Saturday, October 23, 2010

A fluffy addition ...

Found this little bird perched on one of the branches of a sapling last week.  It was night and the tiny fella had fluffed itself into a ball fast asleep.  Initially I thought it was work of on of the pups - could have toss one of it's toys or junk onto the upper branches my plants but upon closer inspection I realised i was looking at a little grey fluffy bird smaller than my balled up fist.

Grabbed my camera - but was a little worried I might startle bird with flash photography.  Tried also to look nonchalant about taking photos of sleeping fluff-ball ... knowing the dogs, my interest in 'Fluffy' would definitely pique their curiousity ... From the size and height of sapling, they simply could just shake the poor bird out of it's perch!

To my relieve I found Fluffy back on the very same branch the following night ... three nights in a row in fact.  And on the fourth when she wasn't there ... I feared the worst.  The dogs had sniffed her out! And birds don't usually fare well at night.  But I think Fluffy (not sure whether it's a he or she), changes her sleeping branch now and again.  Am glad to see her alive and well at the same spot I first spotted her last week.  Not sure what species of bird she is, but she's sure fluffily cute!



  1. Very sweet little bird - hopefully the Dog Woods gang wont find her!

  2. I think little bird is happy that she has someone (you!) to watch over her. Good going!


  3. what a sweet little guy


  4. Such an amazing pics..Little bird looks so cute..Fantastic.Photographer has done great job!!