Monday, October 4, 2010

To snip or not to snip ... that is the question.


I've been mulling over the question of getting the Fur-boys 'fixed' for the last couple of weeks.  Last Monday Wally and Dexter disappeared for at least 12 hours.  As usual, I was worried sick.   That's the longest time they've gone and i feared the worst.  I swore, if and when they return I'd get the doctor to give them the snip ASAP!

But now that they're all back and behaving (very well too I must add) am wondering whether it's the right thing to do. They're such beautiful dogs ... and *most* of the time are well behaved.  It's just those moments when they do make a run for it and go off pawing the rest of the neighbourhood red, I find myself worry and wondering if the 'snip' would make them better behaved.

Tubby Jr (front with tongue hanging out), Anna and Wally

Every time they come home after an episode of exploring, they're exhausted -which am okay with tick because I know for the next few days they won't be making a dash for the great outdoors whenever the gates open.  But what I am not okay with are the ticks they bring home (eeeuwww), on a couple occasion when they were younger, they would fall sick. Recently, Tubby Jr. came home with a injured paw.  And this is not the first time he's been injured.  The last time he came home with a great gash in his hind leg - spurting a great deal of blood and I had to get the good doctor stitch him up.

The poor pup's sustained a really bad sprain at his joints - which explained why he won't even let me touch his paw.  The doctor reckons from the X-ray he was given, that Tubby either he fell from a high place and landed on his foot or something had hit him.  And for a week Tubby Jr was a good little pup while the two other hooligans Dexter and Wally have been attempting to make mad dashes outside - which is usually thwarted by my yelling 'DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!'  Somehow telling them makes them a little less confident about doing anything they know I don't approve.

Last night however, Tubby Jr decided to make a run for it with his two brothers.  Alas, like small children, good behaviours only last for so long ....  He didn't get quite as far as Dexter and Wally without his paw acting up.


But the good thing about the Furboys is that they know where home is and they do listen, esp. when I'm hot on their heels. Like last night, Tubby Jr hobbled on alone home when I  told him to. He didn't even try to follow when I ran ahead to find Dexter and Wally.  And when i finally caught up with the other two, they sheepishly, without a fuss trotted home, unleashed.  Making sure I was up front - because they know they're in for a smack in the bum for being naughty.


So, to snip or not to snip ... that is the question.  Perhaps then, the Fur-boys would be able to help themselves.

It simply baffles me why they, the Furboys simply have to leave Dog Woods.  There's more than ample space to run and play. There's also more than enough squirrels, birds and creepy crawlies to get 'em entertained ... in addition to all the fussing from their human (slaves) and food to go around.   The Top Dog Tuffy is not snipped and he's doesn't try to make a run for it like they do.  Maybe its because he's had his share of fun - which resulted in the Furkids ...:P

I just bet there's some female dog that's in heat in the neighbourhood somewhere ... which probably explains their need to go out gallavanting and 'sow their wild oats'.  :P  Perhaps I should just get 'em snipped ... we don't want to have unwanted puppies somewhere ...

Yet to intervene and taking away what makes them essentially Fur-boys doesn't quite sit well with me either.  Perhaps this exploring is all a passing phase.  When they get older they'll settle ... somehow ...

What thinks good readers?


  1. Well I must say Bobo was snipped as soon as he was of age, I think about 8 months or so. It was done strictly so no babies would be brought.
    My husband was a bit queasy about the whole of it but as I told him then 'he'll still be a boy just a boy with an empty suitcase ;-)'

  2. I'm always in favor of snipping unless you intend to breed. There are plenty of studies that have documented that in both sexes, if they're not breeding, they're healthier without those parts. We also found when we neutered the boys (later in life) that the aggression stopped and they never did roam much, luckily.

    Good luck! I'm confident you'll make the best decision for your gang, whatever that might be.

  3. We are so glad you have touched on this topic. I am all for snipping our 3 year old Winston but Dad is having a hard time with this. Is this just a MAN thing hang-up. All I know is that when I mention the SNIP SNIP to Winston his attitude improves so much (for like a minute). I don't think they will miss them, but then again I am not a man. Keep us posted because if it works good for you maybe you can talk my husband in to letting me snip Winston. HoundDogMom

  4. I had my "boy parts" removed and I don't really miss them. Hey, I even still lift my leg to do pee-pees!!

  5. We had Tsar, Noah and Sky snipped and they never get into trouble. Fudge still has his parts and all he can think about is the lady dogs. I'm starting to think about getting him fixed if I can decide that I'm finished showing him.

  6. Im always in favor of snipping!