Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tubby Jr: Fur-bands and howls


Tubby Jr. at large.  Me likes to howl in pwotests.  Gwannie Chief-y have been ups to no goods.  She's sez it's Howl-woo-ween awound the corner and sez we need a costume.  It fell on yours doggedly to be HER!  :P  (Talk about cweativity!).  Chief-y being a vewy hair-bandy toting hooman decided that she'd have me in a fur-band of her devise.

Flattered by all the attention and fussing, I indulged her few photo attempts ... see ...It came out looking like this!!   *HOWL!*

Honestly, the indignities we canines have to put up with!  
Ol' Chief-y howevew thinks I'm being silly ... says her band-y cweation could make the scenes and walks of Ascot and Melbourne Cup (if only we canines were allowed in), all I'm missing is equally statement making frock to go with the headgear . Sometimes ol' Chief-y there forgets i'm a boy not a girl! 

*Grrr-woof!* I think I have a tree gwoing out of my head ... 


  1. BOL you poor thing but you did a great job of modeling and posing for us :)

  2. Our Mom has been taking silly pictures of us wearing strange stuff, too. This Halloween is a day we could do without.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  3. Dude, you are much braver than I am to try a head piece like that. Winston

  4. you don't look too unhappy in your pictures!


  5. You're a cool model. Psst, we don't have the patience :-)

  6. Oh my dogness, you do have a tree growing out of your head!
    Whatever you do don't start sniffing ........ next thing you know you will have a dog peeing on your head.
    Sometimes we really wonder about these humans.....!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. Your human is just as crazy as ours! She put us in a hot dog and shirt and tie last night! How dare they do this to us!!

    Slobbery Kisses,
    Flashe & Ollie

  8. But isn't it nice to make the human happy? We think you're adogable!

  9. *giggles* yes i had such a laugh putting it all together and taking Tubby Jr's picture. He was oh so obliging ... indulging my silliness.

  10. OMD! That is terrific! I love it! Isn't it amazing how easy it is to amuse the humans?

  11. Awesome...pose....with that flower you are giving really very funny images..I liked it too........

  12. Dog looks so funny....I really enjoy this post.. Keep posting such funny pics...