Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Donny’s diagnosis and a spot of envy ...

Hello there!

The V-E-T came by today and had Donny checked up. He's declared that Donny's got the Tick Fever and reckons he caught it before he was found. As usual, no V-E-T visit is complete without a jab or two and Donny (thank bark-ness the rest of us were spared!) had TWO! One Vitamin shot to boost up his immune system and another for his Fever.

The Chief's worried that he might pass Fever to the rest of us, so Donny's now isolated and has a few different times of pills to take daily. We really feel sorry for him having being subjected to all that needling and pill popping. Apparently the V-E-T's coming by again end of the week to check up on him again ...

The Chief wonders too if Tic Fever is a little bit like Malaria in humans ... where one suffers a fever in a kind of ‘cyclical’ fashion. Fever-Break-Fever ... until the body works up an immunity. She’s noted that Donny seems okay during the afternoons – he actually struts about Dog Woods leaving many pee mails for the rest of us to sniff. But come evening he would just flop in one spot and wouldn’t budge – like his fever has returned and he’s simply too exhausted to eat.

Which leads me (TOP DOG Tuffy) to my next point of my story today ... one, which left the Chief with two fairly deep gashes on her right leg. One on her knee and the other on the back of her knee. Infact, the Chief this afternoon ended up getting a jab herself! An anti-tetanus and is now on a course of anti-biotics, just like Donny!

It all began with spat of envy between Anna and Donny. Anna has made it more than snappingly clear that the Chief is sole-y hers and is not very pleased that Donny is getting all the attention the last couple of days. Usually Donny would shy away. But this afternoon after the V-E-T’s visit, Donny actually retaliated when Anna snapped at him.

It was unfortunate that the Chief's knee was in the way of two furry green-eyed monsters.
Being busy with what she was doing, she hadn't realise that her knee had suffered some casualty until she looked down and saw blood gushing out of her knee. Only then, did she feel the sting of being accidently bitten.

Of course, she doesn’t blame the two. Understandingly, sharing isn’t a canine’s forte. But she’s wary now of working in between of any two jealous dogs. :P


  1. Ouch!! With ten dogs I always have scratches and bruises and have received a bite or to. Occupational hazard.

    I hope Donny is feeling better soon.

  2. Oh dear - poor Chief!! Glad you have discovered what it wrong with Donny - besides the green eyes monster!
    Glad the rest of your escaped the attentions of the V-E-T!
    We have learned the less contact we have with them the better!
    Hope the Chief heals quick so you she can keep up the good work.......
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. glad Donny is getting the love and attention he needs. what a lucky beautiful dog.

  4. Oh, Jan is cringing at just the thought of the pain of those two accidental bites. We hope the Chief heals quickly.

  5. Hahaha looks like a real killer! And I thought I was the one with the bad rep!

    Thanks for dropping by. My turn to get the thermometer and syringe from the "you know who" tomorrow.

  6. ouch... we hope the chief heals up quickly.

    We also hope Donny is better soon.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  7. Poor Donny! Poor Chief!! My mommy has gotten many MANY bites, scratches, knocks and bruises form all 6 of us! We feel the pain! I hope Donny gets much better!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  8. Oh no, that's quite an owie! Hope it heals up fast!

  9. Oh yes!

    My mom has a divot in her arm from where she put her forearm between two of my past sibestas -

    Paws khrossed fur Donny to get better!