Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unwittingly Spooked

I don't know if you believe in the unseen world of spirits but I just realised, belatedly that is, that it's the Chinese 'Halloween Month'.  They call it the Hungry Ghost festival - where the gates of hell opens for a month to let its inhabitants roam the earth

I never thought myself as one that's superstitious nor have a certain sensitivity for the unseen, but all of today ignorant of the fact that the evil spirits have been let loose to roam earth,  I've been feeling, I could only describe as an ominous feeling that something not quite good was about to happen or happening.  And that puzzled me ... I mean sure, I may on occasions have certain reservations and anxieties about things, but this was the sort of gnawing anxiety that I can't seem to shake off no matter how rational I thought about it.

Strangely enough, it began at the stroke of midnight.  For some reason that inexplicable descending dread kept me up tossing and turning till the wee hours ... while the dogs howled... I suppose the pack knew something ominous unfolding while their disturbed, anxious, puzzled human was getting increasingly annoyed that it would soon be dawn and she's still awake.

It was only a few hours ago, while admiring the full moon rise above Dog Woods with the pack, wondering about the firecrackers crackling in the distance (it's not quite a Muslim practice to set off firecrackers during the fasting month of Ramadan) - wondering what occasion was ...after all, firecrackers are burned to chase away evil spirits ... I finally remembered someone mentioning yesterday evening that today marks the Hungry Ghost Festival.

So that inexplicable uneasiness and anxiety was merely a case of being spooked!  And while I felt it distinctly, I hadn't really recognized it for what it truly about.  That must have frustrated some evil spirits ... ;)

As I was writing the paragraph above, there was a shattering of glass below.  The mess is all cleared now.  Am relieved that no one was hurt.  Thankful that all throughout this puzzlingly ominous disturbing day, I had taken the time to pray, to seek out divine intervention to see us through the day .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day and life of the Dog Woods Pack

Honestly, a dog's life of the Dog Woods Pack really is not bad at all.  They don't have to worry about where or when their next meal is.  A roof over their heads.  They have more than an acre of yard to run about.  Daily human  interaction, affection and attention which they simply cannot get enough off .... I reckon they only stress they suffer from are from the good Vet's visit (Snoopy gets most upset!), excitedly chasing down all sorts of creepy crawlies, from pesky squirrels and rats to the occasional pedestrian walking outside the fences of Dog Woods.  And perhaps a spot of green envy.  Everyone wants to be fussed over by yours truly at the same time!  I sometimes wish, with eight of them jostling for a rub-down, I had eight arms instead of only two!  

Speaking about fussing over the Dog Woods pooches. They get massaged daily which they can't get enough of.  Talk about a good life!  I don't even get that kind of treatment and I'm a hoo-man!  They (the pooches) got it spot on.  We are their slaves!  But honestly, with the loyalty and abundance of affection, in addition to being accidently trodded on, pushed, jostle and jumped on, I really don't mind being their biped slave ... 

I've since - with the amount of affectionate activities that takes place in Dog Woods stopped wearing anything that resemblance a dress or a skirts. With jeans one can ignore their cold wet noses sniffing up your legs, or run after an errant pup up to no good ... but not in a skirt or a dress!  :p

So while i wrestle the throes of renovation works, tradesmen and the mess they leave behind, them pooches are having it good.  They've grown accustom to the constant banging and hacking and snooze right through it!  The Furkids also find the evolving structures very interesting to explore ... unfortunately at the expense of them workmen's work boots that they tend to leave within paw's reach!  I've picked up more than a few one sided chewed gum boots ... along with other bits and pieces which I reckon used to be part of someone's shoes ....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Woods Reporting ...


My bad.  Been real quiet on the Dog Woods blog front.  The renovation has taken over and consumed our daily lives.  Not only are the humans feeling displaced, the dogs too.  With all the tradesmen trooping in and out of Dog Woods, hacking and banging away ... am somewhat relieved that the pack have graciously grown to accept the daily disturbances as part of their day time routine and stay out of harm's way by snoozing.

Renovation: works in progress

They only just about come back to 'life' once the workmen are done for the day i.e. by five in the evening.  I reckon it's more to do with it being dinner time than anything else ... having said that, it's interesting how accurate pooches are in keeping time.  I honestly wonder how they do it.  It's like they have an internal sun-dial or pooch time ...

Am a bit worried about Joe (the Rottie).  He being the oldest of the pack is beginning to limp.  I wonder if it's onset of early dog arthritis?  Or hip dysplasia?  Must get the good Vet to come by and give him a once over.  Other than his limp, he doesn't seem to be in pain.  I've checked at least twice a day.  He's his usual active self.  Eats and always game for a game of fetch.
Joe and his ardent Furkid 'admirer' Tubby Jr.

Why do dogs age so much faster than humans? There's no questioning facts of life even if you wished it were otherwise ... Must do what I can to maintain their health and prolong Dog Woods Pack lifespan.  As much as they drive me up the wall sometimes, they are my Furkids.  I don't know what I'd do without them.