Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something extraordinary...


It's Dexter!

Today I did something quite extraordinary. 

I asked Grammy Chief for a shower! *shock!horror!*

Now what could have gotten to my furry brains you ask??

Don't know, really .... I saw Chief-y giving Daddy Tuffy a shower (he asked for it too) and followed by Uncle Joe (who also asked for it).  They both seemed to enjoy the entire hosing down alot so I thought ... since it was also a very hot and humid day, why not give it a try?

And a try it was.  Even the Chief was incredulous when I stood by the garden hose and look up at good ol' Chief expectantly ... not scampering away as I usually do.

"Dexter?!  You want a shower?!?!" 

I even let her finish washing off all the suds before I waddling off!

Now that am all nice and cool the Chief tells me moments like these makes her want to buy a lottery ticket.  "Who knows?  I might strike the jackpot!" 
My un-showered brothers and I

It's all jibberish to this furry pup.  What's a jackpot?  If it's not food-ables am not innerested...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Awooo there!

Dexter here.  I like to share with you this fun ritual we Furkids devised called 'Bounce!'

Bounce! is all about showing our furry furry furry appreciation to our one and only Grammy Chief- who cares for us, feeds us and fusses over us.
Without her we're lost!
First, run with all your might.  Locate adored human bean - (in our instance, Grammy Chief).
Then, launch, leap - whatever that would propel you towards your wonderful human target.  And ...


Gets Chief-y every time!
We always get to hear her 'yelp' in response ... 


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here at Dog Woods we offer a wide range of day spa and mini-day spa packages. All our spa packages include a Day Spa Pass which gives you full access to Dog Woods Spa facilities.  

We would like a emphasize that this invitation is exclusively for DOGS ONLY (since we know for sure - judging from our Chief's reaction) that your human mommies and daddies would definitely NOT APPROVE).   

1.  The Roll in the Sand Experience:-

This is the ultimate exfoliating and rolling experience will actively sweep away all previous squeaky sudsy attempts  of your human to noxiously shampoo you, leaving fur wonderfully sandy and dusty.  

This therapy allows dogs free access to roll in the cool sandy hill of Dog Woods to their heart's content.  Followed by restful lie in the sand, the sandy spa experience will leave any pup fully 'refreshed' and revitalized.

We do not, however, recommend dogs to lick sand because this would leave less sand for the rest of us enthusiastic pups to roll in.

2.  The Mud Pack

This age old dog beauty secret of cool aromatic mud generously applied all over body will give any pup an instant attractive muddy appeal and reverse any canine aging.    This cool mucky technique also aims to combat any heat lethargy, release tension and combat tight muscles and speeds up zoomies.  

'Zoomies ...'

Unlimited mud wallow specials (where pups can wallow in mud till a mucky mess) are limited to rainy days only.

3.  Dog-roma-therapy

This therapeutic smelly experience will reawakened any pup's sense of smell and fun.  Reeking to high heaven - this smelly sensation will repel most humans (other than your mom who's probably going to check you in for a shower, so proceed with caution)  

This ultimate reeking experience promotes a wholistic sense of well being and and relaxation leaving any pup 'de-parFUME-fied' and canine-ly energetic.

Due to the fact that trails of thrash juice only happen twice a week (after the rubbish truck's visit) we can only offer the Dog-roma-therapy ton Tuesdays and Fridays.

All Dog Woods Spa packages include complimentary and unlimited drinks from muddy watering hole, garden dig outs (any where you please!) and fun  hunt and chase of any other non canine creatures (with the exception of humans), unlimited roll in the grass and lunch of kibble.  

Unlimited roll in the grass

Mud drinks galore!

Free lifetime Dog Woods spa membership is offered to any pup who'd chew holes into reels of Dog Woods' garden hoses!!

Friday, April 9, 2010



Dexter again ...

Today I was conned by You-knows-who ... :P

Grampy's sure has many tricks up her sleeve.  She lured all three of us (Daddy Tuffy and Brother Tubby) where the garden hose was and caught hold of me! (I didn't know she had showered Daddy and Tubby earlier)  I could have put up a fight but out of respect for good ol' Grampy who can sometimes be sneaky (like in this VERY instance) I gave in.  It has been a hot couple days after all and me being dark fur-ed and all ... I suppose a shower would do me some good ...

So! Grampy's happily hosing me down with (nice cool) water and giving me a good scrub.  Just when soap was lathering , all nice and bubbly - I gave Grampy a slip and ran off to join my momma and sissy at barking at some thing in the far corner of Dog Woods.

Woo hoo!! Ruff! Wuff! Wuff! Wuff!

All I heard as I excitedly bolted was a distant yelp - by You-knows-who.  Heard my name too.  But judging from the tone and the way it's called i.e. 'Dddeeeeexxxxxx-Ttttteeeeerrrrr!!!', my canine instincts tell me that it's best to lay low for a bit and stay as Faaarrrrr away from Grampy Chief's longest garden hose (she got 'em in the gigantuan reels! I kid you not!)

As for my horrid smelling lathering bubbles,  I gave myself a good roll in the sand hill (which i shall tell you about one day) to squish 'em.  Haha!!  Nothing like a good roll in the sand to give you that good ol' sandy feeling of muck and grime.  Wheeeeee!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Once upon a time ....

... not a very long while ago, Anna's ears looked like this:-


After a few but violent clashes with late Trixie (the Belgian Malinois), her ears now look like this:-

Half droopy...

Am not sure there's anything one can do about it but to live with it.  Anna doesn't seem to mind with her new state of ears, I guess I shouldn't fret ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Canned barks and Coonhounds

Hi!  it's Dexter again!

Grammy Chief says I bark funny.   Am not sure what she means - because I certainly wasn't trying to be funny when I bark.  I was being in my most serious, watchdog self *GRRrrr*

But according to Gramps, my bark sounds 'Canned'. When asked to elaborate, she says it's sounds like a steel-ly squeaky attempt of a bark in a can.  Harumph!  That doesn't sound at all flattering...

Grampy's consoled me saying it's unique.  If  the pack were to bark in unison, she can tell which bark is Dexter's.  It's a pitched above the rest apparently.

I just discovered that we (my siblings and I that is) look like Coonhounds today.  I haven't heard of coonhounds so I doo-gled it.   Here's a picture I found from be web.  Don't you think the resemblance is uncanny?


Alright, admittedly maybe just the face - I am a wee bit shorter and longer than the rest of my siblings.  Grampy Chief says I look more like an oversized sausage dog.  Harumph!  Just when I thought she's being mean to me to today  (two insults in one sitting is too much!), Gramps goes on to ask 'why's Dexter so irresistably cute?' and gives me such an affectionate hug I forget what I was sore about in the first place.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Opening gates with me snooters - a post by Dexter

Awoo, arroo, awoo ...(translated : Allo, allo, allo!)

Dexter on the blogs!

Yes, yes ... I knows all's been quiet on the Dog Woods blogs since Trixie's passing.  We all miss her still.   Grammy Chief and Joe don't look so down these days ... they still go about their daily 'Fetch game' routine at the exclusion of the rest of the pack.  (Boo!)  Mind you, that's not stop us from enthusiastically joining in but almost always the Grammy and Joe would growl at us to 'back off'.  According to the Grammy Chief, the aim of the game is to fetch the toy NOT jump on Joe ( all FIVE of us - Mama Anna included)

Boo!  Talk about spoil sports.

I suppose it's a good thing too ... because all Fetch games end in showers.  *Brrrrr*  Honestly, I wonder what ol' Joe the Rottie sees in them.  He sure seem to enjoy it alot.  Either that, or he simply knows how to indulge Grammy Chief - who (I daresay obsessed) with showering us lot.  Trixie used to indulge Grammy too. Dada Tuffy and Aunty Poopie would on some very hot occasions indulge in some cooling down but somehow we pups never quite caught on.  I reckon we take after Mama - who'd scuttle as quickly as her long legs can carry her the minute she hears water running!  Too bad our legs aren't as long as Mama's ...(we always get caught :P)

Anywoos.  If you don't know which Dobie-Hound is Dexter.  This be me on the RIGHT (as I usually am ...;)) The handsomest of the lot.  Unlike my three other siblings I'm have more silky black markings.   The Chief says I'm possibly the longest dog in Dog Woods.  I think that was mean to be a compliment - esp. when my 'sits' are  described (by ol' Grammy Chief as) 'strange squat on my hind-nies (legs)' or a 'side legged flop'.  The Chief reckons the day I do a proper sit on my bum, my front legs won't be able to touch the ground ... which almost always leaves her chuckling with amusement.  Unfortunately,  I don't always get human humour ... :P

Well!  What can I say.  I am unique.  My tail is alot curlier too, unlike me ol' dad, Aunty Poops and siblings Brandi's, Wally's and Tubby Jr boringly stick straight tails - which in all my unique Dexter-ness makes me the cuter-est of the Dog Woods Pack!  Now you now why my sister Brandi tends to pick on me ... she's jealous I'm cuter than she is!

As to this blog title 'Opening gates with me snooters' - I proudly can!  Am just about the only pup in the Dog Woods Pack tradition of being able to open gates and doors with my snooters.  The rest tend to prefer their paws.  What can I say?  Am Dexter-ly unique!  ;)