Friday, April 9, 2010



Dexter again ...

Today I was conned by You-knows-who ... :P

Grampy's sure has many tricks up her sleeve.  She lured all three of us (Daddy Tuffy and Brother Tubby) where the garden hose was and caught hold of me! (I didn't know she had showered Daddy and Tubby earlier)  I could have put up a fight but out of respect for good ol' Grampy who can sometimes be sneaky (like in this VERY instance) I gave in.  It has been a hot couple days after all and me being dark fur-ed and all ... I suppose a shower would do me some good ...

So! Grampy's happily hosing me down with (nice cool) water and giving me a good scrub.  Just when soap was lathering , all nice and bubbly - I gave Grampy a slip and ran off to join my momma and sissy at barking at some thing in the far corner of Dog Woods.

Woo hoo!! Ruff! Wuff! Wuff! Wuff!

All I heard as I excitedly bolted was a distant yelp - by You-knows-who.  Heard my name too.  But judging from the tone and the way it's called i.e. 'Dddeeeeexxxxxx-Ttttteeeeerrrrr!!!', my canine instincts tell me that it's best to lay low for a bit and stay as Faaarrrrr away from Grampy Chief's longest garden hose (she got 'em in the gigantuan reels! I kid you not!)

As for my horrid smelling lathering bubbles,  I gave myself a good roll in the sand hill (which i shall tell you about one day) to squish 'em.  Haha!!  Nothing like a good roll in the sand to give you that good ol' sandy feeling of muck and grime.  Wheeeeee!!


  1. Oh no, Dexter. Don't you know what's going to happen now? You're going to get dragged under the hose again. Humans have this thing about mucky dogs.

  2. And I think they might start getting a bit sneakier with the hose...

  3. oh my, I really hate the hose treatment! I feel for you totally!

    I lurve to roll in the stinky stuff, nothing better, and it is strange how all the dogs love me when I do, but the humans, well, they are not so keen.

    Sorry I have been missing from commenting, I have not been very well. I exploded.

    ha ha

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

  4. Woah, Dexter!

    Shabby move on your part. Just stick it out next time and never mind barking!


  5. Oh seems like you had your very own spa treatment right at your backyard!!

  6. Giggle... Dexter, you're adorable. A bit rotten, but I've always had a soft spot for a free spirit!

  7. Dexter, our Mom just found your dog blog. You are a very good looking boy. I think maybe you and I could have been related at some point. Mom says it is something about them dark faces that really get her, but I think it is all bassets that melt her. We will be following you so check us out sometme at our blog. Thanks, Winston and the other hounds.

  8. I've heard sand is good for your fur!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. i think you are supposed to sand before the bath...

  10. Oh yeah a roll in the sand/dirt is a great way to exfoliate after a Thanks for stopping to see us.