  I swore, if and when they return I'd get the doctor to give them the snip ASAP!

But now that they're all back and behaving (very well too I must add) am wondering whether it's the right thing to do. They're such beautiful dogs ... and *most* of the time are well behaved.  It's just those moments when they do make a run for it and go off pawing the rest of the neighbourhood red, I find myself worry and wondering if the 'snip' would make them better behaved.

Tubby Jr (front with tongue hanging out), Anna and Wally

Every time they come home after an episode of exploring, they're exhausted -which am okay with tick because I know for the next few days they won't be making a dash for the great outdoors whenever the gates open.  But what I am not okay with are the ticks they bring home (eeeuwww), on a couple occasion when they were younger, they would fall sick. Recently, Tubby Jr. came home with a injured paw.  And this is not the first time he's been injured.  The last time he came home with a great gash in his hind leg - spurting a great deal of blood and I had to get the good doctor stitch him up.

The poor pup's sustained a really bad sprain at his joints - which explained why he won't even let me touch his paw.  The doctor reckons from the X-ray he was given, that Tubby either he fell from a high place and landed on his foot or something had hit him.  And for a week Tubby Jr was a good little pup while the two other hooligans Dexter and Wally have been attempting to make mad dashes outside - which is usually thwarted by my yelling 'DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!'  Somehow telling them makes them a little less confident about doing anything they know I don't approve.

Last night however, Tubby Jr decided to make a run for it with his two brothers.  Alas, like small children, good behaviours only last for so long ....  He didn't get quite as far as Dexter and Wally without his paw acting up.


But the good thing about the Furboys is that they know where home is and they do listen, esp. when I'm hot on their heels. Like last night, Tubby Jr hobbled on alone home when I  told him to. He didn't even try to follow when I ran ahead to find Dexter and Wally.  And when i finally caught up with the other two, they sheepishly, without a fuss trotted home, unleashed.  Making sure I was up front - because they know they're in for a smack in the bum for being naughty.


So, to snip or not to snip ... that is the question.  Perhaps then, the Fur-boys would be able to help themselves.

It simply baffles me why they, the Furboys simply have to leave Dog Woods.  There's more than ample space to run and play. There's also more than enough squirrels, birds and creepy crawlies to get 'em entertained ... in addition to all the fussing from their human (slaves) and food to go around.   The Top Dog Tuffy is not snipped and he's doesn't try to make a run for it like they do.  Maybe its because he's had his share of fun - which resulted in the Furkids ...:P

I just bet there's some female dog that's in heat in the neighbourhood somewhere ... which probably explains their need to go out gallavanting and 'sow their wild oats'.  :P  Perhaps I should just get 'em snipped ... we don't want to have unwanted puppies somewhere ...

Yet to intervene and taking away what makes them essentially Fur-boys doesn't quite sit well with me either.  Perhaps this exploring is all a passing phase.  When they get older they'll settle ... somehow ...

What thinks good readers?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival at Dog Woods

Yesterday, we decide to something quite unusual at Dog Woods.  Being it the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Mooncake Festival is a popular harvest festival, we had a dozen paper lanterns deck out the trees of Dog Woods.  And the effect of it, was, I daresay, quite rustic.  Except the fact that the candles don't quite burn long enough and paper lanterns somehow seem to disintegrate after a few rounds of lighting ... not forgetting to add, the Furkids somehow got hold of a couple.  

Usually held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, It is a date that parallels the autumnal equinox of the solar calendar, when the moon is supposedly at its fullest and roundest. The traditional food of this festival is the mooncake, of which there are many different varieties.

Traditionally on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes and pomelos under the moon together. Accompanying the celebration, there are additional cultural or regional customs, such as:

However, being a non-traditional chinese household, the humans and canines did none of the moon worshiping.  We did however consume mooncakes and for the first time, since I've never done it before, decide to indulge myself in some paper lanterns, with the pack curiously observing ... once they learnt it had nothing to do with treats or anything they could consume they fell into a snooze ....which suited me fine since I was being jostled out trying to light the paper lanterns.

Snoozing Furkids

So here are some photos I took of last nights lanterns hung on the branches of the shrubs and tambusu tree.  Once I ran out of candles to light, the pack thought it was game for them to help me take lanterns down.  Needless to say, some of the lanterns are now in shreds ... 

How bright the moon ...!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updates from Dog Woods


Today's officially 'Malaysia Day' , oddly enough in Malaysia's 47th years of achieving independence, the government's finally recognizing the two East Malaysian states (one of which were Dog Woods is) role and contribution to the Federation.  :P

Well.  Let's not get started on politics and the state of affairs of the country.  Tuffy's Tales is after all, a blog dedicated to the dog-dom realms of Dog Woods and it's furrily loyal canines subjects.

A quick update though.  From my last post,  it's still the Chinese Hungry Ghost Halloween month (honestly, much too long!) Think it'll last till next week.  Since it's one of those moveable 'feasts' - I don't quite keep track.  But apparently, right after the Hungry Ghost month comes the 'Moon Cake' festival and the cakes, being round like the moon are extremely yummy! :)
The New kitchen
The new living

Dismantling of old ceiling ... and rewiring works

Refiling and extending the present garden area ...

Renovations are going fairly smoothly.  But with all the bank holidays the last couple of weeks, progress has been rather slow.  It's still looking fairly rough, but at least the walls are up and there's a roof over our heads when it rains ... Rewiring's more or less complete, next step is the plastering guys ... then we can get started on tiling the floors ... and putting in some fixtures.

As for the Dog Woods pack,  Anna's had a wound on her back that had to be stitched up recently. Am not sure how that wound came about.  Suspect she might have had a little mishap somewhere and tore free ... along with a little bit skin and flesh on her back!  I think i was more horrified than she was ... and got down the the business of cleaning out and medicating her wound.  For the briefest while i thought a bandage would work ... but Anna would just peel it off and lick away whatever ointment I had put on her wound.

Her wound's doing much better.  I expect, the stitches need to be taken out soon.  It's amazing how robust these canines are sporting injuries.  Other than looking somewhat miserable whenever I was treating and cleaning her wound, Anna least perturb she's sporting a 'boo-boo'.

As i type this, it's evening.  The rain has finally stop - making the green grass and trees of Dog Woods looking fresh and crisp. From where I sit, I've been watching the pack happily running about, patrolling the grounds.

It's such a joy just watching the Dog Woods pack run.  They all have different styles.  Anna gallops - like a racehorse and a couple of her Furkids, Brandi and Wally, take after her.  Joe the Rotweiller is fantastic for short distance sprints.  Tuffy and Snoopy being Basset Hounds, comically trot as quickly as their short stumpy legs can carry them.  The other two Furkids, Tubby Jr. and Dexter, although build more like their stout Basset father can do quite a quick scramble ... although, not quite as fast as their Doberman mom, Anna.

Anyway, am off to give the pack their dinner.  Snoopy's being trying to get my attention by 'yelling' at me and smacking her lips.  She's sure knows how to get the 'I need FOOD!' message clearly.  So I'm off before Tuffy starts joining her.  He's ALOT louder!

Hope all is well where ever you all are.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unwittingly Spooked

I don't know if you believe in the unseen world of spirits but I just realised, belatedly that is, that it's the Chinese 'Halloween Month'.  They call it the Hungry Ghost festival - where the gates of hell opens for a month to let its inhabitants roam the earth

I never thought myself as one that's superstitious nor have a certain sensitivity for the unseen, but all of today ignorant of the fact that the evil spirits have been let loose to roam earth,  I've been feeling, I could only describe as an ominous feeling that something not quite good was about to happen or happening.  And that puzzled me ... I mean sure, I may on occasions have certain reservations and anxieties about things, but this was the sort of gnawing anxiety that I can't seem to shake off no matter how rational I thought about it.

Strangely enough, it began at the stroke of midnight.  For some reason that inexplicable descending dread kept me up tossing and turning till the wee hours ... while the dogs howled... I suppose the pack knew something ominous unfolding while their disturbed, anxious, puzzled human was getting increasingly annoyed that it would soon be dawn and she's still awake.

It was only a few hours ago, while admiring the full moon rise above Dog Woods with the pack, wondering about the firecrackers crackling in the distance (it's not quite a Muslim practice to set off firecrackers during the fasting month of Ramadan) - wondering what occasion was ...after all, firecrackers are burned to chase away evil spirits ... I finally remembered someone mentioning yesterday evening that today marks the Hungry Ghost Festival.

So that inexplicable uneasiness and anxiety was merely a case of being spooked!  And while I felt it distinctly, I hadn't really recognized it for what it truly about.  That must have frustrated some evil spirits ... ;)

As I was writing the paragraph above, there was a shattering of glass below.  The mess is all cleared now.  Am relieved that no one was hurt.  Thankful that all throughout this puzzlingly ominous disturbing day, I had taken the time to pray, to seek out divine intervention to see us through the day .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day and life of the Dog Woods Pack

Honestly, a dog's life of the Dog Woods Pack really is not bad at all.  They don't have to worry about where or when their next meal is.  A roof over their heads.  They have more than an acre of yard to run about.  Daily human  interaction, affection and attention which they simply cannot get enough off .... I reckon they only stress they suffer from are from the good Vet's visit (Snoopy gets most upset!), excitedly chasing down all sorts of creepy crawlies, from pesky squirrels and rats to the occasional pedestrian walking outside the fences of Dog Woods.  And perhaps a spot of green envy.  Everyone wants to be fussed over by yours truly at the same time!  I sometimes wish, with eight of them jostling for a rub-down, I had eight arms instead of only two!  

Speaking about fussing over the Dog Woods pooches. They get massaged daily which they can't get enough of.  Talk about a good life!  I don't even get that kind of treatment and I'm a hoo-man!  They (the pooches) got it spot on.  We are their slaves!  But honestly, with the loyalty and abundance of affection, in addition to being accidently trodded on, pushed, jostle and jumped on, I really don't mind being their biped slave ... 

I've since - with the amount of affectionate activities that takes place in Dog Woods stopped wearing anything that resemblance a dress or a skirts. With jeans one can ignore their cold wet noses sniffing up your legs, or run after an errant pup up to no good ... but not in a skirt or a dress!  :p

So while i wrestle the throes of renovation works, tradesmen and the mess they leave behind, them pooches are having it good.  They've grown accustom to the constant banging and hacking and snooze right through it!  The Furkids also find the evolving structures very interesting to explore ... unfortunately at the expense of them workmen's work boots that they tend to leave within paw's reach!  I've picked up more than a few one sided chewed gum boots ... along with other bits and pieces which I reckon used to be part of someone's shoes ....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Woods Reporting ...


My bad.  Been real quiet on the Dog Woods blog front.  The renovation has taken over and consumed our daily lives.  Not only are the humans feeling displaced, the dogs too.  With all the tradesmen trooping in and out of Dog Woods, hacking and banging away ... am somewhat relieved that the pack have graciously grown to accept the daily disturbances as part of their day time routine and stay out of harm's way by snoozing.

Renovation: works in progress

They only just about come back to 'life' once the workmen are done for the day i.e. by five in the evening.  I reckon it's more to do with it being dinner time than anything else ... having said that, it's interesting how accurate pooches are in keeping time.  I honestly wonder how they do it.  It's like they have an internal sun-dial or pooch time ...

Am a bit worried about Joe (the Rottie).  He being the oldest of the pack is beginning to limp.  I wonder if it's onset of early dog arthritis?  Or hip dysplasia?  Must get the good Vet to come by and give him a once over.  Other than his limp, he doesn't seem to be in pain.  I've checked at least twice a day.  He's his usual active self.  Eats and always game for a game of fetch.
Joe and his ardent Furkid 'admirer' Tubby Jr.

Why do dogs age so much faster than humans? There's no questioning facts of life even if you wished it were otherwise ... Must do what I can to maintain their health and prolong Dog Woods Pack lifespan.  As much as they drive me up the wall sometimes, they are my Furkids.  I don't know what I'd do without them.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Dexter, resident hooligan of the Dog Woods pack have developed a rather worrying after dinner habit. Most dogs would take the dump after a meal, but not Dexter.  That young dog simply has to slip out through his secret exit, go sniffing about outside and chase the occasional car that drives by.  By then, the rest of the pack are alerted by Dexter's 'extra-curricullar' mischief and are wailing away in protest.  And almost always, an annoyed, very concern human voice can be heard above their barks.

'Deeeeeeexxxxxxttttteeeeeerrrrr! You come back RIGHT NOoooW!!!' 

And as if following a script, he'd come to a screeching halt, turn around, head hung low, tail drooping, with a rather sheepish expression comes trotting back to the main gates to be let back in.  

I suppose I ought to be glad Dexter clearly understands that he should stop whatever he's doing and comes right back.  Am also somewhat relieved that the drivers of cars that Dexter's been chasing have been kind enough to slow down and let him have his 'fun' (without him getting run over).  What am most concerned about are the random cyclists or joggers that out of whim decide to take the short cut by Dog Woods with Dexter lurking outside.   

Knowing Dexter, he'd be having a field day giving chase (thankfully without sinking any teeth)... and that's enough to traumatize anyone!

So far (touch wood), that's not yet happened.  However, at the rate the same scene takes place daily, it's trauma waiting to happen!  Must double my efforts to locate his secret escape route ... I have a suspicion that Dexter's developed climbing skills ... 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tuffy's new friends ...

I've always been wary introducing Tuffy to small people ... he may be furry cute and short but he could easily knock someone over with his sheer bulk.  

So when some Penan children came to visit Dog Woods a few weeks ago, I had the entire pack confined - for their safety.   But Tuffy being Dog Woods Top Dog simply had to make sure the young visitors were warmly welcome.  Needless to say, they were immediately won over.

Here are some of my favourite shots of Tuffy and his new friend.

'Helloooo ...'

Tuffy's signature 'How do you do?' paw greeting