Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue Bandanna and another bout of - Oh Nooosss ...!!

Hello there!

This be Snoopy. I be doing a quick report today. Donny is definitely mending very nicely. Eating well, strutting about actively, he's even taken to guarding the territorial perimeters of Dog Woods.

But now now have a new set of problems. He's begining to show signs of aggression ... been jumping on alpha Fur Kid Wally for some reason. Maybe now that he feels better and stronger he feels he must UP himself the Dog WOods Packing Order. Right now, he's right at the bottom - being the new comer.

He tried usurping our TOP DOG Tuffy ... but our TOP DOG wouldn't hear of it. Nor did the rest of his loyal followers - i.e. myself, Anna, Trixie and Joe. So, I suppose the next best thing is to usurp the Alpha Fur Kid! He's smaller, more impressionable and easier to push around ...
We had poor Wally's chased about Dog Woods by Donny - and the Chief still on the mend from her couple of holes in her knee is not running as fast as she ought to to intervene!
It's a good thing Donny boy is terrified of tenacious Trixie and that was where clever Wally's taken to hiding.

Tubby & Wally - and what was once THE Blue Bandanna

Luckily Wally's not suffered any injuries. The Chief was a little worried at how ferociously Donny attacked Wally. But you knows, we dogs have hide alot thicker and hardier than the skin that the Chief walks around in ....
Wally's just a little terrified by Donny's sudden singled out aggression on him and that smart boy has chosen to keep his distance even if the Chief's finally got Donny on the leash.
Strangely enough, Donny boy seems to get along perfectly well with Dexter ... maybe its because Dexter is the runt of the Fur Kids. He almost always get bullied by Wally or Tubby. I
suppose they both share an affinity in that sense ...
But if you asked this Smart Cookie, me thinks Dexter's somehow gotten Donny on his side and have him jump on Wally to teach him a lesson. Ah but the intrigue of Dog Woods Pack ....
Wally & Tubby : Who simply has to win? Wally of course, having the longer end of the bandanna



  1. Since Monty died in December we've had rearrangements in the pack order. Samba secured top spot very quickly, but Noah and Fudge are still battling at times. I wish they'd get this worked out so we could have peace and quiet around here.

    Your bandana pics are wonderful. I laugh every day.

  2. Oh dear, this is quite worrying - it is good that Donny is doing well but as you say with that come problems.
    We hope he finds his place in the pack without too much upset!
    Hopefully he will accept he cannot be top dog at Dog Woods!
    Paws crossed.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  3. I really think hounds are especially aware of potential shifts in pack order. Good luck with that...

  4. I suwe hope the owdew get weastablished and evewyone becomes happy at wondewful dogwoods
    love and smoochie kisses

  5. I certainly hope things calm down with your pack and Donny. He may be feeling much better and now just trying to figure out his place in the pack.

    I have owned German Shepherds for years, of course the Aussies too. When we lost Princess my gsd, 2 years ago, the pack order changed quite a bit, then again after losing Jake 4 weeks ago, we are again going through some changes. It takes time, and can be scary, especially seeing the size of Donny, compared to the rest.

    I do hope things settle for all of you at Dog woods!

  6. I hope things calm down a bit with Donny. He has to learn where he belongs in the pack, but make sure Mommy is #1. (At least that is what they should think)
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. Sure is not easy to deal with Donny's behavior. I hope he calms down and everything goes well!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I'm an only pup too but my doggie friends and I do have a little strop sometimes with each other, to see who's boss (and no, it's not me - even though I'm bigger than everybody!!)...I hope you guys work it out soon, so that your human is less worried. Although it is true that a lot of our "dog fights" are just a lot of noise and posturing - it just looks and sounds really scary! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. I hope they aren't playing a game of Big Brother and forming alliances and such...

    I know evfurryone (khanine and hooman) will do all they khan to keep the peace fur the most...

    Paws khrossed fur all!


  10. The problem your having sounds like the problem we have here at my house with our cats! No one can get along. Continous fighting. All these cats were dumped off and we took them in- what else could we do! Even though they are all outdoor cats and have plenty room to run- they always fight.
    I hope your issues resolve soon!

  11. Hope everything works out and everyone finds there place - i am alpha boy in the house but i let sweetie think she is important - and we both rule the little squirt

    woodrow Sweetie & MJ

  12. That bandana sure looks like fun. I hope that everything settles down over there real quick.


  13. Can we tug on your bandana too?

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  14. Ooh--I'm curious to see how it all plays out.

  15. Lots going on down in the woods today! Hope Donny finds his place soon.And that blue banana is going to turn into two soon!

    Wiry wags Eric xxxx

  16. Oh dear. Pecking orders and hierarchies are hard to stir up. We're crossing our paws that a good balance comes back to the pack really soon and peacefully.

    Sending you zen,
    Jake and Fergi