Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tuffy Roams : Pictures!

Hello there good furry and fur-less readers,

Top Dog Tuffy reporting. I have returned to home sweet Dog Woods. Although I had an exciting and adventurous time hunting for carob, there's really no place like home. Especially with the Swine Flu at looming large, we scuttled home as quickly as we could!

Honestly, all that gallavanting is really quite tiring. According to the Chief the distance between Cat City (Kuching) to Kuala Lumpur or what I previously termed as Kay El is 977km/ 607 miles and from Kuala Lumpur to Perth (Australia) another 4186km/2601 miles. Times that by two we've travelled 10 326 km in the last 10 days! Woo! Now that's at least a gadzillion zoomies around Dog Woods!

Snoopy - my trusty smart side kick is thrilled that we're back. She and the rest of the Dog Woods Pack gave us quite a rousing, loud welcome along with many slobbery kisses and enthusiastic wags. They even made me a bright yellow floral welcome chain ... so sweet of them...

I promised earlier that I'd post photos of the places the Chief and I visited and new friends I made but had trouble uploading on mobile posts. Do forgive the quality of photos - they were taken with the mobile phone's camera that's got a blur spot - thanks to the Chief's clumsiness - she's got butter fingers ... and her phone's starting to protest having being dropped ever so often.
These be my water breathing friends caged in their classy glassy homes. It's small (compared to the rivers and oceans of where they came from) but it's still home for them ...

This here be some cold blooded gecko friends whom I thought were quite cute ... that little guy there was begging me to set him free from the glassy confines of his apartment. But the Chief made me promised not to touch anything so me paws are tied ... pity, It would have been grand to help in the escape of that cute little gecko and his friend...

Being in my best-est, Basset behaviour I had the privilege of being introduced to up close and personal, to my first of feathered friends! 'Squawk-ee' there is really quite a beauty and intelligent too - just like Snoopy. Now that I've gotten to know her, am now regretting all the noisy chases we Dog Woods Pack get up to chasing her feathered kind .... must pass new bark-law when I get back to Dog Woods - No chasing the feathered kind.

While these be more cold blooded kind. Lizards of sorts ... even the Chief is unsure what manner of species they be. But they sure look mighty cosy huddled up together having a snooze ... inspring yours dogg-edly to hunker down and catch some Zzzs myself but the Chief insisted we move on. Oh well ... now you understand why I said the trip was tiring ...

The Chief and I found ourselves before Dog Obedience School ... which I had a rather uneasy feeling about. Was more than a little worried that the Chief had designs of enrolling this Top Dog in Obedience School! (I am not disobedient, thank you very much ... I just have a mind of my own!) But it was a relief that the Chief was merely curious about how they ran Dog Obedience School in Kuala Lumpur. If you magnify the (rather blurred) photo, you'd see the 'trainer' at the far corner of the picture leaning casually on the wall, looking equally uninterested as the puppies enrolled, in the class ... Hehe.

And this be the entrance to the Pet Hotel. Again I was worried that the Chief would leave me behind in some strange smelling place and go off gallavanting on her own. If she did, I would have protested and insist she'd send me home to Dog Woods at ONCE! But again, my canine fears were unfounded ... she kept me close. For once in that strange rather scary instant, I truly appreciated that being on a short leash really isn't a bad thing ...

Okay now ... time for this TOP DOG to take a break and catch up on all the Zzzs that I've been missing since embarking on that adventurous hunt for carob. Will post more pictures in later post ...


  1. Hi Tuffy,

    You sure did a lot of sightseeing. I'm especially fond of those gecko thingies. Thanks for the play-by-play! Nice piccy's.


  2. Hi Tuffy,

    What a great trip! That doggie hotel is very cute, i love the pawprints on the floor.

    Sniffs and licks,


  3. What a vacation you had!!!!!!Thanks for sharing your adventures with us all.

  4. What a great trip, Tuffy!
    You'll have to tell us everything about it~!



  5. What a wonderful trip. We love the flower collar.. hehe

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Furry nice!

    That is khwite a lot of miles to khover!

    But since I'm a husky, I'm game!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  7. Phew wore me out just seeing all those miles you covered. I'm wagging glad you are back. Did you bring some carob back or did you eat it all on the way back?!

    Wiry wags, ERic xxx

  8. Wow ! What a fun day !!
    You guys sure know how to enjoy !! :D

  9. Those Gecko thingies look a lot like our Bearded Dragon thingie, we don't see him much, he's in the other room, but he's a smart aleck, he doesn't like us, he blows his beardie out at us.

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  10. Mom took me to the pet store yesterday too. I tried to attack the goldfish heehee

  11. Woowoowoowoowooo....
    What a great trip you had sweet Tuffy!!!!!!
    You'll have to tell us everything about it....can't wait to see your next post!!!
    Sure you know how to enjoy!!!!!
    We want come with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    can we???????
    Great photos!!!!
    Sweet kisses

    We have posted!!!!!!
    Hope could leave comments on your wonderful blog a lot now!!!!

  13. Hi guys!!! Thanks for visiting our bloggie!! Wow - we can't believe there's NINE of you!!! How awesome!!!

    Licks, Josh and Jessie from New Zealand

  14. What a great trip, and cool animals along the way. a pet hotel, how awesome =)

  15. Wow! That's a lot of zoomies around Dog Woods! Are your legs tired? You must be due for a good long rest after a wonderful holiday like that!

    Jake and Fergi