Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue Bandanna and another bout of - Oh Nooosss ...!!

Hello there!

This be Snoopy. I be doing a quick report today. Donny is definitely mending very nicely. Eating well, strutting about actively, he's even taken to guarding the territorial perimeters of Dog Woods.

But now now have a new set of problems. He's begining to show signs of aggression ... been jumping on alpha Fur Kid Wally for some reason. Maybe now that he feels better and stronger he feels he must UP himself the Dog WOods Packing Order. Right now, he's right at the bottom - being the new comer.

He tried usurping our TOP DOG Tuffy ... but our TOP DOG wouldn't hear of it. Nor did the rest of his loyal followers - i.e. myself, Anna, Trixie and Joe. So, I suppose the next best thing is to usurp the Alpha Fur Kid! He's smaller, more impressionable and easier to push around ...
We had poor Wally's chased about Dog Woods by Donny - and the Chief still on the mend from her couple of holes in her knee is not running as fast as she ought to to intervene!
It's a good thing Donny boy is terrified of tenacious Trixie and that was where clever Wally's taken to hiding.

Tubby & Wally - and what was once THE Blue Bandanna

Luckily Wally's not suffered any injuries. The Chief was a little worried at how ferociously Donny attacked Wally. But you knows, we dogs have hide alot thicker and hardier than the skin that the Chief walks around in ....
Wally's just a little terrified by Donny's sudden singled out aggression on him and that smart boy has chosen to keep his distance even if the Chief's finally got Donny on the leash.
Strangely enough, Donny boy seems to get along perfectly well with Dexter ... maybe its because Dexter is the runt of the Fur Kids. He almost always get bullied by Wally or Tubby. I
suppose they both share an affinity in that sense ...
But if you asked this Smart Cookie, me thinks Dexter's somehow gotten Donny on his side and have him jump on Wally to teach him a lesson. Ah but the intrigue of Dog Woods Pack ....
Wally & Tubby : Who simply has to win? Wally of course, having the longer end of the bandanna


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Donny Boy : A Happy Report

Hello there Furry and Fur-less Readers,

It's Snoopy reporting...

Am happy to report (on behalf of the Dog Woods Pack) that our new boy Donny is now on the road to recovery. He's appetite is back thanks to the (horrid) jabs the V-E-T gave him and the (icky) pills that the Chief been stuffing down his throat! Now that may seem inhumane but that's just about the only way the Chief is able to make us take our medicine - we're too clever in uncovering pills disguised in yummy treat ! :P

Anywoos. Donny's now alot more active these days. His tongue which was once pale with tick fever, is now returning back to it's pink-ish tinge. A sure sign of him being better is when he gives our TOP DOG Tuffy a hard time by yappin' in his ear and trying to challenge the TOP DOG's authority.

I guess the Chief now has another set of issues to deal with now that Donny boy is on his road to recovery i.e. to separate the two challenging males. He (Donny) is still fairly skinny and afraid of storms - which the Chief is still working on ...

He didn't eat dinner this evening (again) because there was thunder in the distant (although it didn't rain). But on the bright side, at least he ate a hearty lunch ... the Chief is feeding him three meals a day (not fair!) to fatten him up!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blue Bandanna VI: Anna the Nana!

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

Sitting Pretty

All's forgiven, that is ... Chief's boo-boo on her knee compliments of Anna - who started it and Donny who was merely defending himself. Anna humoured the Chief by posing very nicely for her blue bandanna shots. A good laugh is all one needs in taking mind away from angry swollen knee. :)

Super Nana ...!

..who disguises as dowdy ol' Nana or Nanny to Fur Kids

Hello there ... :)!

Blue Bandanna V: Fur Kids

Hello there furry good readers,

On a brighter note, these be the next installation of the Blue Bandanna series with the Furkids having their step by step take on how a tie a blue bandanna. Demonstrator is Tubby FurKid and modelling the bandanna is none other than Dexter and Wally in the background.

Tubby : First step ensure toothies are clenched tight on bandanna end ...

Wally : .. like so ....

Tubby: Make a knot ... and pull ....

Tubby : ... and pull some more to ensure its tight ...until ...

Tubby : ... look Chief - a Bandanna Leash! Dexter Heel!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Donny’s diagnosis and a spot of envy ...

Hello there!

The V-E-T came by today and had Donny checked up. He's declared that Donny's got the Tick Fever and reckons he caught it before he was found. As usual, no V-E-T visit is complete without a jab or two and Donny (thank bark-ness the rest of us were spared!) had TWO! One Vitamin shot to boost up his immune system and another for his Fever.

The Chief's worried that he might pass Fever to the rest of us, so Donny's now isolated and has a few different times of pills to take daily. We really feel sorry for him having being subjected to all that needling and pill popping. Apparently the V-E-T's coming by again end of the week to check up on him again ...

The Chief wonders too if Tic Fever is a little bit like Malaria in humans ... where one suffers a fever in a kind of ‘cyclical’ fashion. Fever-Break-Fever ... until the body works up an immunity. She’s noted that Donny seems okay during the afternoons – he actually struts about Dog Woods leaving many pee mails for the rest of us to sniff. But come evening he would just flop in one spot and wouldn’t budge – like his fever has returned and he’s simply too exhausted to eat.

Which leads me (TOP DOG Tuffy) to my next point of my story today ... one, which left the Chief with two fairly deep gashes on her right leg. One on her knee and the other on the back of her knee. Infact, the Chief this afternoon ended up getting a jab herself! An anti-tetanus and is now on a course of anti-biotics, just like Donny!

It all began with spat of envy between Anna and Donny. Anna has made it more than snappingly clear that the Chief is sole-y hers and is not very pleased that Donny is getting all the attention the last couple of days. Usually Donny would shy away. But this afternoon after the V-E-T’s visit, Donny actually retaliated when Anna snapped at him.

It was unfortunate that the Chief's knee was in the way of two furry green-eyed monsters.
Being busy with what she was doing, she hadn't realise that her knee had suffered some casualty until she looked down and saw blood gushing out of her knee. Only then, did she feel the sting of being accidently bitten.

Of course, she doesn’t blame the two. Understandingly, sharing isn’t a canine’s forte. But she’s wary now of working in between of any two jealous dogs. :P

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue Bandanna IV: Donny bark-backs and Furkid Wally

Hello there good furry readers,

We thanks you for all the bark-backs you so kindly left us about dealing with Donny's storm anxiety. The Chief's been reading up loads too on hope to help Donny cope with his fears. We been having rain every evening the last few days ... needless to say, Donny's not eating. However, the Chief has discovered yesterday that Donny likes chicken and so he gets all the choicest chicken bits (not fair!).
Having said that, he's still eating like a bird ... but the Chief is glad that at least he's eating something.

The Chief's considering consulting the V-E-T (oh nosss!!) if he still refuses to eat normally i.e. like the rest of us Dog Woods Pack - who are happily benefiting from Donny boy not touching his share of food.
The thought has crossed her mind ... wondering if Donny's stomach is having difficulty coping with all the food he wolves down on occassions since when he first arrive he was close to starving (juding from his skinny appearance). She's noted that Donny goes through a spells of glutonny - wolfing down everything on his plate and asking for more and then not eating for a spell ...

That Donny better starting eating his food properly because any V-E-T visit is not something we Dog Woods Pack like very much! Two V-E-T visits in a month is wayyyyyyyy too many if you asked this TOP DOG! We're keeping our paws crossed Donny will start eating like a normal Dog Woods canine by tomorrow!

Anywoos, we leave you with the next installment of the Blue Bandanna series with one of my Fur Kid - Wally - whom the Chief says bears some resemblence of a Pit Bull Terrier - minus the colouring and attitude!

Hello There!

Aren't I a handsome pup?

This be how this pup would don a blue bandanna!

..side view ... just like...

...Richard BraNson! of VIRGIN (Airlines) ...

Wally Zzzz...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue Bandanna: Interruption ...

Hello there furry good readers,

We (the Dog Woods Pack) interrupt this blue bandanna series of photo posting with an query.

Donny boy - the latest addition to the Dog Woods Pack is a picky eater to start with. He's been eating quite well lately and putting on some weight until the last few days of rain. So yes, you could say Donny's eating habits is dictated by the weater. He gets terribly anxious and won't touch his food even before the rain arrives - thanks to the Canine's super hearing! What's worst is that in our neck of the woods, the wet weather is usually accompanied by thunder and lightening of varying degree of violence.

We think he's anxiety affects his stomach and his appetite. Not knowing Donny's history we haven't a clue how his fear of rain began - maybe he was abandoned when it was raining? The Chief found him when it was drizzling slightly and he was more than eager to follow her home.... but we digress, this (him not eating) goes on well after any storms. Today it rained in the morning - so he didn't eat his breakfast. And this evening it rained again, so he didn't even touch his dinner.

Of course, we happily gain from him not eating. More share of delicious home cooked food! We could happily ignore Donny's problem but he being one of the Pack now, we're somewhat concerned.

What we want to know - or rather the Chief ... is there any way that she could help Donny overcome his fear for storms and eat even when its thundering out there! She's tried giving him cuddles, putting him in cosy, confined spaces, rubbing him down (which he loves - seems he likes the brush as much as the TOP DOG!), even hand feeding him but to no avail.

Any suggestions would be much much appreciated! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bluebandanna III: Schmoopee-Whoopee!

Hello there!

These be fourth installment of the Blue Bandanna Series feature none other than the Smart Cookie, Snoopy!
  Am afraid most of her pictures came out looking rather grumpy looking - mainly because the Chief interrupted her beauty sleep!  And well, most rude awakenings are never really happy occassions

Snoopy the grumpy 'Dog Guide'

Rebel with a cause - to snooze without being rudely awakened for some silly photo shoot

Hint of a grin ..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blue Bandanna III: The Mask of Tuffy-Wuffy !

Hello there good and gentle readers,

This be TOP DOG Tuffy - attempting to show off my macho handsome-ness with blue bandanna.  Inspired by the movie I watched with the Chief the other day 'The Mask of Zorro' me thoughts I'd strut along those lines (I do fancy being a canine swash buckling version of Zorro) only to find it being swash buckling masked hero is hard business.  This canine had lots of trouble getting into disguise ...

 And so, here it is:-
'The Mask of Tuffy-Wuffy'!
Model : None other than TOP DOG Tuffy

T : 'This be me - in my ordinary Cow Dog disguise - Yee-Ha!!'

T: ' What do I hear distressed calls?  Time to switch to my heroic altered ego! ... Grrr this bandanna's harder to put on that me thoughts'

T: ' Oh nos! I can't see ...!

T :  Uh-Oh ... *muffle*muffle*muffle*muffle*

T: 'At-choo!! *sniff* - Least I caught that sneeze!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Bandanna II: Donny Boy

Here be the second installment of the Blue Bandanna photo shoot with our resident (yes, he's staying!) German Sheepie showing off his handsome-ness.

D: 'What's for dinner?'

D : 'Aren't I a handsome one?'

D : 'Honestly, all posing is making me sleepy ...'

D: 'Perfect to snuggle under... !'

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue bandannas: Trixie the Pixie

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

The Chief's been acting really strange lately.  Inspired by Sue's proposal of having dogs posed in blue bandanna, the Chief whipped out a cloth of blue had us posed with it in various creative
 ways.  It was really quite a new experience for us canines at Dog WOods because we never had to 'wear' anything except our collars and that don't quite last either - we'd chew right through them in no time!  Which is why most of our collars are metal .... 

Knowing she wouldn't stand half the chance of getting us all to pose together in blue bandannas without wrestling each other to chew them off ....she had us all participate in
 'Who wants to be DOG WOODS TOP DOG-el' 

We, of course were excitedly jostling each other to show off our inner DOG-el qualities.

Trixie was first to try her paw at strutting her stuff  ... she being the quickest to out run us lot.  Honestly, she was really quite a diva!

Anywoos, we've never heard the Chief laugh so hard while taking our photos.  We guessed she was having as good and exciting time as us while we did struck our furry poses.

1)  Trixie-Pixie

T: 'What do you mean it's suppose to be tied round my neck?'

T:'Eeek!  I yawned ...'


T:'Let this pro show you how its done ...'

T:'Ta-dahhh!!! Look Chief!  No ears!'

Saturday, May 16, 2009

International Blogger

We at Dog Woods have a new award that we want to pass on to some of our International bloggy friends. But before we do, we would like to thank Sue of the Portuguese Water Blog for passing us this award and all our furry and fur-less readers for giving us at Dog Woods inspiration to paw this blog. We treasure those moments visiting your blogs and being able to share with you the life and day of the Dog Woods Pack.

Anywoos, the conditions for for this award are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you

2. Copy the image, rules and questionnaire

3. Post in your blog.

4. Answer the four questions.

5. Pick SEVEN friends to share with.

6. Come back to BLoGGiSTaiNFoCoRNeR at and leave the URL of your post in order for your blog to be added to the master list.

7. Have fun.

Questions and answers:

1 The person who tagged you? ---- Sue of the Portuguese Water BLog

2. His or her site title and URL?

3.Date you were tagged? May 14th, 2009

4. Persons you tagged?

Martha & Bailey


Tinkerbell, Oscar & Tucker

Huskey & Hershey

Khyra the handsome Siberian Huskey

Bobby from Kind Hearts

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dog Wood's Strategy to keeping cool in the tropics ...

Hello there!

As you are well aware furry readers, our fur coats can never been taken off. For some reason our fur coat comes without an undo zipper - or button ... Of course, in cold days, there's really no reason to complain about warmness of fur coats and all, but in Dog Woods where it is hot and humid - even more so in the last couple of weeks, not being able to take off our fur coats have caused a great deal of heat-y huffing and puffing amongst the lot of us.

I suppose we could simply shave it all off ... but the Chief's said she'd like the idea running about fur-less and having people mistake us as odd looking spotted pigs ...

So, when fur coat zippers disappear, improvise! That's what we Dog Woods Pack have done. To keep cool :-

a) Stay in the sheltered area - under tres, shrubs or where there's cool cool cement walls and floors.

b) Drink lots of water - and make sure your hooman gives your fresh cool water often.

c) Dig holes in garden. That may be initially sweaty business but the benefits of having nice cool hole in the groud to lie on/in far outwears the heat-y efforts.

d) If hole fills up after rain, you'd have yourself a cool muddy pool to wallow in on hot days. The additional benefits of digging many holes in the grounds of Dog Woods ...

... also, don't underestimate the cool-ness of a muddy face pack. Them Fur Kids think its the next best thing to ice lollies ...

Proud muddy face Fur Kids ...

e) If hole in ground doesn't fit all canines of various sizes and colour of your home, the alternative is to lie in/on cool grassy shrubs. That's equally nice and cool ... just be careful about the itch thereafter. Some canines are simply more susceptable to grassy shrubs (like Snoopy) than others ... be also prepared to get an earful from your human about doggedly squishing their nice green flowering plants... We recommend 'convenient canine deaf-ness' in this instance.

f) If all that still gives you the warm-ies. Ask your human for a nice long cool shower ... :)