Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No one's going to believe me ...

...that's what I thought ... this morning as I watched that curious bright pulsating white light (think very bright flash photography or disco lights) flashing from a singular source into the darks of 3.20 am morning.

Accompanying those blindingly bright flashes was a low dull pounding buzz - which made me think of the hum of electricity coursing through life wires.  The white bright lights pulsated to a certain rhythm and when it 'stopped' - you could see a faint blinking yellow light (the sort you'd see on aeroplanes).  And this went on for at least 10 minutes ... alternating between pulsating blinding flashes that later lapsed into the faint flickering yellow.

Initially, I thought it was the florescent light (which hadn't been switched on) outside the window that had gone cranky. Oddly, those pulsating flashes were much too bright and too 'noisy' for florescent energy savers. Bleary eyed, I drew my almost 'blackout curtains' (yes it was that bright!) only to find the blinding flashes came from a certain distance.  Beyond the tree boundaries of Dog Woods.  It looked like it came from the neighbour's tree top or from the rooftop of another neighbour!  That was probably a good 200-300 metres away.

'There must be a logical reason for that light ...' I thought, once those bright flashes cleared the sleepiness from my head.  'A robber attempting to cut through a neighbour's roof?' (The recent encounters with light as blinding as that was from the end of a steel welder's soldering equipment).  But, the white light that emanates from a welding instrument is usually very narrow and focused.  The strange blinding white lights I was witnessing encompassed a wide and great distance.

'A faulty electrical cable ?' - hence the dull buzzing pounding hum which drove the pack into a barking frenzy every time they heard the noise.

'Have the neighbour's flood lights gone awry...?' But their floodlights are usually warm yellow placed at the foot of the trees. The lights are only ever used over the Eid Festival. (see pictures I took over the recent Eid). Usually, it's just pitched black at night. (If you look at the picture, imagine it pitched dark, and white blinding flashes coming from somewhere in between of those trees)

'Someone with some major flash lighting equipment taking photos in the wee hours of the morning...? Perched on tree tops or on top of a roof...?'

And how does that explain the dull hum of a noise that accompanies each blinding white flash...?

I watched in bewildered alarm.  Wondering if a fire would break out, should I call the police? Should I wake the others ...?  But as inexplicably as it appeared, the light soon grew 'weary' and fainter and faded into the darkness of the early morning.

... I went back to sleep soon after - wondering what that was all about ... and since the rest of the human Dog  Woods slept soundly throughout, only the dogs are witness to what I had seen. The pack after all were the first on alert - stirring me from sleep.  It was those blindingly bright white flashes that got me out of bed to investigate.  Am still not sure what to make out of the lights in the wee hours of the morning.  One of Dog Woods human suggested I might have seen a UFO ...

Thing is, I don't believe in UFOs ... how then does one explain those strange lights?


  1. it was probably just Groucho in his space ship

  2. If you don't believe in UFOs, do you believe in ghosts?

  3. I believe there's a spiritual realm out there that we can't see. But what i saw last night didn't look like a ghost (like the ones portrayed in the movies).

    ... all logical explaination escapes me. A fallen star perhaps - hence the blinding pulsating light? ;) The pups saw and heard light too.

  4. WOW!
    That sounds eewie..maybe it was a UFO full of woggies and that's why the dogwoods pack alewted you
    smoochie kisses

  5. Whatever it was, it was scary. I don't like things like that in the night. How did you ever get back to sleep afterwards?

  6. That sounds a little scary - do you think it might have been an alien basset spaceship looking for somewhere to land?
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. We thinks it was an alien spaceship trying to find the boys of Dog Wood to give them back some of their parts they lost last week. :) The Hounddogs.

  8. Woooooooo - very eerie, very spooky, very scary - no clue what it could be, but it sure would scare our Mom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. No clue, but damn is that cool. I'm fascinated by such things...