Friday, May 15, 2009

Dog Wood's Strategy to keeping cool in the tropics ...

Hello there!

As you are well aware furry readers, our fur coats can never been taken off. For some reason our fur coat comes without an undo zipper - or button ... Of course, in cold days, there's really no reason to complain about warmness of fur coats and all, but in Dog Woods where it is hot and humid - even more so in the last couple of weeks, not being able to take off our fur coats have caused a great deal of heat-y huffing and puffing amongst the lot of us.

I suppose we could simply shave it all off ... but the Chief's said she'd like the idea running about fur-less and having people mistake us as odd looking spotted pigs ...

So, when fur coat zippers disappear, improvise! That's what we Dog Woods Pack have done. To keep cool :-

a) Stay in the sheltered area - under tres, shrubs or where there's cool cool cement walls and floors.

b) Drink lots of water - and make sure your hooman gives your fresh cool water often.

c) Dig holes in garden. That may be initially sweaty business but the benefits of having nice cool hole in the groud to lie on/in far outwears the heat-y efforts.

d) If hole fills up after rain, you'd have yourself a cool muddy pool to wallow in on hot days. The additional benefits of digging many holes in the grounds of Dog Woods ...

... also, don't underestimate the cool-ness of a muddy face pack. Them Fur Kids think its the next best thing to ice lollies ...

Proud muddy face Fur Kids ...

e) If hole in ground doesn't fit all canines of various sizes and colour of your home, the alternative is to lie in/on cool grassy shrubs. That's equally nice and cool ... just be careful about the itch thereafter. Some canines are simply more susceptable to grassy shrubs (like Snoopy) than others ... be also prepared to get an earful from your human about doggedly squishing their nice green flowering plants... We recommend 'convenient canine deaf-ness' in this instance.

f) If all that still gives you the warm-ies. Ask your human for a nice long cool shower ... :)


  1. Top tips for keeping your cool! We dont often have the problem of being too hot in Scotland! We like to dig holes and wallow in the mud anyway!
    Canine deafness could be our speciality subject if we were ever to go on Mastermind! (not sure if you get that but quiz programme)
    We think you have the best of times over at Dog Woods but our human does worry about how much mess you all cause. She is worn out with two digging up her garden - not to mention peeing on the grass!
    You guys are just too cool!
    Martha & Bailey xx

  2. I love the piccy of all of you in the tiny shrubs. We stay cool by running through the sprinkler and we also have our own pool. Later, the yard turns to mud and it makes mom scream. That's really funny.


  3. Love the mud puddles, but how I cope, is to lay upside down on the bed, with the ceiling fan running and the A/C on.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. I still khan't imagine living in a place with weather like 'that' -

    I soooo khommend woo!

    I'm a fan of the magikh khool air machine!

    Happy Weekend to all of woo in The D-Woods!


  5. What wonderful pictures, especially the muddy faces and lying on top of the shrubbery. With ten they can get quite creative, can't they?

  6. These are all great suggestions for keeping cool. Thanks guys! We are going to have to try the mud puddle one!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  7. We all go to the beach if its hot, but it is not often so hot we can not stand it.

  8. That is some great advice. thank you

  9. Hi, Tuffy!
    Today we had 102 degrees here! I don't have a garden to dig a nice hole and put water in it!
    But I have nice and cold tiled floor in my house and my mini pool!
    I wish I could play in a mud puddle! Looks so fun!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Those are some very interesting ways to keep cool. The OP Pack prefers to stay inside and stretch out in front of or on top of one of the nice cool machine vents:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  11. Thanks for those warm weather tips. The mud hole looks like it is worth trying.


    P.S. When Mango saw the pups in the garden he thought maybe your mom was growing pups. What a dope.

  12. Great ideas guys. We have it hot too. let's practice some of your tricks.
    Nice WUUUH

  13. hello dog woods dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay theez ar grayt tips to stay cool!!! we do not git that hot heer on the coast eksept for trixie becuz of her thik fur so i wil pas this informayshun along to her!!! ok bye

  14. Hi Tuffy,

    Those are great ideas for keeping cool - I must try some out! Although it's not very hot here in NZ, us giant breeds overheat really easily! So thanks for the great tips!

    Honey the Great Dane