Friday, April 2, 2010

Opening gates with me snooters - a post by Dexter

Awoo, arroo, awoo ...(translated : Allo, allo, allo!)

Dexter on the blogs!

Yes, yes ... I knows all's been quiet on the Dog Woods blogs since Trixie's passing.  We all miss her still.   Grammy Chief and Joe don't look so down these days ... they still go about their daily 'Fetch game' routine at the exclusion of the rest of the pack.  (Boo!)  Mind you, that's not stop us from enthusiastically joining in but almost always the Grammy and Joe would growl at us to 'back off'.  According to the Grammy Chief, the aim of the game is to fetch the toy NOT jump on Joe ( all FIVE of us - Mama Anna included)

Boo!  Talk about spoil sports.

I suppose it's a good thing too ... because all Fetch games end in showers.  *Brrrrr*  Honestly, I wonder what ol' Joe the Rottie sees in them.  He sure seem to enjoy it alot.  Either that, or he simply knows how to indulge Grammy Chief - who (I daresay obsessed) with showering us lot.  Trixie used to indulge Grammy too. Dada Tuffy and Aunty Poopie would on some very hot occasions indulge in some cooling down but somehow we pups never quite caught on.  I reckon we take after Mama - who'd scuttle as quickly as her long legs can carry her the minute she hears water running!  Too bad our legs aren't as long as Mama's ...(we always get caught :P)

Anywoos.  If you don't know which Dobie-Hound is Dexter.  This be me on the RIGHT (as I usually am ...;)) The handsomest of the lot.  Unlike my three other siblings I'm have more silky black markings.   The Chief says I'm possibly the longest dog in Dog Woods.  I think that was mean to be a compliment - esp. when my 'sits' are  described (by ol' Grammy Chief as) 'strange squat on my hind-nies (legs)' or a 'side legged flop'.  The Chief reckons the day I do a proper sit on my bum, my front legs won't be able to touch the ground ... which almost always leaves her chuckling with amusement.  Unfortunately,  I don't always get human humour ... :P

Well!  What can I say.  I am unique.  My tail is alot curlier too, unlike me ol' dad, Aunty Poops and siblings Brandi's, Wally's and Tubby Jr boringly stick straight tails - which in all my unique Dexter-ness makes me the cuter-est of the Dog Woods Pack!  Now you now why my sister Brandi tends to pick on me ... she's jealous I'm cuter than she is!

As to this blog title 'Opening gates with me snooters' - I proudly can!  Am just about the only pup in the Dog Woods Pack tradition of being able to open gates and doors with my snooters.  The rest tend to prefer their paws.  What can I say?  Am Dexter-ly unique!  ;)


  1. Oh Dexter... opening gates at all is not something to celebrate. Put that DEXTER-ity to better use... Maybe you can teach one of the others to play patty-cake with you? Those gates and fences are meant to keep you safe!

  2. Woah Dexter, you does be very long! Very long indeed!
    My Mum makes little dogies and she be making a basset hound, she made it too long at first so she can confirm, that yes, if you does a proper sit your legs wont touch the floor.
    Hoppy Easter!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. Dexter, I agree that you're a very handsome fellow, but opening doors and gates can be very dangerous. Stick to playing with the others and climbing trees.

  4. Khongrats and thanks fur sharing that special snootertalent!

    We are glad to see woo are progressing okay - it was furry nice to see woo again 'here'

    Hoppy Friday!


  5. Hi, Dexter!
    Sure that is a pawesome skill.... but please be careful!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. So glad to see you guys back :) That is a super awesome skill to have!

  7. hello dexter its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am impressd yoo can operayt gates at all i tend to stand their and stare at them!!! ok bye

  8. Wishing you a Hoppity Easter that is eggs-tra special☺

  9. I bet you could wreak some serious havoc at the dog park with gate opening skills. :)

  10. How very talented you are, Dexter! And we do think you are a very unique-ly handsome boy.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara