Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dog Woods Pack at Play ...

Hello there! Snoopy and myself - Top Dog Tuffy have decided to do a joint post on the varying styles of play at Dog Woods. We each have our own particular preferences. So first, we'd start with:-
I) Joe the Rottie and Trixie the Belgian Malinois - the biggest and roughest two dogs of Dog Woods.



They are number one at the game of 'Fetch'. Infact, they like the game so much, they can go and on and on in exclusion of other Dog Woods Pack - if they had things their way. We smart Basset Hounds reckon, that the only time they would stop is when their legs give way and they black out from over exertion and heat!!

Not that it's ever happened since the Chief wisely rations out their exercise with many water breaks in between and stops when she thinks they've had enough.

To be precise, it's Joe that does the 'Fetching' and obediently returns toy to human for another round of throws while Trixie attempts the 'Snatching'. So really it ought to be called, 'Fetch-Snatch'. When Trixie succedes in Snatching the game of Fetch will come to a screeching halt - and all at Dog Woods Pack will watch Joe chase Trixie. Which Trixie delights in for some reason she loves being chased! We think it's because she can really RUN!

The thrill of being chased!

But usually, Trixie's quite good in a sense after making the ol' boy run rounds around Dog Woods - enough to make his head spin, she would finally relinquish toy/plastic bottle so that the game of Fetch-Snatch can resume with human.
II) Next comes Anna, the other big dog of Dog Woods. She's more of a solitary player. She likes to chase and hunt and kill pesky little critters like geckos, birds, rats and squirrels. She's been fairly successful so far except when it comes to them squirrels.


III) The Fur Kids - Brandi, Dexter, Tubby and Wally take after their mother Anna alot. These days, she's got them kids on tow whenever she goes around Dog Woods looking for prey. Unlike the Doberman ways of stealth, them kiddies on hunts bay can't help but bay excited (like their ol' Basset Hound Dad) - we fear, contributes to Anna's recent lack of hunting success. :P

Fur Kids! From left to right : Tubby, Wally, Dexter and Brandi

IV) When it comes to us Basset Hounds', we Snoopy and I like to 'Beg for Treats' ! You may think that doesn't constitute exercise but to muster that oh-so-charming antics - the expression, the kisses and the special 'Please can I have some ...?' gentle bark does burn some calories. It has to ... why do you think we have the hungries all the time?

Ok, ok so we do indulge in spots of rigourous wrestling once in while - which the Fur Kids seem to also take after since they have many rough and tumble wrestling matches in between chases. Sometimes when Anna's not into her hunting days, she would happily join in the fray ...

That's TOP DOG me showing the Snoopy some of my cool 'Kung Fur' moves ...

Wrestling Melee: Fur Kids and Bassets!

Wrestling at large : Anna, Fur Kids and Bassets

Then there's the new boy, Donny. We're not sure what he exactly prefers for his play but we've noticed he likes to go for walkies and sticks to the Chief like glue! The Chief is thinking of trying him out with the ball and see how he reacts to it.


  1. Hi everydoggie,

    First off, Happy Mother's Day Chief!!

    We just loved playing scoop on all of you. Winder just what Donny will like to do. I gave up on squirrels so now I just play at catching bugs and then giving them to Mommy as a gift.


  2. WOW!

    What a great and infurmative post!

    Happy Mum's Day!


  3. What a lot of dogs! Your mom certainly deserves a big treat for looking after you all!
    We hope you have something planned for Mother's Day although it isn't Mother's Day in the UK!
    We liked the pictures - Joe looks cool and laid back! Anna might be better leaving the kids at home for hunting - we get so excited when we pick up a scent that we forget and makes lots and lots of noise too! As you say it must be a basset thing!
    Martha & Bailey xx

  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks for posting the pics of all your buddies! I hope Donny is fitting in and lovin' his new life!

    Sniffs and licks,


  5. Poor, beautiful Anna! I know JUST how just feels about those EVIL squirrels!


  6. What nice pics of the whole pack. I had never met Trixie before. She's beautiful. I hope the new kid is starting to feel comfortable. I think the fur-kids are just so adorable. Love that they bay like their daddy. Have fun everyone.

  7. Hello there Sue,

    Trixie is the Pixie that's simply much too fast for us to take pictures! She runs like the wind- almost ...We do have pictures of her in our older posts ... but will definitely get round to posting more about her.

  8. hello dog woods dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is kwite the pak wot yoo hav got their!!! owr pak heer is mutch smaller altho we do hav owr own trixie but she duz not luk like yorez and she is not the fastest dog heer that is stil tucker altho i am gayning on him!!! ok bye

  9. Tee and family,
    On June 10 we plan to post pics of all our dog friends on our blog. We'll all be wearing blue bandannas. Will you all join us? It can be one group shot or individual pics. We know how hard it is to get group shots. Do you have a blue bandanna to wear? Please send your pics to our email address and join us.
    Your Portie friends

  10. Great games! I like fetch best myself!

  11. It is nice to have such a variety of players, isn't it,Tuffy? Maybe Donny will learn to fetch and snatch some treats and then wrestle with the Fur dogs to get them to you.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Hi, Tuffy!
    You all are so different! Thanks for telling us about each one of you!
    I think I am like you... begging sure is tiring!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. What great games!! Happy Mother's day to your mom =)

  14. Happy MOTHERS DAY, and also, there is so much going on at your place! Very interesting

  15. So pleased to see 'begging for treats' recognized as both good exercise and an achievement that requires a certain level of skill...
    Oh, and thanks for nominating me for an award a few days ago. Apologies for not responding sooner, but I've been away from the computer for a week. Unfortunately, she who controls my access to the internet has decreed that I'm not allowed to accept awards in case I get too big headed.
    But thanks again anyway!
    Cheers, H.

  16. Hahhah.. we love your kung fur moves!!

  17. Hi Tuffy
    Can you please tell your Chief that Mum posted the package fur you today :)
    Big licks to you