Saturday, October 16, 2010

The return of the Newly Snipped!


Dexter and Wally came home yesterday.  At the very last minute,  I had the doctor take in two instead of one.  Figured at the rate I was already running around pandering to their canine whims, taking care of two post-op
pups (or three) wouldn't make much of a difference. I would have sent in all three, but the Vet-bulance could only accommodate a maximum of two pups. Tubby Jr/ - being the least mischevious,  would only go in next week to get his bits snipped.

They're doing well - Dexter and Wally.  I daresay Dexter's ALOT calmer.  He did look quite cross that his bits were removed. Wally however seemed to have bounce right back - as if he never had the operation! I guess it's because Wally has always been the more quiet and reserved of the two - always the follower and never the leader.  Although not lacking the mischief department ...

Tubby Jr yesterday made a run for it - thinking he now  has his sidekicks in mischief.  For a nice change, they were not game. But that didn't stop Tubby.  I suppose that's his bid of having his 'last hurrah!' - seeing in his brothers what's in store for him in the near future.

So! It was the usual 'run of the mill routine'. Worried hooman slave go 'a-searching'.  Calling out routinely as she anxiously paces the neighbourhood ... This time I found Tubby Jr at the neighbour's across the road - that is home to a canine pack that rivals Dog Woods!

Am just relieved that he was not harmed. The fur inhabitants living on the other side of the road are huge!  Not in terms of quantity but in terms of size.  Even I was wary - given a choice, I'd rather have Tubby come out rather than me go in looking for him! Judging at how quick he scrambled back without having to exit the neighbour's main gates, I now suspect that cunning Furboy has been using the underground monsoon drain that runs across the neighbour's property as a point of entry and exit!

And so, my furry charges are all presently safe at home ... Can't wait for Tubby Jr to be fixed. Mean time, Dexter and Wally are being very cooperative patients.


  1. Congratulations. Let's hope this cure the boys of wandering.

  2. w00fs, glad the boys have stopped wondering...oooo nooo, mama says thats what me needs..

    b safe,

    pps me b under the bed hiding iffin ya needs me..

  3. Sounds like things are going as planned for the first two! Can't wait for you to enjoy life with all three a bit calmer :)


  4. Woo Hoo, two down, one to go! Hope life settles down for all soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Great to see the snipping has gone well -

    It does take a bit of time to get their manly juice out of their systems but woo've gotten through the worst of it!


  6. Congratulations! Now you are retired gentlemen dogs, and extra worthy of respect. At least, that's what my retired gentlemen man cats say.

  7. No more escapes will be wonderful!

  8. Glad they are doing well!
    Aaand another escape! Hmmm...
    I think your life never gets boring, right?
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. So glad all is going well... minus one escape. Fingers crossed your patients continue to be good boys.