Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just when I thought ...

... the newly snipped boys have run out of 'Romancing Juices', the rambuctious three have decided to dash into the unoccupied woods opposite.  *Heaves DEEeeeePPP SiGH* 

They've been good as gold since the unsnipped Tubby Jr.'s last outing.  Am beginning to think perhaps I should just accept that the Furboys need their dash outdoors.  They have been fairly capable in returning home after every self-planned outing ... Perhaps this is all a phase ... they will eventually calm down and  be contented with the fairly large grounds (more than an acre) that they get free access to 24/7.  

Honestly la!! (la-being a very Malaysian suffix). I've noted that half my canine pack - esp. the more mischevious of the lot would go through a ' I gots to get out there an explore' phase in their poochie development.  Some would come home the instant you call them, some turn selectively deaf even you constantly call after them, but would turn to mush upon the sight of you (usually stewing) growling unprintable religious sounding words; Some decide its a game the more you go after them, the further they run! It's all maddening to varying degrees.

Maybe if I learnt not to get so worked up and accept that they need a little 'change of scenery now and again', these little episodes - admittedly, they're turning into mini adventures rather than the raging sagas they used to be,  wouldn't be quite as stressful.  Like I said, they know their way home.  It's just that I worry something might happen to them along the way ...

I suppose, they've proven to be fairly capable at handling different circumstances on their own ... and they are fairly independent, affectionate dogs that don't bite.  Just ... there are many non-dog lovers in the neighbourhood that don't understand canine behaviour and deem a curious sniff as hostile.  Can't helps it.  This human canine slave is a worry wart!


  1. I'd be very worried if mine got loose and were on their own. There are too many people who don't understand dogs and my dogs, like yours, have grown up with love. If they went up to someone who mistreated them, they'd be so confused.

    I hope the adventures taper off now that the lady dogs are no longer a big interest.

  2. I don't even let my dogs roam freely when we're at the farm with thousands of acres to explore. There are too many snakes, coyotes, places to get tangled up, etc. See? I think we're just made to worry about our beloved pets!

  3. It takes sometime fur the boy juice to drain from their loins!

    BUT it is safer fur them to stay khlose to WOO!


  4. Our Mom would be so worried if we got out. We would just run for miles and miles. Luckily we haven't figured out how to get out of the fenced yard yet. Hope the boys settle down soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Hi Y'all, I'm 4 yrs old now and suffered the indignity at almost 2. I still occasionally "feel the urge" if there is a "sexy female" scent around.
    My Human Momma doesn't worry about me trackin' off 'cause my job is to take care of her and my Human Papa and I take it seriously. If they get out of sight, I'm the worried one looking for them!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. Yup they need lots of running about. Do yo uhave a dog park near you? bet they'd love that!

  7. We don't have nearly that amount of grounds to cover and we are pretty content at home. The kibbles taste pretty good twice a day. Our mom would be worried sick no matter if we went to just sniff the front yard cats. Hopefully the juices will dry up soon. But then again you are hound and it sounds like the sniffer is still working pretty good. The Hounddogs

  8. My mom is a worry wart too...
    An Eagle could get me or a coyote or mountain line,,, who knows,,, or I could get lost.
    I know your beautys have great sniffers, and would not get lost,,, but we hate to think of strange people who might steal those beautys,, and they are beautys, so beautiful

  9. My mom understands why you worry!
    Lets hope the "going-away-to-explore-phase will be short!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. nothing to worry....
    believe me it is not that difficult as you are thinking...take them out for a kool walk..you will certainly enjoy this..
    Student Accommodation

  11. No dog parks in our neck of the woods. Most dogs are banned from any public places where we come from. I do try to take them for walks around Dog Woods (it is after all more than a acre wide) ... other than they having free access of the place. Am not sure how to reign in their wandering lust :P

  12. It can take a bit for the juices to clear the system!