Thursday, May 7, 2009

New comer ...

Hello there!

Snoopy reporting. Tuffy's been all caught up with the latest exciting change in Dog Woods. The Chief came home two days ago and brought home with her a new dog - A German Shepherd! Tuffy, TOP DOG of DOg Woods being very protective of his territory wasn't at all too please with the arrival of the 'new comer'.

It felt like 'Anna in season' all over again - the wailing, the chasing ... but to our relief that soon ended once TOP DOG Tuffy accepted the arrival of 'new comer'.

Now, you may be asking - isn't NINE dogs more than enough. It certainly is! The 'new comer' is actually a lost dog whom the Chief has decided to give shelter to (No, no, Dog Woods is not a shelter for Lost Dogs! It is actually a private home with lots of space for us canines to run about)

It's been wandering about the neighbourhood now for the last few days now - we Dog Woods canines know of his existence, because we've been giving him barkingly loud warnings i.e. 'Stray NOT into Dog Woods!!'. The Chief too has seen 'new comer' running for cover a few times outside of Dog Woods on her drive home. Thinking he was a neighbour's dog running home she didn't think much of it until yesterday when she encountered the same dog diving into the bushes outside of Dog Woods.

Deciding she'd settle this strange rather lost looking dog once and for all, she went over to the neighbours whom she knows owns a couple of German Shepherds to ask whether they have lost their dog. Neighbours said dog didn't belong to them and by then, 'new comer' decided he liked the Chief and followed her home...

...Of which we Dog Woods canine loudly protested - the loudest being our TOP DOG there. He was very unhappy the Chief allowed a foreign dog into his territory. But thankfully that only lasted for a little while. Now we don't see much point of making a ruckus since it's very thirsty-fying business in our kind of tropical heat.

The 'newcomer' is gradualy setting into the pack of Dog Woods .. though we still won't consider him part of the Pack - yet!

He's mighty skinny for a German Shepherd. Almost aneroxic looking but alert and active. The Chief's trying to fatten him up (like the rest of us rather rotund Dog Woods Pack) hoping one day his humans would come and claim him. We've taken liberty to alert the poo-lice who visit our post box alot, the V-E-T (just in case his humans go looking for him there) and the largest Pet Shop in town.

So, good furry and fur-less readers reading this post, anyone of you lost an adult male German Shepherd with dirty yellow and black striped collar in Cat City (Kuching) please let us know. We'd be happy for 'newcomer' to find his humans ...


  1. Hi!!! Thanks for checking out my blog. We really appreciate the award, but my blogabilities, time and contacts don't allow me to follow through on the award thing. We'll be checking you all out in the future though!!! It sounds like you have a little piece of heaven there!!!

  2. That's a lucky dog to be able to become part of your pack

  3. He is a handsome man!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  4. So will you give 'newcomer' a name??? He is very handsome. We think he may be there for a while - his thinness makes us think he has been out there alone for a while. Your Chief is very nice to help him out.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, nine is a nice number;-)

  5. Very kind of the Chief to be concerned and take care of the pup. He sounds like he needs a good home.

    Three cheers for rescue!


  6. Now that is right neighborly of you to accept him into your pack, even if temporarily. He evidently really needs the rest and help.

  7. Wow, that's great that you're helping that poor guy out. He does sound like he needs a loving home.


  8. How kind the Chief is to give that nice boy a place to stay. I sure hope his owners come and claim him. If not, is going to live with you? What's one more dog?


  9. hey, thank you for the award in your previous post. we will post about it soon!

    that was very nice of your Chief to bring home the lost german shepherd. he is probably tired and hungry from being away from his home. we hope that his people will find him, but we know he will have a good home with you kiddos.


  10. That was very nice of Chief to allow him into your home! :-) He will fit in nicely with your pack.

    Sniffs and licks,


  11. HI Tuffy!
    I sure hope that new comer's owners come for him and if they don't, I hope he finds a wonderful new home! Maybe with you?
    :) TIbby

  12. He's furry handsome!

    I'm sure woo will teach him well!


  13. Mummy has gone all googoo over him. She loves German Shepherds... My brother Jerry was half shepherd. It is furry nice of your Chielf to let him live with you until he finds his Mum & Dad again. You should look at this as a good thing Tuffy... You could train him to be your assistant :)
    Oh, and Mum said she will organize the carob fur your Chief today.
    Big licks to you

  14. We are glad that the newcomer was able to find his way to Dog Woods. He will be in good hands with all of you and the Chief.

  15. Welcome to the newcomer (:
    A good looking boy (:

    Four Musketeers

  16. The 'newcomer' is very lucky that your Chief has found him and took him home.. at least it ensures that he is safe and has a roof over his head and food to keep his tummy full. **big hugs to your Chief**
    Hopefully his family comes for him soon.. poor fella.

  17. Hi, I am sure Donny will come on fine with all your love and care