Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Human Dog Slave here.  Today's THE day.  I've decided to get the Furboys snipped one at the time.  Post surgery care is crucial ... and from experience the Furboys can sometimes be difficult patients.  I don't fancy chasing the three of them around Dog Woods twice a day to clean out their wound and get them to take their meds.  So one at the time, it is.  It's going to take alot longer ... 10 days it seems before the stitches come off.  I've spoke to the good doctor.  One every week.  So each Furkid would get enough care and attention for at least a week.

I've decided that since Dexter's the most mischevious of the lot he's to go in first.  Interestingly, the boy, sensing that something's bad about to happen has gone missing! Think he's hiding somewhere ... must go seek.

So, am going to make this a short entry.  Must go find the pup before the doctor comes by to pick him up.  Honestly, sometimes I think the dogs have psychic abilities ...


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  2. Ahem, target erased a sentence with one paw and hit send with the other paw.

    We said... "hey you doggies look terrific. Glad you've all had the snip but it must be a pain as well as good exercise for the human slave to look after you all.

    Meow from us!"

  3. Dexter, good luck with your SNIP job today. That is if Dad was able to find you this morning. We will see how well you handle it before I have dad read this information. I so want to SNIP Winston. HoundDogMom

  4. Good luck. It's kinda' like the current debate around here with our orthopedic surgeons... some are pushing to do BOTH knee replacements at the same time, while most of my friends and relatives are insisting on one at a time... Since you only have two eyes and two hands, I'm sure you've made a very wise decision.

  5. I did mine that way. Girls and boys were done one every two weeks. The one most recently done was kept crated and sedated for the first week so there was no tearing of stitches. It worked out well for all of them. Good luck.

  6. Dexter good luck buddy - Fred went through it too - not as bad as you think - he didnt even need to wear the cone of shame. let us know how it goes!!

  7. Ouch! Well Martha and Bailey certainly know when something is happening so we would not be at all surprised.
    Good luck!
    Martha and Bailey xxx
    ps meant to say on Facebook - the flowers are magnolias!

  8. Sounds like a good plan. You will be surprised at how quickly the boys rebound. We sure hope this helps with all the escapes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. sounds like the bestest plan..as long as you find him, hehehe
    healing smoochies fow all of them

  10. I hope the first dosent warn the rest!


  11. I am sure you found him and everything went well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  12. w00fs, hope everthing goes well..and they b good as new soon...no more rambling around..

    b safe,