Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Snip-snip ...

Thank you for your feedback. It's been indeed helpful in helping me decide whether or not to snip the Furboys.

Dexter, Wally and Tubby Jr

Yesterday, they had another run-away episode. The workmen were working on the fences and I suppose they decided to take opportunity to make a run for it - yet again.  All three!  Tubby Jr hobbled on home soon after but the other two, Dexter and Wally were gone for hours.  I only found them at about eight in the evening - next door.  The next door neighbours aren't exactly the biggest dog lovers ... because of their cultural and religious beliefs.

Not sure who was more terrified.  The pups or the humans next door.  The quirky thing about the Furkids is when they know they're in trouble - instead of making a run for it, they turn into submissive turtles.  I suppose yesterday was a triple whammy.  First, they knew they were in trouble for being in places that they know I don't approve, they were being cornered - with flash lit unfriendly, strange humans and worst, I had to appear.

And of all places they had to turn turtle was down a steep slope by the common fence of Dog Woods and next door.  Can you imagine the inconvenience and embarassment of having to coax and persuade them to climb out of the ditch like area?!  Fortunately, Wally decided to cooperate.  Dexter on the other hand refused to budge. So I had to do what I had to do, haul Dexter out ... nearly 30 kilos and all.  And all the while, I was mindful not to slip myself.  The neighbour, bless him, was kind enough to help me out of the dark ditch while I manuovered Dexter out.

It's a good thing I've had a lot of practice carrying uncooperative pups who've decided their legs temporarily don't work ... I daresay, it's good strength training ... although usually at the expense of my back *ouch*

So yes!  They are scheduled for a snip.  The good doctor will pick them up next week to get the deed done. Even if it's not an intention of mine to breed them,  I do feel a little sorry, they're having their bits removed.  Hopefully, they'll recover quick and not miss the 'family jewels' too much.


  1. There are SO many reasons fur this to be a WIN WIN fur all!

    We are furry glad to see woo are going to do it!


  2. Good to hear that they're getting snipped.

    Even though Brice is not a runner, he is such a flirt with girl dogs. It was my biggest fear that he would get a whiff of a girl in heat, forget his training, run off and be responsible for an unwanted, unplanned litter of pups.

    Brice did calm down a little after he was snipped but the only negative thing that happened was that his coat did not come back as full and long after his post-neuter coat-blow.

    Your boys will be fine and hopefully it will reduce their roaming tendencies.

  3. Sorry we missed the post about the snip snip decision but are very happy to see you have decided to go ahead!
    They will be fine!
    Loved the story of the disappearing pups and you in the ditch - been there done that, all too recently.
    Good to laugh at someone else cos it isn't so funny at the time when it is you!
    Also your imagination goes into overdrive when they are missing.
    Glad everyone well and safe.

  4. Sorry I am logged into the wrong blog but you know who we are!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. My dogs have always been spayed or snipped first thing. They are much better dogs and you will never be sorry. My Grandpa gave me my first dog, a Boston Terrier, that my Dad wouldn't allow to be snipped and he ran all over all the time looking for romance. He was hit by a car, and killed when he was just 10 years old. So for all kinds of reasons, your decision is the right one!

    Jo and Stella

  6. We agree. My boys don't seem to miss their parts at all and they are very good boys. Fudge, on the other hand, is always in trouble and he's still intact, though maybe not for long.

    Also the boys recover from the surgery much faster than the girls.

  7. Oh goodness! I'm sorry they annoyed the neighbors, but at least they helped "nudge" you on the decision.

  8. I am sure everything will go perfect with their surgery!
    Another interesting run-away episode!
    Glad to know it ended well...
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I am glad to hear they will be snipped :) It will make everyone happier


  10. I also have a sweet puppy..He never bites..he only loves.From few days he was very silent because of illness.Treatment is going on.