Monday, August 16, 2010

Day and life of the Dog Woods Pack

Honestly, a dog's life of the Dog Woods Pack really is not bad at all.  They don't have to worry about where or when their next meal is.  A roof over their heads.  They have more than an acre of yard to run about.  Daily human  interaction, affection and attention which they simply cannot get enough off .... I reckon they only stress they suffer from are from the good Vet's visit (Snoopy gets most upset!), excitedly chasing down all sorts of creepy crawlies, from pesky squirrels and rats to the occasional pedestrian walking outside the fences of Dog Woods.  And perhaps a spot of green envy.  Everyone wants to be fussed over by yours truly at the same time!  I sometimes wish, with eight of them jostling for a rub-down, I had eight arms instead of only two!  

Speaking about fussing over the Dog Woods pooches. They get massaged daily which they can't get enough of.  Talk about a good life!  I don't even get that kind of treatment and I'm a hoo-man!  They (the pooches) got it spot on.  We are their slaves!  But honestly, with the loyalty and abundance of affection, in addition to being accidently trodded on, pushed, jostle and jumped on, I really don't mind being their biped slave ... 

I've since - with the amount of affectionate activities that takes place in Dog Woods stopped wearing anything that resemblance a dress or a skirts. With jeans one can ignore their cold wet noses sniffing up your legs, or run after an errant pup up to no good ... but not in a skirt or a dress!  :p

So while i wrestle the throes of renovation works, tradesmen and the mess they leave behind, them pooches are having it good.  They've grown accustom to the constant banging and hacking and snooze right through it!  The Furkids also find the evolving structures very interesting to explore ... unfortunately at the expense of them workmen's work boots that they tend to leave within paw's reach!  I've picked up more than a few one sided chewed gum boots ... along with other bits and pieces which I reckon used to be part of someone's shoes ....


  1. Yes, our human slaves sometimes feel sorry for themselves too.....!
    Of course we are treated better - it is your job to pamper us and keep us content!
    In return we help you to remember and focus on the important things in life - you need that with all the stress of renovation going on.
    Thank dogness the dog woods pack are there.....!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  2. I could use a massage right now... Might have to call the spa and see what I can manage for Saturday...

  3. We also get the nightly massages as well. We usually have spa night 2 times a week where we get our ears and teeth done. We have special secret formula from our vet man that works awesome for the hound gunk. We actually have to do the vet visit tonight for our kennel cough for the waddle and Winston gets a shot in the butt oh nails as well since we don't allow HDM to touch them. Also, Winston hates to have his butt touched/checked ever since he got overheated at the waddle 2 years ago and Dr. Crowin took his temp. I have never seen eyes bulge out of a hounds head like they did that day. We are glad to see that you guys get the massages as well and our humans says she deserves one but never gets one. Also, we hope we can catch you at the waddle this year. We are camping and will be the camper nearest the DQ, for some tasty treats. :) Cleo, Winston and Amiee

  4. Ha ha, I gave up on skirts long ago. Noah especially likes to investigate under skirts. I've also discovered this summer when I switched to shorts, that they like to wipe their faces on my pants after eating. I learned this when they started wiping their messy faces on my bare legs. Now I carry a towel around to wipe them first.

    Can't wait to see your renovations completed.

  5. Yeah i need a massage too! You're right about wiping their messy faces on my pants ... *sighs*

  6. Ladies, Ladies!

    If you just had ONE dog, you can wear shorts and play dodge 'em when you see them coming for you.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the renovations, too!

    Jo (and Stella outdoors in our milder weather!)

  7. It's a dog's life!
    And my mom wishes she could live it in the same way!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I think our dogs' dreams are living in a place like the Dog Woods. Then they wake up and realize they are stuck in Chicago.

  9. Dog Woods sounds like a happy paws place :) It even has work boots to chew and hide!

    Waitin to see what the place looks like post renovation,

  10. Very exciting with all the renovations, bet it will look great once it is done :)

  11. you sure do have a great life :) sounds like a place my pups would love to visit

    Don't forget, we moved to

  12. All is going well and hope it will continue with all this. It's a great pleasure to stuck with puppies and work for them.